A Guide On How To Wear A Midnight And Royal Blue Tuxedo

For a long time, blue tuxedos were associated with the 80s, and the black tuxedo was seen as a much more formal and classier option. However, times are changing, and the blue tuxedo is slowly making a comeback.

A Guide On How To Wear A Midnight And Royal Blue Tuxedo

As a result, you can now go to formal events or occasions sporting a very polished and classy looking blue tuxedo. Yet, it depends on what hue of blue you choose for your tuxedo to be in.

These different hues can portray different looks, thus you need to be careful when choosing a bright blue tux or a more sophisticated, darker blue tuxedo.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can wear midnight blue and royal blue tuxedos, to gain the most impact at an event. 

Midnight Blue Vs Royal Blue

When we talk about the color blue, there are a variety of shades and hues that come under this umbrella.

If you are looking for a blue tuxedo, then you will find that every shade you can think of that is considered blue will be available in tuxedo or formal wear form. 

However, in this article, we aren’t talking about any hue of blue, we are talking about two specific hues of blue.

We are talking about the two of the darker hues of blue, which are royal and midnight blue. Yet, what is the difference between these two shades of blue?

Royal Blue

Royal blue is considered quite a unique shade of blue. Considering it is a darker shade of blue, there is still some lightness to it, that helps to make this color stand out from the crowd.

This is considered more of a party color, as it can be quite cherry, which is impressive considering s lot of other shades of blue have very somber characteristics. 

Midnight Blue

In contrast to royal blue, midnight blue is a much darker and somber shade of blue. As a result, this shade isn’t as bright or as eye catching, yet it still makes an impression on the wearer.

Midnight blue is quite similar to navy blue, as this color is more suited for the more traditional tuxedos. 

In certain lights, this color can look almost black. However, if you place a midnight blue tuxedo in a line with black suits, you would be able to spot the midnight blue tuxedo out instantly.

How Do You Wear A Blue Tuxedo?

If you have decided to want to wear a blue suit, and in particular either a midnight blue or royal blue tuxedo, then the next step is knowing what to pair with the tuxedo.

If you haven’t worn a blue tuxedo before, it can seem daunting to know how to finish off this look, and what accessories or other pieces of clothing you need to match with the tuxedo. 

Every choice you make will affect the appearance and impact your tuxedo could have. Therefore, you need to put some thought in before you make a decision. 

Fit And Cut

The first thing you need to be aware of is the cut of your new blue tuxedo. The cut of any suit, including tuxedos, will affect the overall look.

In addition, the fit is so important as it can make or break the overall appearance of your tuxedo. If the cut and fit is bad, then the material won’t look right on your body. 

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer a slim-fit tuxedo. It gives this very classic and traditional suit a more modern look. Therefore, a slim fit tuxedo will be a much tighter fit to the body than your normal suit.

However, this tighter fit creates a much more streamlined and cleaner look. 

With that being said, you can still get a regular fit tuxedo. With a regular fit, this creates a much more classical and traditional look.

This type of fit is most associated with James Bond, who is always seen wearing a traditional black tuxedo. However, a blue tuxedo in a regular fit works just as well. 


Lapels are seen on any kind of suit, but they are really important on a tuxedo. The lapels add another element of class to your tuxedo.

When it comes to lapels, you have two options, which are peaked lapels and shawl lapels. 

A peaked lapel is considered the most formal option that you can go for. They are generally longer than a standard lapel, and end with an upward facing peak, which is where they get their name from. 

While a shawl lapel has a more casual appearance, yet they are the most common lapel you may see on some tuxedos. They give off more smoking jacket vibes.

With That being said, you could consider a notched lapel, but they aren’t very formal and could ruin the overall appearance. 

A Guide On How To Wear A Midnight And Royal Blue Tuxedo

White Shirt

You need to make sure that you choose the right shirt that will go well with your tuxedo jacket and pants. Here are various styles that you can choose from.

However, we would advise that you stay away from a standard dress shirt, and choose a tuxedo shirt. A tuxedo shirt is very different from your average dress shirt that you may wear to work. 

The details that are on our shirts are really important. A lot of tuxedo shirts will use a standard barrel cuff.

However, if you want to add more elegance to your outfit, then you may want to try French cuffs. Your cuff choice will help you to make an excellent impression from a standard suit. 

Shirt Collar

If you want to produce a more traditional look, then consider a tuxedo shirt that has a wing collar. This kind of collar short pointed tips, that actually point out rather than down like other collars.

However, by pointing down, it means that the collar is making extra space so that you can easily show off your  bow tie of choice.

A winged collar is one of the most formal options that you could choose for your tuxedo shirt. 

However, if you are going for a much modern look, then you may not like the look of a wing collar. In this case, you may want to try a tuxedo shirt that uses a turn down collar instead.

With a turn down collar, they can be spread or semi-spread. This is referring to how far apart the points of the collar are from each other.

Again, this is about giving you enough space to show off your bow tie. 

Black Bow Tie

It doesn’t matter what shade of blue your tuxedo is, the general rule is that the bow tie has to be black.

You may think that you should have a bow tie that matches the color of your suit, yet this doesn’t always work.

Instead, a black tie adds more depth to the overall outfit, as it helps to bring all the colors together of your outfit. 

If you happen to be wearing a black tuxedo, then you can get away with not wearing a black bow tie. However, if you aren’t wearing a black tuxedo, then you should follow this rule and wear a black bow tie. 

Black Cummerbund

If you don’t have to wear a lot of tuxedos, then you may not be aware that there is an option to wear a cummerbund.

This is normally an optional extra, so it’s our choice whether you wear it or not. A cummerbund is a type of pleated sash, which is worn around your waist. 

To keep the cummerbund in place, here is a buckle which is positioned near your back. You can decide to wear a cummerbund instead of a waistcoat.

However, you should never wear a waistcoat and a cummerbund together, as it just doesn’t work. However, you don’t have to wear one at all, the choice is yours. 

With a cummerbund, you don’t want its color to match your blue tuxedo. Instead, you should go for a black cummerbund, as it gives off a much more mature appearance and helps to break the blue up in your outfit. 


When it comes with tuxedo pants, you should never wear a belt. In fact, you will find that your tuxedo pants don’t even have belt loops.

Instead, if you need help keeping your pants up, you will have to wear suspenders. 

Suspenders are very traditional, but they still look amazing today. Just like with other features we have spoken about such as the cummerbund and tie, your suspenders ideally should be black too.

Although, you could opt for white suspenders, because against your white shirt this can give off a very elegant look. 

It is important to bear in mind that you could choose pattern suspended as well. There are no real rules with suspenders, except that they should compliment your blue tuxedo and not clash against it.

However, no matter what kind of color you go for, suspenders look great on everyone.

It’s a great chance to add a more personal feature to your outfit, and for the majority of the time the suspenders are hidden by your jacket as well. 


Another option that you have to pair with your blue tuxedo is a waistcoat. The best thing to do if you want to wear a waistcoat, is to find a waistcoat that matches the color of your tuxedo jacket.

Therefore, if you know you will want to wear a waistcoat with your tuxedo, then you should start off by looking for a three-piece tuxedo when you are buying. 

Even though you are buying a three-piece tuxedo, you can always swap out the blue tuxedo pants for some formal black pants instead, if you are not keen on a full album ensemble.

However, your waistcoat should always be the same color and match your jacket. 

As we have mentioned above, there are some rules on what you can and can’t wear together with a tuxedo. As a result, you should never wear a waistcoat and cummerbund together.

The pieces of clothing just don’t work when worn together, and thus when they are paired together the results are pleasant.

Instead, it becomes overkill and makes your outfit look quite bulky around your waist. Thus, choose to wear only one of them. 

A Guide On How To Wear A Midnight And Royal Blue Tuxedo


What you wear on your feet is really important, as they need to complement the overall look you are going for. With a blue tuxedo, formal slippers or loafers are really popular choices.

However, there are various formal black tie options that you can choose from.

If you are going for a really elegant look, and the weather is going to be dry, then leather or velvet are two great material choices for your shoes.

The shoes you go for can be either in a dark blue color or black. If you are wearing a midnight blue tuxedo, the dinghy blue shoes really help to finish off the look. 

Loafers aren’t for everyone, then you might want to consider Oxford shoes instead. Oxford shoes also look really stylish and formal, these come in patent leather that look really chic.

In addition to that, your final option can be derby shoes. With that being said, derby shoes aren’t as formal as the other two options we have mentioned above. Yet they can still work. 

Finally, normally when you wear formal loafers or slippers, you shouldn’t wear any socks. However, depending on the pair of shoes you do decide to wear, we would suggest that you pair them with black dress socks. 

Dress Watch

Nowadays, not many people think about watches as you have smartphones that can do everything for us, including telling the time.

Yet, there is something special about pairing any tuxedo with a dress watch or an old watch. It offers a more classic and traditional look.

Also, by pairing your tuxedo with a watch, it means you can leave your phone at home. 

If you do decide to wear a watch, it should be minimalistic and simple. A simple black band offers a touch of elegance.

You don’t really want to draw any attention to your watch, it should complement your tuxedo, but not draw attention to itself. 

Matching Button Studs And Cufflinks

If you decide to wear French cuffs on your tuxedo shirt, then you will need to find a pair of cufflinks.

There are various different types of cuff links on the market, but you want to try and match your cuff links to your button studs. 

If you try to match your cufflinks and button studs, it can help you show off some of your own style while also complimenting your blue tuxedo.

Yet, you don’t want to be too flashy. Your cufflinks are a great way to make a tuxedo more personal. However, you don’t want the cuff links to draw attention away from your tuxedo, as that should be the main focus. 

Mix And Match With Your Blue Tuxedo 

You will have seen throughout this article that we have mentioned pairing your blue tuxedo with black accessories to help break up all the blue.

However, you don’t have to wear a full blue tuxedo, either. You could just wear a blue tuxedo jacket and wear formal black pants.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a midnight blue tuxedo or a royal blue tuxedo, they both will give a dramatic effect when you enter the event.

However, by adding black pants instead of the blue pants, you give off a really sophisticated and polished look. You look as if you have really thought about your outfit and took time to get it right. 

With that being said, you can absolutely go for a full blue tuxedo moment, and you won’t look out of place at all. Yet, by adding the black pants, it can add a twist that maybe people weren’t expecting from you.

A Guide On How To Wear A Midnight And Royal Blue Tuxedo

When Should You Wear A Blue Tuxedo?

A blue tuxedo isn’t suitable for every event, so you need to think about when you should be wearing your blue tuxedo. 

Typically, when you are invited to a black tie event, you may think you are limited to just a black tuxedo. However, this is a formal event and with any formal event you can get away with a dark blue tuxedo. 

A formal event is supposed to be fun, therefore you can add a bit of fun to your tuxedo choice by going with a blue tuxedo.

It is still an elegant and formal color to choose, but adds a bit of individuality as well.

You could wear your blue tuxedo to a range of formal events including show premieres, galas, weddings, and charity events to name a few. 

Can You Wear Your Blue Tuxedo To A Black Tie Event?

When you receive an invitation that says black tie on the invitation, you may be unsure what this means. Ideally what this means, is that you are being invited to an event, where you need to dress really formally.

This means tuxedos. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with a black tuxedo, you are more than welcome to wear a blue tuxedo to a black tie event. 

However, if you are nervous whether you are allowed creative interpretations of what black tie means, it may be best to stick with a black tuxedo.

Or go with a midnight blue tuxedo, which is naturally quite dark and will blend into the theme easily. 

Where Can You Buy An Affordable Yet High Quality Blue Tuxedo?

It is quite easy to find an affordable yet high quality blue tuxedo. There are various in-person stores that can help you find the perfect blue tuxedo for you.

Alongside that, there are various online stores where you can browse through their selections of blue tuxedos until you find one that you like. 

It may take a bit of research, and as long as you set yourself a budget before you begin, it is very possible to find a high quality suit which is still really affordable.

It is just important that you make sure you have done your research first. 


Normally, when we think of a tuxedo, we think of them as being black. Yet, blue tuxedos can also look very elegant and classy as well.

They are a great alternative to black tuxedos to be worn at very formal events. 

In this article, we have told you everything you need to know. Now you know how to wear your royal or midnight blue tuxedo confidently. 

Joseph Pais