A Complete Guide To Number 2 Fade Hairstyles With Photos

Recently, fades have become increasingly trendy, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We can already tell that fades, while being a relatively recent phenomena, will play a significant role in this year’s fashion trends.

Number 2 fades will be discussed in this article. We’ll define a number two fade, go over the various variations, and make an effort to assist you in selecting the number two fade that best suits your face shape.

Therefore, let’s begin by discussing what a number 2 fade actually is.

A Complete Guide To Number 2 Fade Hairstyles With Photos

The Number 2 Fade: What Is It?

Among the many different sorts of fades you can try is a number 2 fade. The shortest portion of the hair will be clipped using number 2 guards (1/4 inch 6mm), hence the name “number 2 fade.”

On the back and side, it’ll be the shortest section of your hair, and it’ll get longer when you go higher.

As you move upward, a transition must be established out from shortest hairs  to the longer hairs in order to achieve the fading effect. You won’t be able to tell where shorter hair begins and longer hair ends because this is done carefully through using different shields such as the #3 or #4.

It can be really challenging to achieve a lovely, smooth face, so we strongly advise hiring a professional hairdresser or barber. Let’s discuss the many kinds of number 2 fades now that you are aware of what they are.

Various Number 2 Fade Styles

The number 2 fade can be styled in a variety of ways, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this part. How high and low the shift from the smallest to the biggest hair length occurs determines the fundamental distinction between the various varieties of number 2 fades.

There are three different number 2 fades: a lower number 2 fade, a higher number 2 fade, as well as the medium number 2 fade, based on how low or high you prefer your fade to start.

Low Fade Number 2 

The shift from the shortest to the longer hair starts one inch (2,5 cm) above the ear with the low number 2 fade.

High Fade Number 2 

In the high number 2 fade, the change from the shortest towards the longer hair starts at the temples, which are located near to the top of the hair.

Mid-Length Number 2 

The shift out from shortest to the longest hair starts in the medium number two fade, which is located in-between the higher and lower number two fades.

How Long Should You Choose?

You should choose the length of the top hair after deciding on the type of number 2 cut that you would like for the back and side hair. You can choose from a variety of lengths, from extremely short to extremely long.

As a general rule, the greater the disparity between your top hair and your back and side hair, the more stunning your appearance will be. Therefore, if you want a bolder fade, wear longer top hair, and vice versa.

We’ll discuss some pretty excellent number 2 fade techniques a little later in this piece. However, let’s first discuss the taper before moving on.

Number 2 Taper 

There is also a lower fade known as a number 2 taper cut. You should just trim your sideburns as well as the lower portion of your neckline for number 2 taper fades when wearing a number 2 guard.

Just above the ear, the transition occurs very low. Your back and side hair are trimmed with a larger guard on the majority of the hair.

If you want something truly understated, the number 2 taper style is a fantastic option. As it starts fairly low, just over your ears, it’ll be less noticeable than the medium and lower number two fades.

Sharpness Of Fade

How quick the transition is should be your final factor to take into account when selecting a low, mid, or higher number 2 fade. Whichever guard number you pick to mix with a number 2 guard will decide how acute the transition is. The number 3 shield or the number 4 shield are your main alternatives.

Number 2 To Number 3

As mentioned in the title, the number two length (6mm or 1/4 inch) and number 3 length (10mm or 3/8 inch) are combined. Given that there isn’t a huge disparity in length between the number 2 and the number 3 in this fade choice, the transition is lovely and smooth.

Number 2 To Number 4

This option stands out more since it differs more from a number 4 length (13mm or 1/2 inch) than that of a number 2 length (6mm to 1/4 inch).

Although the transition won’t be as seamless, some face shapes may benefit from it. Therefore, your choice of option actually depends on your particular preferences.

Let’s speak about some stylish varieties of fade haircuts now that you are aware as to what the number 2 fade really is and your possibilities for it.

Fade Undercut 

An undercut with the number 2 fade is another excellent haircut you can choose from. Undercuts mix top-to-bottom slicked-back hair with extremely short sides.

Between the two, there is a distinct and distinct line that produces a sharp appearance that is both fashionable and eye-catching.

As stunning as any other undercut style, an undercut and a number 2 will be softer because the contrast won’t be as jarring as the original. We believe a high fade is necessary for this haircut because it will appear better with the hair pulled back.

Side Part 

A number 2 side style is a hairstyle that resembles the undercut. The hair on top of the hair is combed to the side rather than slicked back in the number 2 fade haircut, which is very similar to the undercut.

Every facial shape will look great with this incredibly interesting style. The length of the hair is the only aspect of this style that you need to be concerned with. To wear this hairstyle, you need a top length of at least 6-7 inches.

Fade Pompadour

The pompadour is just long hair that has been elevated into a wave-like form. The lengthy top and the sharply faded sides are beautifully contrasted in this style by the addition of short back and side hair.

It is a truly distinctive and stylish appearance that is ideal for those with long, thick hair. If you’re considering attempting this style, bear in mind that you need a lot of longer hair on top to pull it off.

Additionally, take into consideration that pompadour fade haircuts require daily hair styling, making it a high-maintenance style.

A Complete Guide To Number 2 Fade Hairstyles With Photos

Fade Quiff

A quiff is a pretty hip and fashionable hairstyle that blends long hair that is typically swept up with shorter hair at the back and sides. Your top hair is kept long and fashioned in a quiff at the front.

Once more, this is a lengthy haircut that looks great on individuals with long, thick hair. Additionally, having wavy hair can improve your appearance because it will highlight your quiff, which is the intended result.

Fade Buzz Cut 

It’s time to describe a short number 2 fade style since we’ve covered so many long ones already. Enter the fade buzz cut. People who wish to appear athletic and macho will look great with this incredibly unique and edgy hairdo.

The hair will be a little longer at the top than it is at the longest point of the fade. Given that their hair is around the same length, the contrast is incredibly lovely and smooth.

10 Must-Know Hair Care Tips For Men

1. Don’t Overwash Your Hair

Every man makes the error of frequently shampooing his hair. Only wash your hair two or three times a week, and always condition it afterward. This would protect the health of the hair and prevent the loss of important scalp oils.

2. Gently Blow-Dry Your Hair; Do Not Rub It

Wet hair is typically weaker and more brittle. In order to prevent excessive breakage, stop rubbing the hair after washing. To prevent stress on the scalp, pat dry it instead.

3. Prevent Chlorine Damage To Your Hair

Because it makes your hair dry and brittle, the chlorine in swimming pools can be absolutely awful for your scalp. Applying a moderate conditioner and wetting the hair with fresh water before you enter a pool is the simplest approach to protect the hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. Wearing a swimming cap is an alternative.

4. Apply Fewer Hair Products

If you use too much hair gel, wax, spray, or any hair product, your hair will look thick and unnatural. When it comes to properly style your hair, use a little amount of these items.

5. Wash Once, Never Twice

Without dispelling the myth of using a shampoo twice, an essay on men’s hair care would be incomplete. Basically, don’t believe the wash, rinse, and repeat messages on television.

You only need to wash your hair once. However, be sure to use the proper shampoo and conditioner.

6. Reduce The Heat

Avoid overexposing your hair to heat would be another crucial hair care tip. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer. Leave it naturally to dry.

Your hair won’t become frizzy even though it can take some time. If you do need to use a hair dryer however, make sure to use a hair dryer with a low heat setting.

7. Cut It Often

Have a haircut each 4-6 weeks to leave your hair tidy and well-groomed.

8. Keep It Natural

Avoid frequent chemical treatments like coloring, perming, straightening, etc. as they might permanently harm your hair.

9. Use The Appropriate Tools

You must use the proper instruments since hair is fragile. Additionally, avoid brushing damp hair; instead, use your fingertips or a wide-toothed comb.

10. Keep Yourself Well

Your lifestyle can be seen in the condition of your hair. Men who want healthy hair should eat healthily, exercise frequently, drink enough water, and get adequate sleep.

The first thing people notice about you is your hair. A well-groomed hairstyle will turn heads in your direction.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article was helpful and that we have covered everything there is to know about the second fade haircut styles. Now that you are knowledgeable about the specifics of this haircut, you can confidently visit your barber and make your request.

Just make sure he is well-versed in this type of fading so he can execute it flawlessly. Before selecting a decision, keep in mind to consider your head size, facial structure, and hair type.

When you have thick hair, you shouldn’t choose an extreme haircut that won’t suit you or a low fade. Knowing what would look nice on you is just as important as knowing the volume and length of your hair when choosing the proper haircut.

Joseph Pais