A Definitive Guide To Styling Charcoal Grey Suits

The color charcoal grey is trendy for professional attire. The timeless charcoal suit, a wardrobe must, is suited for both business and social occasions.

A Definitive Guide To Styling Charcoal Grey Suits

Depending on how they are paired with neckties and dress shirts, charcoal suits may take on some looks.

Consequently, you can always make it stand out by using colors and patterns intelligently.

However, keep in mind that different shades of grey complement different colors most effectively.

Are There Different Kinds Of Grey Suits?

There are three major colour variations of grey suits. Each has a place in your wardrobe, and your pick will depend on your environment and lifestyle.

You may choose from a double-breasted or single-breasted design. The first choice is more bold, while the second is suited for everyone.

Light Grey Suits

Typically, light grey suits are more youthful and modern. These suits are appropriate for warm climes, the summer, and casual dress with shoes.

You may even pair it with a black turtleneck for a fresher, more casual evening, if you so choose.

Note that the grey’s pale colour makes it more vulnerable to stains. Make sure to use extra care while transporting a red wine glass!

Medium Grey Suits

The colour spectrum of Medium Grey is between light and dark. The ability to dress casually is made possible by the polo shirt.

To make a statement, you may also wear a shirt in a bolder, complementary colour, such as crimson or burgundy. You may also wear a pink or light blue shirt to a business meeting.

Additionally, I prefer the way a grey suit appears when coupled with a dark green or brown tie, since these colours compliment it beautifully.


A charcoal grey suit is a timeless option and, along with navy, is second only to the black suit in terms of formality. You will seem distinguished and demand respect. 

This suit will help you stand out due to its clean, sharp look. Respect and notice may be gained by wearing a well-tailored charcoal suit.

What Is The Best Kind Of Grey Suit?

Typically, light grey suits have a relaxed aesthetic. This color is great for summer months and warm climates.

Most people can wear light grey suits efficiently, but those with fair complexion look best in them. The most versatile suit color is a medium grey since it blends well with other hues.

It is a neutral hue that is appropriate for both business and social contexts. Alternate your footwear or combine your ties and shirts to modify your look.

In contrast, charcoal suits seem more professional. Though traditionally more formal, charcoal grey is adaptable and capable of generating a range of looks when paired with different materials and tints.

A dark grey suit may be dressed down for informal occasions. If you pair a charcoal suit with the proper hues of brown shoes, the ensemble will be far less formal.

Therefore, charcoal grey is often not a color that creates a great deal of passion or excitement. Instead, it is often perceived as a monotonous tone.

It is easy to fall prey to the assumption that it must be paired with other neutral colors. Quite the opposite!

Suits in charcoal provide the appropriate canvas for a variety of color-based patterns. Formal and trendy colors are those that are dark or neutral.

Bright or bright colors seem vibrant and distinct.

Darker suits are more formal than lighter ones. As a result, charcoal suits are strongly suggested for the majority of professional work contexts.

If your employer has a business professional dress requirement, a charcoal suit is likely required.

The look of charcoal suits is appropriate for black-tie optional occasions, but not for black-tie events.

A charcoal suit is sufficiently dark to mimic a black suit but is far less frequent. If you want to stand out from the crowd at a semiformal event, use a charcoal suit.

If you would want to include a charcoal suit into your evening attire, you could wear a simple charcoal suit.

Once you discover how much you like your first charcoal suit, you may simply get a second charcoal suit with patterns.

Invest in a charcoal suit if you do not regularly wear suits but are in the market for one. With this in your closet, you may dress formally or casually according to the occasion.

A Definitive Guide To Styling Charcoal Grey Suits

How To Wear A Charcoal Suit?

Let us begin showing how to wear a grey suit properly.

Three-Piece Suits

This is the pinnacle of formality for a really masculine and solemn image. People will perceive your sincerity.

In these circumstances, it is recommended would wear a light-colored dress shirt, such as light blue or light pink.

Maybe a blue silk tie for a more polished look or a burgundy/wine red tie for an authoritative look.

The waistcoat and tie bar have the same purpose, which is to maintain the position of the tie.

Typically, darker shoes, such as black or even burgundy, pair better with the outfit, but the right shade of brown may still look great.

The colour of your pocket square should never be identical to that of your tie or shirt. There is a tremendous deal of room for artistic innovation, but I am a big fan of the presidential fold.

Vest Without A Jacket

By removing the suit jacket, a whole new outfit may be constructed. It may be appropriate for warmer weather when more protection is necessary but a jacket is too cumbersome.

As the tie modifies the outfit’s main point, its removal or replacement has the same effect. This outfit is one of my favourites to wear to work since it makes me feel and oozes confidence.

Consider a three-piece suit over a two-piece suit since waistcoats are a traditional component. Put on a blouse that is white, light pink, or sky blue, enter the room, and clinch the deal.

As with the suit jacket, the last vest button should be undone. Simply do the action. It exhibits your attention to detail and concern about your appearance.

Shirt And Tie

Office-appropriate attire: pink shirt, grey suit, and brown tie. On sometimes, simplicity is the optimal choice. Should you adopt a formal tone?

Wear a well-pressed white button-down shirt and a blue tie. More tranquil? Complement your grey suit with pastel colours and a pair of Goodyear Welted Chelsea boots.

It bears reiterating that the pink shirt and grey suit combo is rather effective! You should include this colour into your clothing.

This combination gives you more room for experimentation, since the fabric and cut of your suit will have a significant impact.

You may also wear plaids and stripes, but their widths must differ from your shirt and tie!

This suit is great for a regular work environment, since you will seem incredibly professional with or without the jacket.

Remember to unbutton your jacket before sitting if you are wearing one. It reduces unnecessary strain on the buttons and the risk of their ultimate detachment.

Dress Shirts

You are working in a formal or casual setting. Maybe you’ve been invited to an after-work party or you have a date. Simply remove the vest and tie from the outfits shown above, and voila!

Without being overdressed, you will continue to project an air of sophistication.

One may experiment a little more with designs such as checks and stripes. Ensure you understand the fundamentals of solid colours before to undertaking this task.

If you want to make this outfit even more casual, you may wear shoes or a black turtleneck with it. However, I would stick to conventional pairings since they are often more refined.

Mixing WIth A Blue Blazer

Not last, but certainly not least, is one of my favourite categories. Remember when I spoke about flexibility?

The colour combination of blue and grey is appealing. You may make an unlimited number of costumes by mixing the tops and bottoms of two suits with the same shoes and dress shirts.

You may pair a blue blazer with grey pants one day and a grey blazer with blue pants the next. Changing the tie or shirt alters the look entirely.

I feel you are now starting to grasp the concept.

Selecting The Best Fit

Because of their color, black suits seem heavier. It will draw attention to ill-fitting clothing. Any additional fabric folds will stand out quickly.

A suit should never seem sloppy; this is unacceptable. In addition, it will wrinkle easily, adding to its unkempt appearance.

In contrast, an ugly suit is too tight in some areas. Due to the appearance of these defects in dark colors, it is essential to choose the proper fit.

You avoid future issues with fit, be sure to purchase the proper attire. There are a variety of suit cuts available, but only two are beautiful in charcoal suits.

Classic Fits

For a more conventional look, you can go for a classic fit. It is the traditional cut, the king of suits.

A color charcoal grey is a fantastic option for this cut. Because, like the color, this style is appropriate for all occasions. It cannot fail under any conditions.

A classic cut is a comfortable option. Given the additional room it offers, it comes as no surprise that this is the most popular option among business professionals.

It gives sufficient space for mobility.

With a traditional fit, there is no need to think if the garment is too fashionable for a conservative setting. You are always certain that you are dressed adequately.

Slim Fits

A slim-fitting black suit is a simple way to achieve a sophisticated image. It is a modern suit style that adheres tightly to the body.

Despite its name, this fit is not limited to very thin individuals. The majority of men can pull off this look if it complements their bodies.

Even though a slim-fit suit is tailored closely to the body, it should nevertheless allow for movement. If movement is restricted, it is probably the incorrect size.

The color charcoal grey is very sophisticated, as is a slim-fit suit. Together, they create a very sophisticated and refined aesthetic that is always exquisite.

Combination Options For Grey Suits

It is likely that you already own a white button-up shirt. This is the quintessence of a traditional suit shirt.  White provides a stark contrast to charcoal grey.

It highlights the colors and is bright and tidy.

If you want your charcoal suit to seem as official as possible, use a white shirt with it. Together, these two colors may provide several tie possibilities, making selection difficult.

Red ties are often known as “power ties.” The vibrant burst of color quickly draws the attention, thus it is simple to see why.

However, a deeper shade of scarlet combined with a charcoal suit is more sophisticated and attractive.

It provides a professional impression without trying too hard. It feels like a logical pairing with a charcoal suit jacket.

When worn with a charcoal suit, a grey tie is considerably less formal than a black-tie. It is a method for reducing the formality of a charcoal suit while yet seeming well-put-together.

Consider brown accessories to break up the uniformity, such as brown shoes and a brown belt. To keep the formality, you must wear black shoes and a belt.

Charcoal Suit With A White Shirt And A Black Tie

A charcoal suit with a black tie provides a subtle contrast from a black suit with a black tie. It is appropriate for most evening parties.

This color combination looks polished and sophisticated, while also setting you apart from the other black suits.

Charcoal Suit With A White Shirt And A Brown Tie

To give a charcoal suit an unexpected twist, pair it with a brown tie. You will be startled by its seeming beauty.

A combination of subtle brown and charcoal grey seems perfect. Adding texture, such as small dots, may create a stunning effect.

Charcoal Suit With A Pink Shirt

A pink dress shirt combined with any suit may seem trendy, but its endurance may surprise you.

David Beckham was recognized for his impeccable style, and he often wore a pink shirt with a charcoal suit. There is no need to constantly mix a charcoal suit with dark or muted colors.

Pink will brighten and enhance the look of the black suit. It brings joy when it is least anticipated. It may even brighten your day.

Charcoal Suit With A Pink Shirt And A Red Tie

This look is best done with the color dark red. The red will complement the pink to create a striking visual impact that will make people look twice.

The two colors contrast well with one other. You may be startled by the attractiveness of this unexpected combination.

A Definitive Guide To Styling Charcoal Grey Suits

Charcoal Suit With A Pink Shirt And A Black Tie

The color dark purple complements a charcoal suit splendidly. This dominant color exudes confidence.

A black-tie coupled with a white shirt creates a striking and perhaps bold contrast. These two colors are seldom paired in menswear, but maybe they should be.

Charcoal Suit With A Pink Shirt And A Striped Tie

If you’re undecided about the tie color or want to make the outfit as professional as possible, black or dark grey is a terrific choice.

Likewise, navy pink is appropriate. Striped neckties are the most visually appealing.

Charcoal Suit With A Blue Shirt

A pale blue shirt paired with a charcoal suite has a relaxing impression. A darker tone is too overpowering, whilst a vibrant blue would be too ostentatious.

Pale blue is fashionable and enhances the grey suit’s blue tones by accentuating them. Although less motivating than pink, a pale blue shirt is soothing. It alludes softly to summer and heat.

Without diminishing the suit’s elegance, a suit in charcoal may be tempered by the addition of a light blue accent.

Charcoal Suit With A Blue Shirt And A Blue Tie

Similar to the pink-on-pink pattern described above, the blue tieust be darker than the shirt. The combination of the two blues has a calming effect and radiates peace.

This hue scheme is pretty lovely. The two shades of blue emphasize the suit’s blue hues.

Charcoal Suit With A Blue Shirt And A Navy Tie

Also particularly lovely is the pairing of a blue suit with a charcoal suit. Although substantially less formal than a black-tie, the aesthetic is nonetheless conservative.

The color navy is somber and introspective. It is almost indistinguishable from the charcoal suit, yet stands out little.

Charcoal Suit With A Blue Shirt And A Dark Grey Tie

The tie should match or be darker than the suit in this circumstance. The blue shirt adds vibrancy to an otherwise depressing look.

This attire is perfect for both professional and evening occasions.

Charcoal Suit With A Blue Shirt And A Black Tie

This ensemble deviates somewhat from the conventional black suit and black tie. A charcoal suit is a sophisticated way to stand out from the crowd while preserving a professional image.

You still seem intelligent despite incorporating a contemporary visual element. With the addition of the proper accessories, it is suitable for a semiformal evening event.

Charcoal Suit With A Patterned Shirt

The tie and shirt color selections may give your charcoal suit a more customized look.

Consider adding stripes or patterns to your dress shirt as a decorative touch. Do not feel limited by button-down shirts.

Vertical stripes are the most common shirt design. The smaller the stripes, the more formal the shirt.

Other patterns may be quirky or even humorous. The most common patterns are floral and checkered, but paisley is also appropriate.

These designs are more casual, therefore you should avoid wearing them to formal events.

Patterns are an effort to intentionally make a suit less formal. Overall, stripes and patterns should be kept simple.

However, an excessive quantity of bustle may be too powerful and dominate the dark tones of the charcoal suit.

And use caution while picking a tie for these shirts to avoid a crashing catastrophe. A black suit takes a few accessories to look great.

How To Coordinate Shoes With A Charcoal Grey Suit?

A charcoal suit must be worn with black shoes. Their tints are sufficiently comparable, making them a natural fit.

As black is the most popular color for formal events, black leather shoes will complement your charcoal suit.

A pair of rich, warm brown dress shoes is an elegant alternative to shoes in black that represent an outmoded aesthetic. This footwear is somewhat less formal than black footwear.

Ensure that you get a pair of shoes with warm tones to accent the charcoal suit.

For an unexpected twist, pair your black suit with shoes in burgundy. Burgundy resembles a jewel tone, which complements a charcoal suit splendidly.

Final Thoughts

A grey suit may serve as the core of a man’s wardrobe due to its adaptability. Similar to the Navy Suit, it is just another versatile workhorse in your closet.

Consequently, they work quite well together, which is an extra advantage.

Whether you pair a grey suit with a pink or blue shirt, it is easy to dress it up or down for formal or informal settings.

Always remember that fit is essential!

Joseph Pais