Chain Necklaces For Men – A Guide

Men’s jewelry is a hot topic right now, with the simple chain becoming one of the most popular accessories out there. Any guy may put on a chain necklace since it is a plain and versatile piece of jewelry that comes in a variety of styles.

Chain Necklaces For Men - A Guide

When the event calls for something less fancy than a formal watch, you have more room to experiment with striking pieces and pendants.

If you go to a more formal event, then you can still wear chains, they just have to be a bit more understated and subtle. 

When it comes to picking the right size of chain though, things get a little bit complicated. 

If you are new to the jewelry world, then you may not know that chains come in many different lengths (You might want to check out What’s The Difference Between A Diamond Cut And A Regular Cut Chain?  here). You need to think about how the size of your chain can impact the overall look. 

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about chain necklaces and how to style them, including how to select the perfect length of chain for you. 

How Long Is The Standard Chain?

The usual lengths of a chain necklace for men begin at 18 inches and rise by two inches it reaches a maximum length of 36 inches. The length of a chain necklace for a woman begins at 16 inches.

You won’t have to worry too much about the length of your item needing to be altered as there is such a large selection of standard lengths from which to choose.

No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find the perfect chain for you.

What Is The Ideal Chain Length For You?

The typical length of a man’s chain is twenty inches, and it typically falls to the area just below the collar bone. This is the area where chains often feel the most comfortable and natural to wear.  

Whether you are wearing a v-neck or a crew-neck shirt, the chain will not be covered by the collar or shirt material.

If you are wearing a button-up shirt over a collared shirt, the chain will almost certainly fall between the first and second buttons on your shirt.

When choosing a length for yourself, you must consider not only your height but also your body form and the diameter of your neck. 

What’s The Best Length For My Height And Body Type?

The chain length that flatters your figure the most will change depending on both your body type and your height.

The standard necklace that is twenty inches in length is the finest choice for the majority of men. However, if you are around 5 feet and 4 inches tall and believe that it makes you appear heavier than you are, you should select an 18-inch chain. 

Depending on your choice, the chain may hang anywhere from immediately below your Adam’s apple down to the very bottom of your neck towards your chest area. 

If you have a broad build, particularly in the region around your neck, you might need to go for a chain that is 22 inches long for it to rest on your collar bone. 

When it comes to necklaces, most that are 24 inches or longer tend to fall too low down onto men’s chests. If you have a longer torso, the chain will occupy less space on your body. 

Chain Necklaces For Men - A Guide

Does The Length Matter If I’m Adding A Pendant?

If you want to add a pendant or other feature to the chain, then you can do so without altering the length of the chain. It does not make a difference how long the chain is. 

What does matter here is the thickness of the chain. For a chain to support the pendant and to ensure that the pendant does not move about on the chain, the length of the piece should be between 20 and 24 inches.

22 Inches – Is It Too Much? 

No, a chain with a length of 22 inches is not noticeably longer than one with a length of 20 inches on average. Chains of this length have a more laid-back vibe to them while still providing some breathing room. 

However, if you want a more accurate answer, you will have to consider your body type, height, and the length of your torso, in addition to the area of your body where you want the bottom of the chain to be sitting when you wear it. 

If you want your necklace to be a more understated component of your look, you can choose to wear it tucked into your shirt. And when you get more confident, wearing it over your shirt looks very good.

Either way works fine. A necklace that is 22 inches long will often hang a few inches below the collarbone.

Will The Thickness Change The Length Of The Chain?

When it comes to the appropriate length of chain necklaces for men, the general rule of thumb is that the thinner the chain will be, the shorter the chain should be.

The reverse is also true. The thicker the chain, the longer it should become. 

Having said that, you could wear a chain that was eight millimeters thick and eighteen inches long if you wanted to. You might also wear a chain that is 26 inches long and has a thickness of 2 millimeters.

But in terms of what is most commonly accessible, thicker chains are often found in lengths that are on the somewhat longer side (at least 24 inches), whereas thinner chains can be found in lengths that are between 18 and 20 inches in length.

You need to think about your body type when choosing the thickness of your chain. Leaner men suit thinner chains better, think something in the range of 1-4mm.

Broader men on the other hand suit thicker chains much more than these thinner ones. 

Is It Ok To Wear Different Length Chains At Once? 

Yes, men can get the trendy layered look by putting on more than one chain, and there is a vast range of alternative ways in which these chains may be worn together. 

You may, for instance, wear a chain that is shorter and thinner but comes with a pendant, a chain that is of a medium length but does not have a pendant, and then add a chain that is longer and thicker but also comes with a pendant.

You are welcome to try out a variety of different styles and variations until you get the layered effect that you like. Just make sure that it accentuates the best parts of your shape and fits in perfectly with your unique sense of style.


Chains for men can be styled in a variety of ways, which is one of the reasons why they have become such a popular fashion statement in the last few years. 

If you want to buy a chain of your own, you need to consider your body type and height when choosing the best length for you. The thickness will also depend on these factors.

The standard length of the chain is typically around 20 inches, but you can find some as short as 18 inches, and as long as 32 inches as well. 

Joseph Pais