About Us

It pays to look after yourself when you are in a big city like London. The nicest suits, haircuts, and footwear are just a few of the things that you will need to consider to make it out here or in any other major city. 

Hi, my name is Joseph Pais and I have been living in London for twelve years. I first moved out here straight after university for an internship in a top accounting firm. I had never been someone to dress up, so I started my time here wearing sweats, hoodies, and the occasional pair of jeans. 

After a few years had passed, I was getting increasingly annoyed at the fact that I wasn’t being promoted, while all of my peers around me were. Then my friend told me the secret to their success - their appearance. 

I thought it was ridiculous too - my clothing choices surely wasn’t the issue holding me back. Still, obviously something needed to change and I was desperate at this point, so I went out and bought my first suit with some dress shoes to match. 

The price was eye watering and I went home in a foul mood, convinced that I had just spent all that money on something that wasn’t going to help me in any way. 

I wore the suit into work the next day, however, and suddenly everything was different. I was talked to differently, strangers started introducing themselves to me, and I felt more confident than ever before. 

Within the next six months, I received my promotion. 

If you’re struggling with fitting in at your new high profile job, let me give you a piece of advice - change how you dress yourself. Sweats are for at home when no one can see you, and impressions influence everything. 

I want to use my website to show you how to present yourself in any major city or high profile job to ensure that you’re not being held back by your clothing choices. So, let’s get to work and get you that bit closer to success!