Bald On Top With Hair On The Sides: The Ultimate Guide

Baldness is an unfortunate fact of life for many men, so the majority of men will be familiar with the typical look of a bald head and perhaps some hair on the sides.

Bald On Top With Hair On The Sides: The Ultimate Guide

This is usually not a hairstyle that is intended, but it is somewhat of an end up on the journey to a naturally receding hairline.

While this may not be your chosen style, it can still work well and look elegant when trimmed in the right way.

In this article, we explore what baldness with some hair on the side should look like and we’ll also take a look at some variations, so you can find a style that’s right for you.

What Does Being Bald On Top With Hair On The Sides Look Like? 

With this particular hairstyle, there are two key factors that can influence what exactly this style looks like.

One is the degree of balding on the top of the man’s head, and the other is the length of hair on the sides.

While there is sometimes little you can do about the bald area, there are a few variations on the length of the side hair.

You can either let the sides grow longer, or buzz or trim them short. As a rule of thumb, this hairstyle looks best when you keep the sides short.

The contrast of being bald on top with longer hair on the sides can look very unkempt and it typically doesn’t look stylish.

In comparison, buzzing your hair short on the sides leads to a much neater look. The hairline as well as the jawline will be more defined.

While you can reasonably control the hair on the sides, there is nothing you can do about the baldness. One good thing to remember here is that baldness on top does vary from man to man.

Some men just have a mild recession around the temples, while others are completely bald. Although that can be difficult to accept, the degree of baldness on top is quite individual to every man.

This particular hairstyle with bald areas on top of the head and hair on the side is related to age, and how a man ages with his particular male pattern baldness.

It’s a natural process, and although it may not be an intended style, you can still make the most of it because in the end, you know that the majority of the male population has the same problem.

It’s worthwhile to harness the power of this style and create your own fashionable look. 

Is There A Name For Bald On Top With Hair On The Sides?

There is no official name for this exact look. Some hair stylists call this style a “horseshoe hairline” or a “U-shaped hairline”.

You sometimes also find the term “M-shaped hairline” which refers to the look when the hair around the temples only started to recede but haven’t disappeared yet.

This makes the front look slightly more peaked.

The name “horseshoe hairline” is a reference to how the hairline appears from above when the balding is already further advanced.

This happens due to hair loss around the temples as well as advanced balding on the crown. 

The hair on the sides and the back remains, and the bald hairline then merges in the middle making it look like a horseshoe from above.

As there is still some hair left on the back and the sides, it isn’t completely bald.

Haircuts For Bald Tops With Hair On The Sides

Now that you have a rough understanding of what this hairstyle looks like generally, and what it is called, let’s see how you can trim it.

The best way for a stylish look with this hairstyle is to buzz the sides shorter because longer hair on the sides does not look as neat.

As you can only work with a very limited amount of hair, there aren’t unfortunately many stylish options available, but we found three styles that work.

Induction Style Buzz Cut

No matter how far your hairline has receded and how bald you are on top, the traditional buzz cut always works.

Buzz cuts help to make the hairline less obvious, and they are one of the most popular trims for men with this hairstyle.

The buzz cut is particular effective when the hair around your temples has not receded fully. Men in this category can also consider a high fade on the sides.

The fade can really camouflage and absorb the recession around the temples making it look less obvious.

It’s worthwhile pointing out here that a fade probably is best done by a professional barber, so it might not be the best option if you are looking to trim your hair yourself.

Even if you are completely bald on top, a buzz cut down the sides will look elegant and sophisticated.

Buzzing down the sides is such a quick and easy way to add more style to your hairline. At the same time, it also makes your cheekbone and jawline look more pronounced.

One of the biggest advantages with an induction-style buzz cut is that it is so easy to maintain.

You only need a good set of clippers and that’s it. The buzz cut style requires trimming roughly every two weeks to make sure that the hair around the sides doesn’t look untidy.

But it is definitely one of the most convenient hairstyles for men.

Fully Shaved

Men’s hairstyles have changed dramatically in recent years. What was perceived as snobbish and unkempt, is now fashionable and unique.

One of the biggest trends in recent years for many men with different degrees of receding hairline is to go fully bald.

The idea of “embrace it if you cannot change it” is definitely worth considering. Removing all the hair on the sides and back can look stylish when it is done in the right way.

While being bald on top with some hair on your sides is a clear sign of aging, you can fully embrace your maturity and go bald.

More and more men like how easy it is to just shave their head fully without having to worry about their hairline. 

The fully bald style can look very fashionable and stylish but it is not always right for everyone.

Having a fully shaven head does not some confidence as it is such a bold style, so it’s a good idea to check with your trusted barber and find out what suits you and your personality.

If you decide to go for fully shaven, then you need to know that this style does require a little more maintenance than the induction buzz cut.

In order to make sure that your head looks smooth, you will need to shave at least every three days.

Even very short stubble can look very obvious, so you will need to buzz down your bald head more frequently.

The best way to shave your head is with a manual razor or an electric shaver. Typically, electric shavers are more convenient because you can also use them for a dry cut.

In comparison, a manual razor needs to be used with either shaving foam, soap, cream or gel, so you will need to lubricate the skin enough for a smooth finish.

While the electric shaver may seem easier, we found that you get much better results with a manual razor. If you are not sure, you can always try both and see what works for you.

Crew Cut

This one is only for men who started to bold on top but still have enough hair left for this style.

A crew cut is a type of buzz cut where the top hair is kept longer than the short sides. 

This may sound confusing, but if you have some hair on top left, then this can work well, also because you do not need a lot of hair on top to make this style work.

This means that this style will not work for everyone, but if you have a little bit of hair left on top, then speak to your barber about it. 

He will be able to give you a few different options, and you may find yourself surprised how much you can actually do with a receding hairline.

Useful Tips For Men Who Are Bald On Top

Useful Tips For Men Who Are Bald On Top

Besides the three different hairstyles above, there are a few other things you can do when you are bald on top.

The below tips are not just all style tips but they are also important for your health and safety.

Always Avoid Comb Overs

We fully understand that it is so tempting to make use of any hair you have to cover up any balding spots on top but you should never use comb overs.

Comb overs make your bald areas look more prominent, and many hair experts clearly state that comb overs are the wrong approach to handle balding.

There is unfortunately nothing you can do about a receding hairline, and it is simply part of every man’s natural aging process.

Covering your baldness is not just going against your own nature, but it also strikes against any modern trend with hairstyles.

Bald is king! And balding of any degree has become not just acceptable in our society, but also a fashion statement.

Our hair is often an overlooked expression of ourselves, and it does show in our hair, if we are not self-confident or if we actually embrace baldness.

As you cannot reverse or stop the balding, it’s best to embrace it with style, grace and confidence.

Use Styling Products

The market is awash with styling products for men, and there is no shame in using some of these products to give the skin on your head a real treat.

Even a small amount of wax or gel can flatten any stray hair, and they can finish off your look.

Speak to your barber about what products you could use and how to apply them.

Protect Your Head Against The Weather

This is something we often forget about, especially when you still have some hair. 

There is a lot of heat escaping from the top of your head, and if you do not have any hair, then you can quickly feel cold during the chilly winter months.

Make sure that you wear a warm hat in the cooler months.

On the other hand, you also need to protect the skin on your head more when it’s sunny and hot outside.

Hair loss keeps your scalp exposed to the rays of the sun, and you will need to use some sunscreen to protect your skin.

Monitor Growth At The Back

This is something that comes quite natural to almost all of us, especially for men whose hair already started receding.

Make sure that you keep track of the receding hairline all around your head, from the front, sides and the back.

You’ll likely not want to grow your hair long in the back as this can lead to an untidy appearance.

Can You Have Long Hair On The Sides While Being Bald On Top?

The simple answer here is Yes. You can have longer hair on the sides if you are bald on the top.

However, this isn’t usually what most barbers would recommend as it can look very unkempt.

Saying this, some men can make this particular style work for them. It has to be done in the right way though.

If you are considering this option, then it’s a good idea to check in with your trusted barber and see what would work best for you.

Final Thoughts

Being bald on top with hair on the sides does not have to mean the end of hairstyling for men.

In fact, it is a new opportunity to embrace their maturity and grace. When done in the right way, this style can give you a sense of elegance and self-confidence.

Joseph Pais