A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

In recent years, the blue suit has gained favor, since it offers a modern and fashionable appearance without losing elegance or style.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

I will demonstrate how to perfect the blue look in this article. I will discuss the greatest shirts to wear with a blue suit as well as the most suitable accessories.

You, too, can pull off the brilliant blue style without coming off as attention-seeking or garish. Regardless of the event!

When Would You Wear A Blue Suit?

No longer is a blue suit easily fooled with a conventional black one. It is unique! Today’s menswear is enamoured with the blue, well-tailored, modernly daring suit. In addition to being slimming, the colour matches the vast majority of pairings effortlessly.

Numerous men are sporting blue suit combinations this season; from the office to weddings to a crucial first date, blue is worth a try if you’re seeking for a traditional and sophisticated look. It becomes an established strategy to seem smart and trendy.

Particularly when paired with impeccable components. As a result, this suit combination becomes formidable. Dark blue suit combinations have existed for quite some time.

Developing a fashionable wardrobe is one of the most beneficial investments a person can make. As with any other significant spend, your major wardrobe purchases need research and planning.

We have thus devised a strategy and produced a complete style guide for blue suit combinations that will boost your overall look. Therefore, we will explore how to pair blue suits for any occasion in this post.

There are trendy shirts to pair with blue suits that you should be aware of. See our recommendations for ties to go with blue suits to accessorise and pull off a beautiful look. What is your preferred combo then?

Different Ways You Can Style Your Blue Suit

We’re not here to advise you how to dress; that decision is entirely up to you after reading our comprehensive advice. However, you should know the basics, such as when to wear a blue suit and how to wear a tie and shirt.

There are colours that complement a navy blue suit, and there are colours that complement a traditional blue suit.

If you’re wearing a darker or more neutral suit, we have good news for you: blue suits mix nicely with almost every colour tie. We favour solid colours and neutral tones such as black or navy, however a red tie paired with a blue suit is also acceptable.

Given that different styles send different meanings, the following blue suit and tie combinations and the messages they often express are provided.

Mono Color Scheme

The uniform color strategy results in the same suit, shirt, and tie color combination. This is the simplest pattern to accomplish and is a wonderful starting point for any outfit.

Only deeper and lighter hues of the same color must be matched. A nice example is a suit of medium blue with a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie.

Analog Colour Scheme

With the analog approach, similar hues are paired. Examining the color wheel reveals that comparable hues are nearby, or neighboring, colors.

This allows you to wear a warm tie with a suit and shirt of a little cooler temperature. Additionally, analog color schemes may be quite aesthetically attractive to the human eye.

As an illustration of this color scheme, a blue suit might be paired with a light purple shirt and a somewhat deeper purple tie. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Trichromatic Scheme

Here, you may match colors that are three slots apart. The contrast combination adds balance to your appearance, yet it might be hard to picture. For example, blue and red represent opposing sides of the wheel.

Therefore, they must collide. The key is to match the deeper tones of each element. For instance, if you pair a crimson tie with a light-blue shirt and a blue suit, you are certain to create an impression.

Complementary Color Scheme

These hues are on opposite sides of the color wheel, making them complementary color schemes one of the most difficult to achieve.

A rule of thumb suggests that the tie should be darker than the shirt.

Matching a blue suit, a light-blue shirt, and an orange tie is an excellent example of a complementary color combination. This combo is a modern trendsetter.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

Selecting Your Blue Suit By The Color

Rather of referring to a specific sort of garment, “blue suit” encompasses a range of alternatives. Due to the fact that blue is a family of colours rather than a single hue, it may refer to a wide range of colours.

Consequently, the kind of blue suit you choose may affect how and where you wear it

 Observe the three fundamental varieties of blue suits: light blue, mid blue, and navy. For a well-rounded wardrobe, gentlemen should acquire at least one suit from each of these categories.

Obviously, there are other hues within these three groups, but these are an excellent starting point.

Light Blue Suit

The light blue suit is the most relaxed choice offered. In contrast, soft tones convey a modern, relaxed, and relaxed ambiance, whilst navy tones seem conventional and professional.

This disposition makes them suitable for cocktail and semiformal events. Moreover, during the summer, when dark colours such as navy seem excessively heavy and gloomy, light-blue suits are an excellent alternative.

This faint hue is visually pleasing, but should be seen with caution. To prevent clashing with your outfit, use mild contrasting hues like as white and pale pink.

Mid Blue Suit

In recent years, more and more men have worn mid-blue suits as their popularity has increased. The lighter shade is less formal than typical blue suits and has a fantastic, modern vibe.

The colour matches beautifully with light blue patterns and white shirts. For more formal occasions, such as weddings, a suit in medium blue should be paired with brown leather derby shoes. Consider wearing loafers for casual occasions.

Navy Blue Suit

Navy suits are the most traditional style of blue suits. Therefore, they are appropriate for formal and business-related activities such as office work, business meetings, formal meals, and celebrations.

Combining your blue suit with a classic white shirt will provide the most elegant look.

The combo is also a popular alternative to a traditional black suit. Make sure your accessories are appropriate for the occasion. A brown or black leather belt and Oxford shoes are sufficient.

Shirts with soft colours, such as a pink pattern, are appropriate for a more relaxed appearance.

Selecting Your Blue Suit By The Fit

Blue exudes confidence, as does the gentleman in the suit. We’ve discussed how a suit should fit and its significance several times.

Whether you believe it or not, your suit defines you. Consequently, obtaining the exact size and dimensions is critical.

Classic Fit Blue Suits

If you choose a traditional fit, blue may mix very well with the suit you’ve selected.

Suits with a classic cut are often worn to work, business, and other formal functions. They might be an excellent option for weddings as well.

I’ve chosen some of the most popular classic fit and contemporary fit blue suits offered online for your convenience. Please feel free to look:

Slim Fit Blue Suits

Blue slim-fit suits are now the most fashionable. Excellent for any event, they are one of the most preferred options among the majority of individuals. Particularly the young ones

If your body type is thin or slender, exude more confidence. Choose without hesitation the blue outfit. It will make you look intelligent, serene, and opulent all at once.

Combining Blue Suits With White Shirts

You have already determined that the blue suit is an ideal foundation for any accessories. But where do we begin?

Each shirt has its unique characteristics, silhouette, fashion aspect, and color.

Therefore, while selecting a shirt to go with your blue suit, you need to consider more than simply the color alone.

You are searching for a shirt that would enhance your blue ensemble. Thus, a fresh and clean white shirt paired with a blue suit can never go wrong.

A tie is a finishing touch to your outfit. And once again, your blue suit is the ideal canvas, awaiting the proper tie to create a significant impact.

The tie may also be a modest accent that conveys unassuming confidence and a laid-back ego. You decide!

Ties have been essential components of menswear since, well, forever. The proper tie may change your appearance and significantly enhance the attraction of your blue suit.

Here are several blue suits, shirts, and tie combos that are worth experimenting with until you discover one that works for you. Remember that the color of the tie is not the only consideration. The form and texture also play significant roles.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Red Tie

This striking combination is appropriate for both professional and informal situations. The contrast between the heated red tie and the chilly white shirt is striking. Your blue suit frames the combo well.

For less formal occasions, use a patterned or thin woolen tie and brown loafers. A broader, solid-color silk tie and black dress shoes are ideal for special occasions.

Depending on the color of your suit, the red hues might range from mild to burgundy. Consider the color wheel while selecting a red tie to complement your blue suit and white shirt.

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Pink Tie

Pink and blue pair astonishingly well. It stands out against the white shirt but offers a softer tone than a bold red.

A mid-width, plain pink silk tie will look fantastic at any event. Pink complements all shades of the blue suit. I believe the hue works better in the summer.

Therefore, you should pair the blue/white/pink ensemble with black dress shoes with thin leather soles. Avoid footwear with thick, winter-reminiscent rubber soles.

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Black Tie

Pairing a blue suit with a black tie is a wonderful appearance for challenging business meetings and other situations requiring authority.

Cashmere or silk ties that are thinner in width work best. The standard pairing for a black-tie is black leather shoes and a black leather belt.

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Blue Tie

A blue tie paired with a blue suit and white shirt creates an intriguing monochromatic appearance. This ensemble is compatible with either brown or black shoes.

You must alter the hues of blue. For instance, if you are wearing a navy suit, use a powder blue tie. In contrast, a light blue suit should be paired with a deeper blue tie.

If the two colors are similar, it is OK to wear a patterned or striped tie.

Thin wool or cashmere ties are ideal for semi-casual occasions. However, for formal events, use silk and a broader tie.

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Navy Tie

The combination is more formal than informal and pairs nicely with broader, high-quality satin or silk ties. Choose patterned neckties or neckties with thin white stripes to complement a white shirt.

With this ensemble, you may get away with polished brown loafers. However, brown leather dress shoes are most likely the greatest choice.

Blue Suit With A White Shirt And Brown Tie

Brown is not an apparent option to pair with a blue suit at first look. However, brown is a very dark variant of orange. As orange and blue are complementary colors, the combination makes a lot of sense.

Brown neckties go well with wool and cashmere. Or even cotton, depending on the occasion’s formality. Brown shoes and a leather belt are the only acceptable options in this situation.

Combining Blue Suits With Pink Shirts

We’ve previously proven that a pink-and-blue color scheme is an intelligent decision.

A pink shirt successfully contrasts with your blue suit in an aesthetically pleasing manner. However, the hue is far more subdued than a white shirt.

Pink is a lighter variant of red, according to the color wheel, but it has earned its place in the fashion world on its own alone. A powder pink shirt complements almost every hue of the blue suit.

Pink’s gentleness works well in warmer seasons and settings. Add a colored tie to your pink shirt and blue suit to make an eye-catching fashion statement.

Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt And Red Tie

As discussed before, pink is a softer tint of red. Therefore, matching a pink shirt with a red tie appears logical.

However, since the two hues are so similar, you must go all out to generate contrast.

Combine a vibrant red tie made of silk with a light pink shirt. If you have a shirt made of cotton.

The combination of blue, red, and pink demands brown footwear and a matching belt.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt And Pink Tie

Any color combination might be difficult to accomplish. However, if you pull it off, it will leave a lasting impact. The key is to switch things up here.

A patterned suit paired with a solid-colored shirt and a patterned tie. Or a basic suit paired with a patterned shirt and tie.

You have the idea. If you must wear a solid-colored shirt and tie, a darker tie with a lighter shirt is generally your best choice. Black or brown shoes and belts should be used with this ensemble, depending on the occasion.

Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt And Purple Tie

Royals wear the color purple. Additionally, it is strongly connected to the red/pink family of hues.

Wide purple ties may be difficult to pair with a blue suit, but the pink shirt works nicely to assist the shift between hues.

Belts and shoes are made of black or brown leather, depending on the formality of the occasion.

Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt And Blue Tie

This is a stylish combination choice for your blue suit. Different colors of a blue suit and tie paired with a powder pink shirt may produce a sophisticated, well-considered impression.

A cashmere tie of medium thickness and brown loafers without scuffs work nicely here. Alternately, a thin silk tie with narrow stripes might be worn with black leather shoes. Your belt should always compliment your footwear.

Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt And Navy Tie

This combination achieves the same results as the preceding one, but with an added touch of sophistication. The blue tie grounds your ensemble and lends a traditional, rather than casual, air to it.

Navy complements patterns and stripes naturally. However, please do not go too far.

Subtlety is crucial. A darker wool tie pairs well with a light blue suit. This is one of the instances in which you may even pull off a pink blouse with a stronger hue.

Black and brown shoes that are properly polished and in excellent shape may complete the ensemble.

Combining Blue Suits With Blue Shirts

The correct unicolor combination might be difficult to achieve. However, the effect when you succeed might make the work worthwhile.

Wearing a blue shirt with a blue suit produces a color and texture combination that is highly pleasing to the eye. It is a terrific appearance for both formal and casual occasions.

The key term here is tints. A suit of dark blue paired with a shirt of light blue, or vice versa, may nevertheless generate a great amount of contrast.

Despite both hues belonging to the same color family, this is the case. In both instances, selecting a tie color is pretty straightforward. The tie will facilitate communication between the two blues.

Additionally, you may match blue tones that are much closer on the color wheel. Here, the tie will have to work somewhat harder to achieve balance and harmony.

Blue Suit With A Blue Shirt And Red Tie

With a red tie, it is impossible to err. It is the most dominant hue on the color wheel, so why be cautious about it?

The color red is ingrained in our DNA, thus a bold red tie will instantly grab attention.

It indicates that when your suit and shirt have a similar color, you will look your best. Cotton or wool neckties are appropriate for most situations, while silk is a stylish choice for formal occasions.

Patterns and stripes are also permitted and offer a feeling of adventure to your ensemble. In addition to black or brown patent leather shoes, a matching belt completes the ensemble.

Blue Suit With A Blue Shirt And Blue Tie

There is a risk of seeming monotone while wearing this combo. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the hues and textures of your costume.

Essentially, if you adhere to the color wheel, you may work with the three adjacent tones of blue. This may provide a harmonic, balanced appearance if done correctly.

Choose a broad silk tie with thin white stripes or patterns for a contrast that is subtle yet apparent. They may assist in breaking up the mild monotony of the blue-on-blue appearance.

Brown footwear is inappropriate here. Choose black leather shoes with thin soles and a black leather belt.

Blue Suit With A Blue Shirt And Navy Tie

Again, you are using comparable tones, thus the same guidelines apply.

A broad satin or silk tie with white polka dots on a blue background will catch admiring attention. However a red-striped woolen tie can also suffice.

The end effect is a sophisticated appearance that might be regarded as either professional competence or cool confidence. Or maybe both.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

Combining Blue Suits With Black Shirts

In addition to white, black is a unique hue. This is because, unlike every other hue outside white, black has no tints.

According to one school of thinking, one can only wear black if they had dark hair and a dark complexion.

The rationale is that a pale face and light hair will clash with a black ensemble. To some degree, I disagree, but you should take this in mind while putting together your wardrobe.

Black is a grounding color, and on the color wheel, it is connected to blue. Therefore, even though it may not be an apparent combination, it makes sense.

A black shirt pairs well with a medium to dark blue suit, in my view. Additionally, the proper tie may have a good effect by performing one of two tasks.

It might serve as a transitional piece between your suit and shirt. Or it might make a statement about your personality, ego, and mental condition.

Blue Suit With A Black Shirt And Black Tie

The black-tie will complement the shirt flawlessly. It offers a monochromatic impression that complements your blue outfit.

Here, the shirt and tie become one, therefore the textures and shirt materials should match. Silk shirt? Utilize a silk tie. Cotton garment? Then you will need a cotton tie.

The width does not play a significant impact here, so choose whatever is most comfortable for you. Choose a necktie with bright stripes or patterns if you’re going for a less formal appearance.

Moreover, black shoes and a belt are required.

Blue Suit With A Black Shirt And Blue Tie

If the black-tie was intended to make a statement, the blue tie with your blue suit and black shirt works nicely as a bridge. It is one of those combinations in which you may match your tie to the color of your suit quite closely.

The black shirt provides an almost unnoticeable background for the tie, resulting in a balanced appearance. Keep the texture of your tie consistent with the fabric of your suit.

How To Choose Shoes For Blue Suits

Your selection of a blue suit has already established a modern appearance and made a powerful statement. But what shoe color would complement the blue suit the most?

Lighter tones of blue are less adaptable, therefore they look best with light brown footwear. Monk straps work well here. Tan derbies and brogues are also desirable dress shoe options.

As the tint of blue becomes darker, so does the color brown. Therefore, dark brown shoes pair finest with deeper blue suit hues. Remember to wear a belt of the same color and tone as your shoes.

Black patent shoes and a black belt are traditionally worn with navy blue. Choose Oxford or Derby shoes if you desire a more formal appearance.

A Definitive Guide To Styling A Blue Suit

Final Thoughts

An elegant blue suit with a blue tie conveys assurance. Although black suits have historically represented the ideal, traditional appearance for men, the trend has shifted.

Blue is connected with adaptability and has the potential to become the new black. A navy suit is nearly as reliable as a classic black suit and can be worn to any event.

A blue suit may be worn casually or formally, depending on the season and time of day. In addition, the color begs to be combined with a range of different hues, including various colors of blue.

In addition to working nicely with a variety of combinations, well-tailored, vivid blue suits slim the body.

Blue suits are both formal and opulent. A large number of men are now putting together blue suit combinations. In addition, they are having a great time doing it.

When paired with the appropriate dress shirt, shoes, and tie, a blue suit produces an attractive and sophisticated appearance for weddings, first dates, and daily business wear.

Details matter. And there are other complementary accessories from which to pick. The list begins with footwear and ends with shirts and neckties.

This distinguishes your blue suit from other suit hues. Consider it the canvas onto which you, the artist, may add brushstrokes with the combination and accessories brush.

Your blue foundation will match almost any hue. White shirts are always the best option. However, black, pink, and red, to mention a few, work beautifully.

Add a contrasting tie, brown or black shoes, and a belt to match, and you’ll be the center of attention at your next event. True, the true beauty of a blue suit is how very flexible it is. But it does not imply you can haphazardly toss things together.

To a greater or lesser degree, colors must complement one another, or they must generate an effect via contrast.

Lastly, add some flair to your ensemble by selecting a timepiece that complements your suit. And away you go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear A Blue Suit To A Formal Event?

Yes, you can. Blue suits are often used for formal events. To err on the side of caution, stick to suit colours that are neutral or deeper blue.

Colors such as navy blue and midnight blue, which nearly resemble black, are often seen at formal events. However, blue suits are not necessarily formal since they come in a variety of colours and styles.

Should I Wear A Blue Suit To A Wedding?

Yes, a blue suit is acceptable attire for weddings and other formal events. Men attending a wedding should wear a formal suit or tuxedo with pants, belt, button-down shirt, tie (or bowtie), and dress shoes.

Men may also consider adding a dress watch and pocket square to their ensembles. Avoid gaudy pastel colours, low-quality materials, and casual attire like sneakers, jeans, white socks, and polo shirts.

What Is Cocktail Dress For Men?

The semi-formal to formal cocktail attire for men comprises of a suit, tie, and dress shoes. A dark blazer and fashionable jeans are also suitable.

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