7 Best Work Boot Socks: How To Work In Comfort

Feeling comfortable when you’re working makes for a more productive day. To get the best out of your work boots it is important to wear good quality socks. 

But not just any socks, we look at seven best work boot socks, so you can work in comfort and get on with your day. 

We take a look at what makes a good work boot sock and why they are important.

We also consider the properties you should be looking for to keep your feet comfortable in all work and weather conditions. 

Then we will look at the characteristics of the seven best work boot socks to help you decide which ones are best for you.

Our list includes boot socks that are best for support, have the best cushioning, the right socks for steel toe boots and those which do well in winter. 

Not forgetting work boot socks for summer wear and hot feet as well as the best socks for working outdoors. 

How Did These Socks Make Our List?

With so many choices of work socks out there it can be tricky to find just the right pair of work boot socks for you.

But for every work situation there is a perfect pair of socks for the job. 

We have looked at seven different types of socks and gauged the reviews of those who have worn and tested them. 

So if you have cold toes in winter or sweaty feet in summer we have socks for that.

Or if you love to hike or just work outdoors we’ve got you covered. Well, your feet anyway! 

Why Wearing Good Quality Boot Socks Is Important?

Everyone knows the discomfort of sore or aching feet. You can’t think of much else apart from how much they hurt.

This is bad enough for most of us but if you are working on your feet all day it is really important to have comfortable boots and socks. 

The distracting effect of sore feet can be a serious safety concern particularly for those working in construction or where full concentration is needed.

Not only is this an issue for you but also for those around you, either work colleagues or the public. 

This is why it is important to find the most comfortable and best quality work boot socks for your particular situation. 

It is also vital for the health of your feet to keep them cool in hot weather and warm in the winter.

This helps air circulation and breathability so hopefully reducing the chance of fungus or bad odors. 

Good cushioning and support in work boot socks  is key to protecting your feet against long term damage especially in high impact areas of your feet. 

So how can we help you find the best work boot socks for your hardworking feet? Read our list of quality choices to decide which works best for you. 

7 Of The Best Work Boot Socks


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Best for Support

Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work Socks are made with 96% polyester and 4% spandex. 

The FastDry technology acts as a moisture wick and pulls it away from your feet to keep them dry and fresh.

This will reduce the instance of odor and keep your feet healthy. 

The spandex in these work boot socks provides stability and also helps to keep the sock in place.

No more annoying sock slipping in your boots!

As well as the stability of the spandex these socks also have a reinforced compression arch and an ankle brace for full work boot support. 

 A reinforced toe and heel make sure that there is no irritation or rubbing to cause you painful blisters.

This will also increase the durability of the socks and make them last longer. 

The height of the socks is 6.75-8 inches and are designed in an athletic style. They are also machine washable. 

What We Like

  • The anti-microbial moisture control keeps feet dry and free from odor

  • FastDry technology wicks moisture away from the skin

  • Ankle brace and compression arch gives your feet stability and support

  • Reinforced heel and toe protects against rubbing and blisters

  • The spandex adds to the stability and support of the socks

What We Don’t Like

  • Some people think that the sizes run small on these socks so potentially order a size larger than your usual fitting. 

What Others Think

The majority of reviewers recommended these work boot socks.

From construction workers to anglers those who wear the socks consider them good quality and comfortable to wear. 

Many said that the socks made a big difference in reducing sweaty feet. 

For those who spend the whole day on their feet the Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work Socks doubled as compression socks.

This encourages better circulation and reduces the instances of foot swelling. 

Our Verdict

The Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work Socks are well designed for support and stability with a compression arch and ankle brace blended into the design. 

The spandex keeps the socks in place, preventing them from slipping down and adding to the full motion support and stability.

As a supporting work boot sock these get top marks.  


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Best Cushioning

The MIRMARU Outdoor Trekking sock is ideal for those who work in the wild.

Well, outside at least. They have excellent cushioning for comfort and protection for your feet. 

They are made from a combination of combed cotton at 55%, coolmax polyester at 40%, and spandex at 2%.

The combed cotton adds to the cushioning effect of the socks. 

These are very comfortable socks and are well cushioned with reinforced heel and toe.

This cushioning absorbs impact for tired feet and reduces friction to prevent blisters. 

A great feature is the shin protection which is reinforced and has extra cushioning. 

Moisture wicking keeps your feet dry and fresh and the breathable fibers allow airflow to cool hot feet.

For hardworking feet the high density fibers give extra durability and protection. 

The elastic arch gives a perfect fit and gives plenty of support and stability. 

What We Like

  • There is a good combination of materials for cushioning and support

  • The high density fibers make these socks very durable

  • Perfect for outdoor and construction workers

  • An elasticated arch and reinforced shin ensure you are comfortable and protected

What We Don’t Like

  • Some people have struggled with the sizing particularly on the calves, although this could just be a different body shape issue. 

What Others Think

Some of the toughest people wear these socks including firefighters, and they rate them as very soft and comfortable even when they are in their boots all day long. 

Wearers are also impressed with how dry their feet stay and the lack of wear despite having them for several months. 

Reviewers also commented that the MIRMARU Outdoor Trekking crew socks made their work boots much more comfortable than regular socks. 

Our Verdict

These work boot socks are extremely versatile and are worn by lots of different work professions including firefighters. 

Some found that the socks came up a little small and were tight on the calves so maybe order a size bigger to avoid this problem.


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Best For Steel Toe Boots

Wearing steel toe boots is not the height of comfort so anything that helps improve the wearability of these boots should be welcomed. 

Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks do just that.

We should expect nothing less from Fox River who produce premium socks at good prices. 

These socks are made from 80% acrylic, 18% nylon, 2% spandex, but it is the extra thick 1.5 cm cushioning on the toes that sets them apart.

This gives excellent protection against the steel toe boots that weigh so heavily on your feet. 

Wick Dry technology makes sure that moisture is wicked away from your feet and the flat toe seam is smooth for increased comfort. 

Extra cushioning on the heel makes wearing heavy work boots more comfortable. 

Support, moisture wicking and padding all combine to make these socks the best to wear with steel toe work boots. 

What We Like 

  • The extra thick toe padding protects your feet from steel toe work boots

  • A flat toe seam makes the socks comfortably smooth

  • Reinforcing at the heel and toe add to the socks’ durability

  • The URfit System provides good arch support

What We Don’t Like

  • The socks only come in three colors of black, gray and white and there are limited size options

What Others Think

Most reviewers rate the comfort and durability of these socks. The cushioning in the toe is a big hit with those who wear heavy steel toe work boots. 

Keeping feet dry is another plus for these socks which have Wick Dry technology.

Many people are impressed with how durable Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks are in safety work boots. 

Our Verdict

These safety boot socks are a favorite with workers who need to wear heavy steel toe boots.

They have excellent cushioning and are very durable.

A steel toe boot can cause the hardiest of socks to develop holes but these Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks definitely seem up to the challenge. 


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Best For Winter Weather

Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker socks will see you through the coldest of days and your feet will never know it was winter.

Merino wool is one of the best insulating materials and where better to deploy that insulation than on your feet.

Cold feet make you miserable and distract you from your work which is a real safety issue. 

While most merino wool socks have between 15-25% merino in their makeup, these socks have 67% merino wool, so your feet will be snug and warm inside your work boots. 

The socks are fully cushioned and will not itch like some other woolen socks, and although they are machine washable they will not shrink. 

In spite of being in the midweight range the Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker socks are much warmer than similar socks made from synthetic materials. 

They are a true American product being handmade in Sheboygan, Wisconsin since 1905. 

What We Like 

  • These are 100% American made work boot socks

  • The 67% merino wool makes them extremely warm and soft

  • Merino wool will naturally neutralize odors

  • The socks have dense cushioning in various areas for comfort and protection against friction and blisters

What We Don’t Like

  • Some people have had issues with the fit, the socks being too small on the calves and too loose on the foot. 

What Others Think

People who bought these socks love that they are handmade in Wisconsin and so are an all American product. 

The percentage of merino wool in the socks is 67% which is high compared to other merino socks.

Reviewers like the warmth, softness and durability of these work boot socks. 

For hikers or those working outdoors the insulating and moisture wicking properties of these socks make them a real favorite. 

Our Verdict

These are a wonderful American-made pair of socks. They are really warm and have a great soft texture making them super comfortable. 

For workers who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter it would be hard to find a better pair of socks to keep your feet dry, warm and fresh. 


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Best For Summer Wear

Nobody likes having hot, sweaty feet and those around you won’t appreciate it much either.

Enter the Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks from Dickies. 

These are made with 71% cotton, one of the most breathable textiles available.

It also happens to be a temperature stabilizing and moisture wicking material. 

The addition of polyester adds to the socks' durability while the small percentage of spandex gives them stretch and allows for a great fit. 

Dri-Tech Moisture Management Technology keeps the sweat away from your skin to prevent unpleasant chafing.

These socks keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable even in the most hardworking situations. 

For additional comfort the socks have fully cushioned feet and reinforced heel and toe for extra durability. 

Ventilation channels within the material allow airflow to reach your feet and keep them cool and dry in the summer.

Arch compression makes sure that the sock does not move in your boots. 

What We Like 

  • We love the excellent moisture control fibers in these socks that will keep your feet dry in the hottest summer conditions

  • An excellent fit without being too tight, perfect for warm weather working

  • Ventilation channels in the fabric give extra airflow

What We Don’t Like

  • Reviewers have reported that the material on the sole of the sock is thinner than they expected. 

What Others Think

Most of the reviews are positive about these socks, especially their ability to keep feet dry in hot environments.

There were some who didn’t like the thinness of the sole, but this may help with keeping feet cool. 

They fit well for most people without being too constricting.

One reviewer even worked in 100 degree heat comfortably wearing these socks all day. 

Our Verdict

Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks are a great work boot sock for people who are on their feet a lot in hot environments or weather conditions. 

The lighter padding on the bottom of the sock may bother some people but for others it adds to the moisture control. 


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Best For Hot Feet

These are some heavy-duty sweat wicking socks for work boots. The secret is in the 60% cotton with 37% polyester.

Cotton is a breathable material while polyester helps to make these socks breathable for hot feet. 

Some people suffer from sweaty feet and then there are people who have swamp feet, this is an extreme version, with feet that sweat profusely. 

Feet that remain wet for a long period of time will develop blisters, odors and severe chafing.

Wearing moisture wicking socks in work boots goes a long way to help relieve this condition. 

The mesh construction on the top of the socks is ideal for hot feet to get some much-needed ventilation.

They are also very well padded in all the right areas to make them as comfortable as possible. 

In hardworking conditions hot feet will sweat even more so these KMM Moisture Wicking Crew socks are ideal for such situations. 

What We Like 

  • The moisture wicking properties of these socks keep even the hottest feet dry and odor free

  • Full cushioning protects your feet from fatigue 

  • A durable combination of cotton, polyester and spandex makes these socks comfortable and long lasting

What We Don’t Like

  • Some reviews suggest that the socks do not wash well and tend to pill  or lose fibers after only a couple of washes. 

What Others Think

The majority of users have been positive about these socks with one reviewer revealing that after years of thinking he had ill fitting shoes it turned out to be badly fitting socks.

After wearing KMM Moisture Wicking Crew socks he never had problems with his shoes again. 

Most wearers find the socks comfortable and very good for sweat wicking. 

Our Verdict

These heavy-duty moisture wicking socks are perfect for hot feet in work boots.

The cotton and polyester mix make an effective sweat wicking material to keep feet dry and fresh. 

If you want an extremely comfortable and breathable pair of socks for hot feet these will not let you down. 


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Best For Outdoors

If you are looking for socks that will keep your feet warm in the cold weather and protect them from excess moisture then these are the best socks you will find. 

The blend of polyester and wool is guaranteed to keep the cold at bay for those who work outdoors in all weather conditions. 

A wool blend is not just for insulation it also makes for an excellent moisture wicking material too.

These insulated socks are cushioned for comfort and support. 

Blisters will be a thing of the past, so you can work without the discomfort of painful feet.

The heel and toe of the socks are reinforced for durability and provide padded support to protect your feet from heavy work boots. 

Whatever you are tackling outdoors Mens Active Work And Outdoors Socks from Hot Feet will make sure your feet are in excellent shape. 

What We Like 

  • The polyester and wool blend is the ideal combination for keeping your feet warm but dry

  • These are wonderfully insulated socks for anyone who has to work outside in cold weather

  • Reinforced toe and heel make them a very durable pair of socks

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing inconsistencies seem to be an issue for some people who bought these socks with some reviewers saying stated sizes are too small and others that they are too big

What Others Think

Three quarters of people who bought HOT FEET Mens Active Work And Outdoors socks were very happy with them. 

Most people buy them for their insulating properties to keep their feet warm while working outdoors in winter. 

Users like that they are thick and do well in heavy-duty work boots to protect their feet and wick away sweat to prevent bad odors. 

Our Verdict

These are great outdoor working socks with excellent insulation and moisture wicking properties.

Reinforced toes and heels prevent any rubbing on your work boots. 

The wool and polyester blend makes them warm but also effective against sweaty feet.

They are designed to remain in place regardless of what work you are doing. 

Things To Think About When Buying Work Boot Socks


Think about what material the socks are made from when choosing your new work boot sock. 

For example a pair of moisture wicking socks will typically have a mix of cotton or wool and polyester to draw sweat away from your skin. 

If you are working in very cold environments or are outside a lot in the winter a merino wool blend such as Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker socks are ideal to keep your feet warm.  

To keep your feet cool in the summer cotton is a highly breathable material and will work well in high humidity and heat.

Look for work boot socks with a high cotton content or blend. 


Getting the right sized sock is just as important as getting the right sized shoes.

Too big and they will move and cause blisters, too tight, and they can restrict blood flow. 

Look at reviews about the size of the socks you are considering. Some makes will come up bigger or smaller than the average sizes.

If in doubt, order two sizes for fit but make sure that you can return the ones that do not fit. 

It’s not just the foot size that you need to consider. Many people find the correct size for their foot, but the socks do not fit their calves.

This can mean the socks are too loose and slip down or are too tight and create compression rings on the calves. 


If your work socks are not comfortable your feet will make you miserable and your work may be affected. Comfortable socks are as important as comfortable work boots. Choose for comfort when buying new work socks. 

If you are wearing steel toed boots choose a sock that has good toe cushioning such as Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks.

For those people who spend a lot of time on their feet Carhartt Men's Force Performance Work socks provide good support. 

To maintain comfortable, fresh and dry feet throughout the summer wear Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks in your work boots. 

Leg Height

This is the height that the sock is worn on your leg. Crew socks sit halfway up your calf while 

over the calf work boot socks are longer and sit high on your calf. 

It is important to make sure that your socks are the right length for your work boots.

If your socks are shorter than your work boots the top of the boots will be rubbing on your leg and cause friction sores or blisters.  

This is a particular problem with heavy duty industrial boots and can be exacerbated by hot weather when you will be sweating more. 


Durability is mainly down to the materials used to make your work boot socks. A material blend that contains polyester will typically be durable for work boot socks. 

If you are doing heavy work and spend a lot of time moving around and sweating then you will need a pair of work boot socks that can match your performance. 

It is a good idea to read some reviews before buying work boot socks to check their durability.

Consider the kind of work that you do and aim to find a pair of socks that will best suit your purpose. 

When you see that your work boot socks are starting to show signs of wear and tear it is time to invest in some new ones.

Even durable work boot socks have a finite lifespan. As soon as they start to deteriorate, throw them out to protect your feet from rubbing or chafing. 


Extra strength in the toe and heel of work boot socks can be the difference between them lasting a week or lasting twelve months.

The heel and toe of a work boot sock are two of the areas put under the most stress and friction.

Without extra strength in these parts of the sock there is a danger of suffering from chafing, rubbing or blisters.

The material will also start to wear thin and begin to develop holes. 

This reinforcement is particularly important for those who need to wear steel toed boots as they are heavier on the front for obvious reasons.

The extra padding will prevent you from getting bruised toenails or scrapes from the tough steel toes of your work boots. 

Moisture Control

Keeping your feet free from sweat while wearing work boots will keep your feet protected against chafing and potential foot fungus.

If you wear your boots for long periods or work in humid conditions this is an important factor when choosing your work boot socks. 

Look for socks that provide moisture wicking such as Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks. This will help keep your feet odor free and also healthy. 

Pick Of The Bunch

The go-to work boot socks in our opinion are the MIRMARU Outdoor Trekking Crew socks.

They are made from a mixture of 55% combed cotton, 40% polyester,  and 2% spandex for durability and strength.

Extra padding is provided by the combed cotton thanks to its long fibers and which also helps with moisture wicking for fresh, dry feet.

Cushioning in the socks protects feet from impact and fatigue. 

A feature of MIRMARU Outdoor Trekking Crew socks is the padded shin protection as well as Achilles and arch support for greater comfort. 

These socks can be worn in work boots or for hiking, outdoor activities, winter sports or mountain biking.

There are no limits to what these outdoor specialty socks can be used for, and we think they deserve to be our pick of the bunch. 

7 Best Work Boot Socks: How To Work In Comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Wear Thick Socks With Work Boots?

People who wear work boots are typically on their feet a lot and do a lot of moving around.

To do their job properly they need to be comfortable, so they can focus on their task without distractions. 

We all know how distracting uncomfortable feet can be so this is why it is important to wear thick socks with work boots.

They will protect your feet from blisters or chafing from your boots as you move around. 

Thick socks also provide absorption from impact and reduce the fatigue in your feet.

They will absorb more moisture and with the right blend of materials such as wool and polyester they will wick sweat away from your skin to keep your feet dry and healthy. 

How To Keep Socks Dry In Work Boots?

The best way to keep socks dry in your work boots is to choose a pair that have moisture wicking properties such as KMM Moisture Wicking Crew socks. 

They have a blend of cotton and polyester which allows your feet to breathe and so prevents moisture build up from sweat.

The mesh construction on the top of these socks also allows good airflow for ventilation. 

You can also sprinkle your socks with a good foot powder which will absorb any excess moisture from sweat.

This will keep your feet dry and prevent any bad odors from developing. 

Which Socks Work Best With Steel Toe Work Boots?

In our opinion the best work boot socks for steel toed boots are Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks. 

These socks are made from 80% acrylic, 18% nylon, 2% spandex and have an extra 1.5cms of padding on the toes.

They also have a flat, smooth toe seam for extra comfort and protection from heavy safety boots. 

While your steel toed boots will keep your feet safe from injury the Fox River Steel Toe Heavyweight Crew socks will in turn protect your feet from the heavy-duty boots. 

Wicking technology draws moisture away from your feet and keeps them dry, fresh and odor free.

Extra cushioning on the heel provides padding to relieve foot and leg fatigue from wearing steel toed boots all day. 

How Can I Prevent Sweaty Feet In Work Boots?

It can be difficult to keep your feet from sweating in work boots, but there are things you can do to minimize the impact. 

Good foot hygiene means washing your feet daily, whether this is in the shower or the bath.

Dry them well and make sure they are completely dry before putting on any socks. 

If you have issues with sweaty feet you can use a sweat absorbing powder in your socks and boots. 

Make sure that your work boot socks are moisture wicking and choose them carefully.

Socks with a cotton and polyester or wool and polyester blend are very good at taking sweat away from your skin.

This reduces the risk of foot fungus such as athlete's foot. 

Having breathable work boots is very important. If there is good airflow and ventilation in both your socks and work boots then your feet will sweat a lot less. 

The environment that you work in will have an effect on your feet.

So if you work in a hot and humid environment, or you are working outside a lot in the summer you may find that your feet sweat more than normal. 

While there’s probably not a lot you can do about your work environment, by taking some of our advice about foot health and hygiene you should be able to minimize the sweating in your work boots. 

Joseph Pais