Black Suit Combos – What Shirts And Ties Look Best?

A well-tailored black suit is the epitome of a classic look for men since it exudes an aura of refined elegance and serves as a prime illustration of a timeless style.

Black Suit Combos - What Shirts And Ties Look Best?

Black is a timeless shade that never goes out of fashion and looks great on people with all different types of hair and complexions. Additionally, it has a slimming impact, on those who are interested in that sort of thing.

Would you like to stand out from the crowd in the sea of beige suits that it appears everyone else is wearing at the moment? Then a black suit is for you. 

While a classic black suit may seem like an easy look to pull off, there are a surprising number of things that you have to think about when putting together this outfit.  

Mastering the skill of wearing a black suit with the appropriate shirt and tie combinations is the key to achieving a polished and put-together style. 

Here is everything that you need to know about the black suit, including what color tie to match your shirts, and the various fits that you can get your suit in. 

The Basic Look

Black suits, which are a hallmark of formal attire, may be worn for a range of other events, provided that they are paired with the right shirt and tie.

The black suit is not a color, but rather the absence of color. Because of this, you may have heard that black goes with everything, but is this true? 

Black may be thought of as the absence of any other color, which is one way to think about it. Given this information, we may conclude that the color black looks good with anything.

Having said that, there are some typical “rules” or color combinations that you should follow to look your best in a black suit. The fit is also vital to think about. 

Certain men are simply not capable of pulling off the elegant and streamlined impression that may be provided by a black suit with a narrow cut and a close fit. It is here that the color of your shirt and tie is vital to think about.

The obvious option is a white shirt. On some individuals, though, shirts in colors such as pink, blue, or even black could look amazing.

The standard footwear choice, which is black Oxfords, can easily be replaced with monk straps or Derby shoes, all of which are also acceptable options.

The Suit And Your Look

If you have a fair complexion and light hair, you should wear warm colors with your black suit. Some examples of these colors include light pink, pale blue, and light mint green.

If you wear a black suit with too many dark accents, such as a dark shirt, it will make your skin look paler and more washed out than it is.

If you decide to go with the baby pink color scheme, you should wear a suit that has been made to fit you as precisely as possible. Otherwise, the suit could end up looking very dated. 

Men with darker skin tones have a better chance of pulling off a black suit if they wear it with a white shirt or a shirt in a more daring color, such as a dazzling blue or yellow.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you stay away from excessively garish colors, and you should in no way select anything glittery.

Your Tie Must Complement Your Suit

When wearing darker suits, the proper option to pick is a dark tie. Because they are so striking, vibrant colors might give the impression that the space is disorganized, and will leave you looking a bit of a mess. 

Additionally, if you want to add some color to your appearance in addition to some elegance, you may select a tie with a pattern that has a dark backdrop. 

Be on the lookout for neckties that include elaborate prints and patterns, such as striped, checkered, or polka dot designs.

When selecting a pattern for the tie, it is important to make sure that the scale of the pattern on the shirt is taken into consideration.

For instance, if your tie has bold stripes, you should wear a shirt that is either solid colored or has only a very modest design on it. This will help to create a balanced and well-put-together look.

The color of the tie should be at least a few shades deeper than the color of your shirt, as a general rule. To complement a shirt in a lighter shade of blue, opt for a tie in a darker shade of blues such as cobalt or navy.

Pair a shirt in a lighter shade of grey with a tie in a darker shade of the same color and wear them together.

Black Suit Combos - What Shirts And Ties Look Best?

The Fit

Black suits are one of the staples of men’s fashion, especially when it comes to formal attire. While the color of your shirt and tie are important in completing the look, you also need to think about the general fit of the suit. 

It is not sufficient to just have the “correct” appearance; rather, you need to focus on identifying both your style and how to match this to the event that you will be attending to find the best way to present yourself.

The fit of the suit can have a huge impact on how it looks on you and can make or break an outfit. Here are the two standard fits for suits. 

Classic Fit Suit

Suits that have a traditional cut convey elegance while also providing a high level of comfort. Because of their adaptability, black ones, in particular, are perfect for usage in various scenarios.

In addition to this, you won’t have a hard time tracking them down and integrating them into your clothing system.

According to some research, wearing a black suit with a traditional cut, people would see you as more knowledgeable. As a consequence of this, they are employed most often in commercial settings as well as at various other forms of formal gatherings.

Slim-Fit Suits

Slim-fit suits can make you look and feel polished, powerful, and bold. If you have a lean and athletic physique and are somewhat slender, this is the cut that will look best on you.

Wearing a black slim-fit suit is likely to have the effect of making a person feel more confident about themselves in general.

As a direct result of this, they have become the most preferred choice for going on dates, holding business meetings, and attending show-off events.

Black Suit With A White Shirt – Tie Color Combos 

When worn together, a black suit and a white shirt are a look is versatile enough to work in pretty much any environment or situation. Make use of it at your place of employment, at a wedding, or even when you go out to dinner.

While it is very hard to get a black suit and white shirt combo wrong, the tie you wear with it can potentially cause the whole look to fall apart. 

The monochrome style that you’ve established with black and white can be either enlivened or provided with a more modest accent depending on the color of the necktie that you choose to wear.

You always have the choice to dress up your outfit even more by adding a bow tie as well.

Here is how well various tie colors go with this suit option. 

Red Ties

When accessorized with a red tie, a black suit and white shirt will always seem to have a more stunning appearance. Choose matte or woolen ties for an outfit rather than sparkly ones, which might give the impression that the clothing is outdated.

As a general rule, a darker tie should be used for more formal events, and to complete the image, black patent leather shoes should be worn with the outfit.

You might want to give this elegant getup some thought for your wedding, as well as for formal meals and important business meetings.

Reds with brighter overtones are ideal to wear to less formal occasions. For everyday use, brogues or loafers made of black suede are excellent footwear options.

Gray Ties

When paired with a white button-down shirt, the shades of gray in your tie can range from very dark to almost silver without seeming out of place.

Remember that the size of the tie should match the proportions of the lapel, and to reiterate, you should avoid textiles that have a shimmering effect.

This outfit calls for a pair of black Chelsea boots or semi-brogue Oxfords.

Black Ties

It is generally agreed that the ultimate in men’s attire consists of a classic black suit, a white shirt, and a black-tie. This look has stood the test of time.

When it comes to putting together an ensemble that is appropriate for weddings as well as funerals, the texture has the biggest impact on the overall look. 

Ties made of wool, cashmere, or tweed will soften the look and are appropriate to wear in the winter, while ties made of silk are considered to be in the most serious formal category of neckwear options.

Choose a pair of black patent leather loafers or black Chelsea boots with a suede top to round off the appearance.

Black Suit Combos - What Shirts And Ties Look Best?

Navy/Blue Ties

While it used to be a fashion crime to wear black and blues together, these days are over and you have a lot more freedom to wear some shades of blue with your black suit. 

Since black and white are regarded as “non-colors,” you are allowed to combine them with nearly any shade of blue due to their adaptability. 

Navy and other darker tones of blue are considered to be the most elegant hues to wear on formal occasions. Utilizing lighter blues or even powder blue as part of the design might perhaps offer a beautiful and even amusing element to the overall look.

Choose ties that are crafted from silk or cashmere, and go with patent black leather shoes that have a shiny finish.

Brown Ties

You may show off your sartorial ability by wearing a brown tie with a black suit, which is a combination that is both classy and daring at the same time. This is a winning combo. 

Silk ties, whether they have a matte or shimmery finish, look stunning with these outfits.

When it comes to shoes, you can never go wrong with a pair of black patent Oxfords or a pair of leather loafers in a dark brown color. Both of these options are classic and will never go out of style.

When wearing a shirt with a suit that is black, the best option is to choose a shirt with a single shade of pink. Your choice of a tie will profit tremendously from the existence of this strong foundation.

Black Suit With A Pink Shirt – Tie Color Combos 

Not only is a pink shirt appealing, but it is also surprisingly easy to wear in a way that looks well on you. For instance, a light-pink button-down Oxford shirt has an air of sophistication about it without coming off as stuffy.

When you need something for a more formal occasion, it is also a fine idea to go with this option because it is appropriate for such an occasion.

Ties may be purchased in a variety of colors, some of which include red, pink, and purple.

Aim for cuts and materials that are more suited for younger individuals to prevent seeming to be too elderly for the occasion. For an afternoon wedding or a day spent at the races, a black suit with a pink shirt makes for an excellent combo. 

Pink and red are opposite each other on the color wheel, so if you want to create contrast, choose a shade of red that is both brilliant and dark.

Pink and red are both warm hues. The ensemble is brought together with ties constructed of silk and cotton. 

Select a pair of leather shoes or black ankle boots to wear to more informal gatherings, and keep your dress shoes for more formal events.

Navy Ties

This color tie works best, especially when worn with a pink tee as the base layer. This wonderful combination lends a touch of sophistication and a subtle undercurrent of elegance.

Since ties in navy naturally complement patterns such as stripes and dots, a dotted or striped tie with a navy background pink stripes would be a good choice. Additionally, foulard ties that have pieces of pink woven into them are an excellent choice.

Pink Ties

To break up your look, you need to use contrasting colors, but just because you are wearing a pink shirt doesn’t mean that you can’t also wear a pink tie. 

It is a fashion faux pas for both your shirt and tie to have the same shade of pink since you are trying to look professional. Consider instead pairing a light pink shirt with a bright pink tie, or vice versa.

Adding contrast via the use of texture may also be useful, and donning a woolen neckwear item can add some whimsy to an ensemble.

When it comes to footwear, nearly everything goes. There are no rules. Just make sure that they maintain their black color.

Purple Ties

The color purple spans a diverse spectrum of tones, including magenta, mulberry, plum, violet, and everything in between. 

Therefore, even though it is still quite close to pink on the color wheel, a shade of purple gives a lot more design choices than pink does.

Silk is most likely the fabric that will appear and feel the most suitable when worn with the color purple. This is because purple is traditionally associated with royalty.

For footwear, a pair of classic Oxfords, Cheltenham brogues, or patent leather penny loafers will look fantastic when paired with the color combination of black, pink, and purple.

Black Suit Combos - What Shirts And Ties Look Best?

Black Suit With A Blue Shirt – Tie Color Combos 

It is not often recommended to pair black and blue together, but it is not impossible to do so as long as certain standards are followed. Because of this, the shirt that you select needs to be a very light blue, one that is nearly the color of white.

This shade is appropriate for everyone and flattering on a broad variety of complexion tones. It is a tone that does not stand out and is one that may be considered quite neutral.

Do not combine a dark suit, which in this case would be black, with a dark shirt by wearing one over the other. Your overall appearance will be improved if you incorporate some contrast into it.

As a result, a shirt with a darker hue would be inappropriate to wear. 

For instance, if you have a meeting on a Monday morning in the boardroom, the suitable attire for you to wear is a black suit, a light blue shirt, and a dark tie.

Although it is not excessively formal, it does have a feeling of dressiness, which many people find appealing.

Make sure that the suit is expertly tailored and fits you like a glove to achieve a level of sophistication. 

Black Ties

The classic look of a black suit, white shirt, and black tie will never go out of style. However, if you aren’t careful, you can end up looking a little bit like a waiter if you wear this combination of clothes.

That is why a light blue shirt with a black tie is a good alternative 

It is recommended that you utilize an item such as a pocket square with contrasting colors to bring the whole look together and to look a bit less like a waiter.

Blue Ties

Once again, it is fine to wear a tie that is on the same color spectrum as your shirt, so long as you are still able to create contrast in the look.

To get started, choose a shirt in a hue between baby blue and sky blue. A tie should be either royal or cobalt blue, and it should have a pattern or stripe that is powder blue and black.

This patterning works wonderfully for daywear, whether you’re heading to the office or just going about your day somewhere else.

Red Ties

This kind of outfit has a mix of pieces that can give you a very dashing appearance. The combination of a dark red narrow tie, a light blue shirt, and a black suit produces a striking appearance.

The Right Shoes

Always make sure to round off the outfit with a pair of black dress shoes while you’re sporting a black suit. Typically, regardless of the color of the shirt, the most appropriate shoes to wear with a black suit are black shoes.

While there are many forms of dress shoes out there, Oxfords are the ones that are recommended the most. They are the most suitable option for formal events and compliment the majority of dress codes in which the color black is mandated to be worn.

Because Oxfords made of patent leather reflect the highest degree of elegance and formality, it is permissible to wear them to events that require attendees to dress formally.

If you don’t have Oxfords, a pair of black derby shoes would be the next best alternative after that. They complete the ensemble in a way that is suited for higher-end professional settings and bring the look together well.

If you want to make your appearance less stuffy while still wearing black shoes but still want to retain the color scheme, monk straps, loafers, or brogues are all excellent alternatives to consider. 

Brown shoes may also be worn with a black suit without seeming out of place. This is especially the case if the ties that are worn with them are a dark brown or another color with a strong hue.

The rest of your clothes must suit your choice of brown shoes. You can do this by wearing a belt in a shade of brown that is similar to the shoe color. 


While a black suit may seem a bit boring and stuffy, this traditional outfit will never go out of style.

You can also dress it up to match your personality better by choosing the right color combinations that not only allow you to express yourself but also make the outfit as a whole more eye-catching (so long as you don’t go overboard). 

Always keep an eye out for a high-quality black suit, and if you can, get one that has a tailored silhouette and complementary colors that aren’t too overwhelming for you to deal with.

Stay away from the urge to mix an excessive amount of color with the black and instead concentrate on keeping things as simple as you possibly can.

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