A Guide To Wearing Chukka Boots

Without a pair of chukka boots, no man’s shoe collection is complete. The traditional shoe design is a must-have for any wardrobe and provides a distinct appeal that other shoes do not.

These must-have shoes are adaptable and stylish, perfect for casual outfits but easily glammed up for professional ones.

A Guide To Wearing Chukka Boots

So, if you don’t already have a pair, now is the time to buy. Once you’ve selected the ideal alternative, all that’s left to learn is how to style them for a polished appearance.

Fortunately, we can assist with that and demonstrate proper chukka boot attire for you.

Since British soldiers began donning these during World War II, chukka boots have become a wardrobe must due to their durability, comfort, and style.

You may get shoes with the ultimate macho crossover appeal by combining their popularity with affluent polo players and Esquire’s 1949 endorsement of the original Clarks.

This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to style chukka boots with flair, whether it be with a t-shirt or a jacket, suede or calfskin leather.

What Are Chukka Boots?

A timeless type of footwear are chukka boots.

After being donned by the famous Duke of Windsor throughout 1924, they gained enormous popularity and are said to have gotten their title from the sport of polo, wherein a chukka would be a period.

Ankle-length chukka boots are just a style of boot that frequently have up to three eyelets as well as thin laces. They frequently have a brown colour and are made of leather or suede.

Desert Boots Versus Chukka Boots

It’s understandable why many men are perplexed by the distinction amongst chukka boots versus desert boots. The two types of shoes have a striking resemblance and are closely related.

Chukka boots, a more general term for shoes, come in various varieties, with desert boots being one of them. The sole is the primary indicator of the difference.

Crepe rubber is commonly used for the soles of desert boots, which have been modelled after the boots worn by British soldiers during desert campaigns. In terms of material and structure, they frequently differ from other chukka boots.

Desert boots are really a type of chukkas. Chukka boots have an ankle-high shaft, two to three open eyelets for lacing, and are made of classic leather or suede.

Conversely, desert boots are simply chukkas that are earthier and more laid-back and have crepe bottoms with texture as well as lighter colour schemes. Their titles are frequently used interchangeably, which is confusing.

It’s similar to how sport watches are a subset of dive watches, however “sport” and “dive” are sometimes used interchangeably (which is incorrect technically) or as a different classification.

This is due to the prevalence of dive watches since the release of the Submariner. Similar to Clarks Desert Boots, which were the first chukkas in the world when they debuted in 1949, they have evolved into an iconic and popular style.

In conclusion, not all desert boots constitute chukkas, but all chukka boots are desert boots.

Chukka Boots: When to Wear Them

A Guide To Wearing Chukka Boots

Casual Occasions

Chukkas are simple to wear for a laid-back appearance. These stylish boots go nicely with jeans and go with a variety of outfits and outerwear.

Try wearing these boots alongside denim jeans, a white buttoned shirt, and a denim jacket for a striking look. Just keep in mind to choose a casual pair of chukka boots, like a brown suede model, for the ideal finishing touch.

You can use chukkas anywhere you’d typically wear sneakers—aside from the gym, of course—as long as everything in your outfit fits properly.

Chukka boots give flair to a straightforward shirt and jeans ensemble, particularly if you add a second, outer layer to complement the outdoorsy theme of the boots.

Smart Casual Events

Chukkas are a great choice for smart casual attire because of their traditional shape. Choose a pair of black boots if you would like to rock them in this style.

By doing this, they will appear more upscale and will be simpler to match with exquisite pieces. Try wearing the chukkas alongside dark jeans, a blazer, and a casual shirt to complete the outfit.

As long as you’re finding a nice balance with all the other elements, you may wear chukka boots in any material or colour with a smart-casual ensemble.

If you’re going to wear a casual brown shoe with it, wear a more formal, conservative pair of slacks and a shirt, and perhaps finish it off with some tough accessories like a hunter’s jacket or a watch with a worn leather strap.

Business Casual Events

Use the chukka boots for more than just weekends and nights out. These classic shoes are also ideal for appearances that are business casual.

Simply choose a style in a dark colour and wear them with sharp-looking clothing to nail the look. To wear chukka boots to work, choose a pair of chinos or pants, a white shirt, and a sweater or jacket.

Keep to leather chukka shoes with a smooth or pointy toe area and dark uppers made from either leather or suede for professional-looking attire.

The best option is leather outsoles, but it all relies on how you manage that delicate balance once more.

Naturally, you should always take your office’s and your clients’ cultures into account.

With Jeans And A Harrington Jacket

Like gold and silver, brown and black are typically a dangerous combination. Because the blacks are a subdued dark navy, the tawny-hued chukkas look great with this mostly monochromatic outfit.

The textured suede shoes are in keeping with the idea because each navy layer up top has a distinct texture. You may create an undercover Bond style with a splash of colour by adding the peeking plaid from the jacket’s interior.

When Donning A Relaxed Sweater With Texture

What makes this look work so well is how straightforward and uncomplicated it is. With layers and accessories, it actually just looks like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

This sweater checks the texture box and gives the outfit a trendy elegance that doesn’t try too hard, which is always a good combination with tough chukkas. The mint-dialed watch, basic bracelet, and sunglasses all fit this description.

Although black slacks and suede chukkas would have been equally appropriate in this scenario, the leather elevates the style.

When Putting On A Hooded Utility Jacket, White Pants, And A Pullover

With a black sweater, an oxford shirt, and white slacks, this ensemble has a very preppy foundation. We now have the freedom to dress like a true woodsman, complete with boots and accoutrements.

Here come the hunting-appropriate jacket and the brown suede boots that are weather-conscious.

When wearing chukkas with smart casual attire, this combination complies with the strike-a-balance principle in full. You may use it to travel from a weekend work event to a hunting trip at a rural estate.

With A Plaid Standout Jacket And A Monochromatic Ensemble

This ensemble in an autumnal colour scheme has a rustic feel with a touch of Ivy League refinement.

A suede black chukka would be a great fit since the napped aesthetic complements the Americana vibe while the dark colour is stylish and fashionable for the season.

The clever monochrome canvas enhances the well-structured plaid coat, which is undoubtedly the focal point of the piece.

Modern Business Style

Simple leather chukka boots with a modern outfit is an ideal ensemble since it incorporates timeless items from several business standards and reimagines them for modern fits.

The preppy club-style tie contrasts with the long, button-down collar of the striped shirt, which is reminiscent of Wall Street in the 1980s.

But for a more young twist, add a black jacket and grey pants featuring a box-cut contemporary fit à la Thom Brown.

Business Look For Fridays

The accessories make this outfit what it is. For hot weather or Friday scenarios, the regular-fit navy top and light pants combination works well.

You can have fun with the extras, such as stylish browline sunglasses, a multi-compartment briefcase, and, obviously, suede black chukkas with white outsoles, thanks to the normcore understatement.

When to Avoid Wearing Chukka Boots

Depending on their design and colour, chukka boots can now be worn in the majority of fashionable settings.

Chukkas are acceptable with a dark suit, but tan suede shoes with a crepe bottom are not. In the summer, you can wear them with shorts, but avoid selecting extremely dressy all-black full-grain leathers.

It all relies on your workplace’s dress code or the nature of your clientele and the location of your meetings with them when it relates to business settings.

Are you meeting them in a trendy lounge after hours in a t-shirt and jeans? Chukkas are a good option then.

There are just two absolute nos. Of course, you shouldn’t wear them to the gym. And when attending a formal, conservative occasion, avoid wearing them with a conventional, all-black tuxedo.

Three Chic Ways To Style Chukka Boots And Jeans

One of the most incredibly adaptable combos is chukkas with jeans. It is a good canvas on which to try out different shirts and outer layers.

You can finish off a dark suede and blue denim outfit with just about any t-shirt, or henley for a casual look.

A Guide To Wearing Chukka Boots

You can even choose an enormous scoop neck shirt, which will look great with well-fitting denim jeans and chic chukkas.

You can very much wear any type of chukka boots with smart-casual outfits as long as everything is balanced. Are you seeing a trend here?

For instance, you may combine desert boots with a good button-down shirt, a jacket, and dark selvedge denim. The darker your pants and the pointier your toe box on the chukkas, the more professional the setting.

Stylish Casual Outfit

This ensemble is the ideal illustration of how adding a third layer, shoes, and accessories can improve a straightforward combo.

Dark jeans and a t-shirt by themselves would not have been creative, but by tucking the shirt in, you can coordinate a belt with your brown chukkas and leather-banded watch.

Additionally, there isn’t much difference in shade here, giving the area a sleek and polished appearance that appears carefree and effortless.

All-Denim Style

How can you rock an all-denim outfit without coming off as a cowboy? With a variety of coloured denims, a sleek modern watch, and stylish chukkas.

Given that the jeans are tailored and the overall design is very western-inspired, the relaxed and weathered brown suede boots look well with this outfit.

Jeans Outfit with Flair

This outfit is so resistant to trends because the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Style a light colored blazer with a white button-up shirt and dark blue jeans to compliment your brown suede chukkas.

Because one or the other would be too childish for this mature, put-together style, the jeans are the ideal fit—not too tight or loose. Because of its subtle colour, even the pocket patch doesn’t appear garish.

The chukka boots have slight pebbling without being too polished and are designed with purpose. None of the items are particularly elaborate. This outfit is fancy because of the carefully considered mix of particular pieces.

Chukka Boots In Leather

Leather chukka boots have become an adaptable type of shoe that can be worn every day and are more formal and sturdy than their suede counterparts.

Chukkas made of premium full-grain leather will last you for many years and develop a stylish patina with time. Boots that are polished appear more elegant, whereas boots that are somewhat worn appear more daring.

Always choose leather outsoles in circumstances that are more formal. As long as the sole has a noticeable heel, crepe bottoms and rubber soles are suitable for smart casual settings or professional casual Fridays.

A nice pair of leather chukka boots is usually a wise purchase. Chukkas made of leather will last longer than those made of suede since they are more resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, leather boots are adaptable and go well with both informal and more formal attire. To guarantee that the chukkas are fashionable and appropriate for any setting, choose a neutral colour like brown or black.

Chukka Boots In Suede

Compared to classic leather chukkas, suede versions look more laid-back. They are the ideal approach to elevate casual ensembles because they have a napped design that is nonetheless distinctive and opulent.

For the spring and summer fashion seasons, suede is also in style. Lighter hues and flowing summer clothes look fantastic with the texture and gentler appearance of its surface.

Boots with higher heels are more sophisticated than those with lower heels made of crepe and outsoles made of rubber, just like the leather counterparts.

The classic desert boot has a suede upper and is frequently linked to a stylish, daring appearance. As a result, they complement field watches with a military design.

Chukka boots made of suede are incredibly fashionable and necessary for any contemporary man. These well-loved shoes keep feet cosy and stylish while adding a touch of sophistication to casual attire.

Simply choose an easy-to-match colour to ensure that your suede chukkas go with a variety of outfits.

Excellent and adaptable options include black, brown, sand, blue, and grey. To make sure you receive your money’s worth from your suede boots, make sure you learn how to best take care of them.

The Aurelien Suede Chukka does what very few chukkas are able to. They exude wealth due to the usage of such premium fabrics, and they are both casual and stylish.

Compared to, for instance, the Clarks Desert Boot, the crepe rubber on these boots is more durable. These are a wonderful option if you’re seeking for a lovely, laid-back chukka that brings out your inner Italian.

Suede Chukka Boot Care Instructions

Investing in a fantastic set of suede chukkas is pointless if you don’t know how to maintain them. Cleaning your chukkas periodically and filling them with newspaper beforehand will help them last a long time.

After that, use a suede eraser and nail brushes to brush away any dirt and grime and lightly rub any marks. Rebrush your boots one last time to increase the nap, then spray them with a suede protection.

Purchasing Chukka Boots

It’s crucial to think about both the fit and the style when trying to buy a set of chukka boots. Choose chukka boots with a close fit that only cover your ankle for the best pair.

Choose a suede style for a more laid-back look or a leather alternative for a more sophisticated appearance when it relates to style. Chukkas with a rubber sole or a light colour will also look more casual over those with a leather sole or a dark colour.

Chukka Boots: How To Wear

  • For a more laid-back look, go with light-colored suede chukkas or desert boots.
  • For more formal attire, go for dark leather chukkas.
  • For a laid-back style, pair chukkas with jeans and a button-down.
  • For a smart casual look, pair chukkas with dark jeans, a t-shirt, as well as a blazer or jacket.
  • Chukkas go well with pants, a dress shirt, or a sweater when worn to work.
  • Using a suede protection and wiping off any dirt or stains, can help you keep suede chukkas appearing tidy.

What Are The Benefits Of Chukka Boots?

As a casual footwear option, chukkas are a great substitute for sneakers, loafers, and Chelsea boots. They could be worn casually, in smart casual situations, and even in some corporate contexts and look their best with long pants.

Can You Wear Chukka Boots In The Summer?

Chukka boots are appropriate for wearing in the summer, particularly if you go for a lighter-colored model with a suede finish.

You can alternate between wearing them for formal situations and sneakers for relaxed occasions.

If you’re feeling brave, you may pair them with certain smart cut shorts and a basic t-shirt if you would like to free your knees in the warmer months. They look excellent with jeans, chinos, or trousers year-round.

Can You Walk Comfortably In Chukka Boots?

Chukkas are excellent for wandering about town and sightseeing, much like other casual footwear designs. For more strenuous activities like hiking, they are ineffective, though.

Make absolutely sure the fitting is proper and choose a rubber sole over a leather one if you want a particularly comfy chukka. This will provide you with more padding during the day and lessen foot fatigue.

Can You Pair Dress Pants With Chukka Boots?

Chukkas and formal pants are acceptable attire for the workplace, but for more formal events, go with something else.

Pick a black pair of chukkas to go with dress pants, and wear it with a fresh white shirt, cashmere sweater, or jacket. It will quickly change your corporate appearance from stuffy to tough.

Why Are They Called Chukkas?

Although it can’t be said for sure, polo is most likely where chukka boots received their name. In the sport, a chukka is a seven and a half-minute stretch of play, and the boots resemble the jodhpur shoes worn by polo players.

Are Chukka Boots Meant To Be Worn Loosely?

Like any other shoe, chukkas should fit the foot securely but comfortably. However, due to the nature of the style, the ankle will hang looser than it would with Chelsea or lace-up boots.

Final Thoughts

At the very least, every guy needs a pair of Chukkas in his wardrobe. They combine elements of style, fashion, and sophistication.

But the nicest thing about chukkas is how versatile they can be, looking great with both professional and casual attire.

Chukkas are a traditional form of footwear that go well with all kinds of clothing, look fashionable, and feel comfortable.

Men get to choose from a variety of colours for these boots, with dark coloured chukkas being the most common choices.

These shoes can be constructed of leather or suede. Hopefully this article has provided you with some great style tips for your chukka boots.

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