Are Nose Rings A Good Look For Guys – Yes Or No?

Are you considering getting a nose ring and want to know if it will suit you or not? Perhaps you have been told nose rings aren’t a good look for guys and want to know if it is true or not?

Are Nose Rings A Good Look For Guys - Yes Or No?

Maybe someone told you it’s a piercing for girls and you want to know if a guy can get his nose pierced? Whatever your question might be, we have the answer for you! 

Nose rings are a popular piercing, but one that comes with lots of questions! The most common is whether it is a good look for guys or not, and today we are going to answer the question once and for all!

So stick with us to find out today if a nose piercing looks good on guys or not! 

Do Nose Rings Look Good On Guys?

Yes! A nose piercing will look good on guys! Of course, just like with other piercings, how good the nose ring looks will depend on the guy and his style.

Nose rings work with a wide range of styles, so for most guys, a nose ring will look good on them! 

Now that we have established that, let’s move on to some of your other questions and answer them today! 

Are Nose Rings Suitable For Straight Men?

Of course! The idea that you can only wear certain jewelry as a straight man is nonsense.

The idea that there is a certain ear only straight men can have pierced or a side of their nose is completely outdated and meaningless now.

Besides, who cares? If you want to pierce your nose – do it, regardless of who you are attracted to! 

What Nose Ring Best Suits A Guy?

Finding a nose ring that suits you can be tricky, so let’s start with the piercing itself. You can choose from the following: 

  • A stud flush to one side of the nose 
  • A hoop wrapping itself around the side of a nostril 
  • A septum piercing that loops around the bridge between your nostrils (like the ring on a bull)

You might want to try a clip on one of these piercings first and see which you prefer and suits you better, before making the commitment and having the piercing.

We do have some thoughts on these piercings coming up below! 

A stud is the easiest to pull off, especially if you start with a small and discreet one. Hoops tend to be more eye-catching and obvious, but you can still keep them discreet if you wish.

You can double hoop piercings too, either with two side by side or having one on each nostril.  

Are Nose Rings A Good Look For Guys - Yes Or No?

Septum piercings are the biggest commitment of the lot, taking the longest to heal and they are certainly the most eye-catching!

These piercings can close up pretty quickly if you remove the ring though, so be sure to replace it if you take it out and don’t want the holes to close up! 

Consider carefully which style you want before going for your piercing, you don’t want to go through the pain and realize you hate how it looks. 

What’s The Best Piercing For A Guy?

If you don’t want to opt for a nose piercing, there are plenty of other piercing options you can explore. An ear-piercing is a great option for guys.

You can choose from lots of different earrings and piercings on your ear to choose from. Ear piercings are a good way to get into piercings and make them part of your style. 

Another option is an eyebrow piercing. These are a popular choice for guys and work well for those after the ‘bad boy’ style! 

Will A Nose Ring Suit Me?

Nose rings look good on most guys! But whether it suits you or not will depend on your style. As we said earlier, start with a fake piercing and see how that looks.

If you like the look, then the nose ring will suit you. Sure, there will be some people that don’t like nose rings, but if you like them, then go for it! 

There are lots of options in terms of studs and hoops that will allow you to express your style, why not experiment with it and see what works best for you! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! Nose rings do suit guys! If you are interested in a nose ring, then go for it!

You can explore different options, whether you want a stud, a hoop, or a septum piercing, there is one to suit you!

Just be sure you consider your options carefully before having a piercing and be sure to follow the after-care procedure to avoid any infections!

Joseph Pais