Curly Hair For Men – How To Master The Male Perm

Have you noticed that perms are coming back? Once upon a time, (or in the 70s and 80s!) perms were the hottest hairstyle, for men and women.

Now, they have slowly started to creep back into fashion. You will see a lot of young men rocking their perms in the US and the UK.

They’re pretty easy to do, and even easier to maintain, hence why a lot of men are getting them.

Curly Hair For Men - How To Master The Male Perm?

There are many styles to choose from, whether it is short and tight curls, or something longer and more alternative. 

In this article, we are going to be talking about male perms, and telling you how to master them.

They are super popular, and if you think it might be the new look for you, you should carry on reading. Let’s get started. 

What Is A Perm? 

A perm refers to a permanent wave, which is a hairstyle consisting of small curls that are set into the hair.

This is done by a chemical process, altering the hair’s natural texture, permanently.

This can be reversed with a restyle, but when you get a perm, it is a permanent style that will last for months and months. 

How Long Do Perms Last? 

A perm will last you somewhere between 2 months and a year, but it is most likely to last you just under a year if you care for it correctly.

This completely depends on the kind of perm you have, the type of hair you have, how fast your hair grows, and the routine of hair care that you follow. There are many ways to look after a perm, and we will go through some of them later on in the article. 

How To Style Curly Hair

Now, before we get into the perm side of things, how should you style your hair if you are a man with naturally curly hair? Well, the answer is quite simple. We are going to give you a step-by-step. 

To style naturally curly hair, you will need sea salt spray, and a mousse or serum that enhances curls.

If you look online or in stores, it is most likely that you will find a section for people with curls and curl products. 

This is super important, because you should be using products that compliment your curls and help them thrive, rather than dry them out and make them suffer. 

One of the best ways to maintain natural and loose curls is to keep your hair frizz-free and hydrated.

It requires a lot of moisture, because naturally curly hair tends to be a lot more dry. Keep up with a regular routine and follow these tips. 

Firstly, try to avoid washing your curly hair every day, as this will dry it out. Shampoos do a great job of stripping away the dirt, but also the natural oils in your hair.

When you wash your hair every day, the hair will be continuously dry, and it may overproduce oils, too. Stick to washing it 3-4 times a week. 

Also, when you wash your hair, always let it dry naturally. As a person with curly hair, you do not want to towel dry the hair, because it will cause breakages and even more dryness.

When you get out of the shower, simply squeeze your hair lightly with a towel, and let it dry. 

When your hair is still wet, make sure to add some sea salt to your hair. This will give your hair natural volume and texture, and you can use your finger to tousle and rough up your hair.

Also, add some curl enhancing products or serum to your hair, because it will treat the curls, as well as give the hair a nice shine and hold all day long. 

How To Style Wavier Hair

Wavy or textured hair is one of the most versatile hairstyles to treat and look after. If you already have this hair type, it is easy to maintain, and it is easy to get a perm when you have this hair type.

But, how do you look after this kind of hair? Again, you will need the same product, which is sea salt spray.

You will also probably need a blow-dryer and heat protection spray. 

Wash your hair, and use shampoo and conditioner. After you have washed it, make sure to dry it gently with a towel. Then, add some head protecting spray. 

Grab some salt spray, and spray it all over your wavy hair. Use your fingers to rub it through, and then grab your blow-dryer. 

Dry your hair, distributing the heat evenly across your head. As you are doing this, make sure to work your fingers through your hair, and try to scrunch it up in your hand slightly.

This will give it a wavier look. Although this will never be as curly as having a perm, you will achieve a nice, textured, and wavy look.

How To Master The Male Perm

So, now you know what a perm is, how on earth do you master one and take care of one? Well, this is where we come in. Let’s look at some top tips and advice to master and maintain your perm. 

Let’s look at some top male perm styles first. 

Perm With A Fringe

This perm style is probably one of the most popular, and it is very simple and effective.

This perm is designed for men who have more hair on the top of their head, and a fringe that comes down into their face.

If the sides are short, the top will look thicker and fuller, leaving a really nice perm with loose curls.

The curls should fall just above your eyebrows, and this will create a neat and timeless look.

Caesar Perm

The Caesar perm often refers to a curly version of the short back and short sides haircut.

The perm is supposed to be on top of the head, so there needs to be a large amount of hair on top of the head.

This is a great hairstyle if you want something that is striking, but easy to look after and maintain. 

Fade Perm

This is just as popular as a perm with a fringe, and this is perfect when you have long hair on top, as well.

The fade that you get short is quite close to the head, and it should almost appear as short as a buzz cut. It is easy to maintain, and it looks smart and neat. 

Can You Do A Perm Yourself? 

Can You Do A Perm Yourself? 

You can do a perm for yourself, but it is probably a better idea to get it done professionally.

This is because there are chemicals involved, so you might be better off with a professional who knows what they are doing. 

You can buy male perm kits to do at home, and they should contain everything that you will need to get the perm curls.

Most of them do not come with the rods, so you may need to source these from somewhere else.

A lot of kits on Amazon are pretty good for rods, and you can choose what size you might need very easily.

There are options for bigger and looser curls, as well as tighter and smaller curls. 

Perm kits typically contain a chemical perming solution, a neutralizing solution, a conditioner, gloves, and some endpapers. 

Let’s look at how to do a perm at home. 

  1. Firstly, you should wash your hair before you start on your perm. However, never use conditioner because you do a perm, because this will interfere with the solution. Always make sure you check the instructions on your kit, because this may vary depending on the type of perm kit that you have. 
  1. Wrap your hair around the rollers. Do this by taking small sections and putting the endpaper against the inside of the section of your hair. This will make sure that the permed piece of hair will be smooth and neat. Wrap up all parts of your hair with this. This should not take too long if you have typically short hair as a man. 
  1. Apply the perm solution to your hair, making sure all the rolls are completely saturated in the solution. You could wrap cotton rolls in the hair, as this would make sure that none of the solution would get on your skin. 
  1. Wait for the solution to work, and this could take anywhere from 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Wait for the curls to set, and always make sure to read on the label, as you do not want to leave it for longer than you have to. 
  1. After the solution is finished perming your hair, rinse it out in the shower. Do this until the water runs clear and there is no smell of the perming solution. Pat it dry with a towel, but do not be too rough. 
  1. After you have done this, apply the neutralizing solution to your hair. This will lock the curls in, and help them stay after your hair has dried. 
  1. Once the neutralizer has sat in your hair for around five minutes, rinse it out again, and dry your hair. 
  1. Remove the rollers that are holding in the curls, and apply some more of the neutralizing solution. Let this sit for a further two minutes, and then rinse out thoroughly. 
  1. Once you have removed everything, dry your hair naturally, or with a medium-heat blow-dryer. Try not to shampoo your hair for a few days afterwards, because this may wash out the curls. 

After you have done all of these steps, you are ready to show off your new curls! This is the best way to master the perm, as you will know how to do it again and again. 

How To Care For Your Perm

So, we all know that styling and maintaining your hair when you have a perm is pretty easy and low maintenance.

Getting the perm is not low maintenance, but it is pretty easy to master how to care for it. Straight after getting your new perm, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. 

  • Firstly, wait two to three days before washing your hair for the first time. This will mean that the perm will stay put, and will not be ruined by washing the hair too early. 
  • Additionally, avoid getting into any kind of chlorinated water for at least a week. The chlorine may react with the perm and the chemicals that were used when doing it. Chlorine may strip away the curls, and there is nothing worse than this, especially when you have just had it done. 
  • Also, do not brush your hair for at least 24 hours, as this also holds a risk of pulling out the curls. You do not want to brush the curls out as soon as you have made them. 
  • Definitely do not use any kinds of heating devices on your hair for 48 hours, including a blow-dryer. This will possibly damage or burn the hair, especially after it has been dried out by the perming solution. 
  • Finally, do not use any color products in your hair for at least four days. This is a given, but remember this one. 

How To Maintain Your Perm

To care for your perm in general, it’s pretty low maintenance. Let’s see how we can care for the perm and make it last longer. 

  • Do not use any shampoos that are designed for oily hair or balding hair, as this can interfere and strip away the perm. 
  • Use styling products and take care of your hair. A big reason for getting a perm is for texture and volume, not always curls. Continue to use your styling products, because this will enhance your curls, and you want to use them whilst they are still there. Clay and wax are good ideas, and they can help maintain the hold and style of the hair. 
  • Use a blow-dryer. The blow-dryer should not be used straight after getting a perm, because it could damage it. Wait a few days, and you will see great results. You can control how curly you want the perm when you use the dryer. This will also help style it each day. 
  • Regular trimming is also the key to maintaining a perm for as long as you can. Your perm is likely to start growing out within three weeks, so get it trimmed slightly so that the new hair can remain curly, too. 
  • Prepare your next perm. A perm will last around 2-3 months, and you should rebook your next perming session, or prepare to buy the kit to do it yourself. 

Generally, take good care of your perm by washing your hair, and being gentle with the curls. They’re not too difficult to maintain, but they always look very clean and neat. Try to sleep on a satin pillowcase, because this will allow the hair to breathe on the pillow, as the hair will be able to move around more. 

How Is A Perm Professionally Done? 

Perms are done in a very similar way in a salon as they are at home. This is great, and quite relieving, because you now know how to do it yourself. 

The stylist will start by washing your hair, and keeping it damp. They will then wrap the hair in rods, and put the perm solution directly on top.

The solution will sit, and this may differ if they are using salon products.

The solution is rinsed, and then a neutralizing lotion is sometimes used, but not all the time at a salon.

This is because their perm solution may already contain this, and it may be a stronger solution, meaning the perm will last longer. 

Do Perms Work On All Hair Textures? 

Perms can work on all different hair types, from straight to wavy. If you perm high-textured hair, it will create more of a permanent and tight perm, and this sometimes requires ammonia to make it stay.

The chemical works to remove the natural curl or wave in the hair, and then rinsing it away. Then, perm rods or rollers are added to the hair, as well as a waving or reshaping solution. This is then held in place by the neutralizing solution, and rinsed off. 

How Much Does A Perm Cost? 

The price of a perm for men will range somewhere between $50, and $150. These prices are quite different, but it will depend on where you get it down, the experience of your stylist, and how long it takes.

If other things need doing to your hair (such as a haircut), this will also come into this price point. 

Final Thoughts

Perms are becoming more and more popular for men, and they look impressive and neat.

They are super easy to maintain, and surprisingly easy to do at home. We hope you enjoyed our article, and gained some great tips to master your perm.

Joseph Pais