How Should Suits For Big Men Fit? Tips For The Best Look

Suits for men come in all shapes and sizes. But although the selection for bigger men has become more varied in the last few years, there is still limited choice when it comes to well-fitted suits for men who do not fit the standard size.

This means that the wearer needs to follow a few basic rules to ensure that his suit creates the best possible look.

How Should Suits For Big Men Fit? Tips For The Best Look

When wearing a suit, it is all about the distinct shape of the body, and the suit should fit your body shape, whether you have broad shoulders or a round belly.

But the best suit does not just make you look good. It should also feel comfortable and flexible enough so you can move easily.

We put together some essential suit rules of dressing for tall and big men.

Wear A Well-Fitted Suit

When it comes to wearing a suit, no matter what size, you need to ensure that you wear a suit that fits well and sits comfortably with your body shape.

Make sure that you avoid clothes that are too baggy or too large, as they will naturally make you look big and bulky.

Ensure that the shape and outline of your body when wearing the suit is neat and well-defined.

As men with a bigger body size do much have more of a presence, a sloppy outline can quickly make you look badly dressed.

You should ensure that your jacket fits your shoulder area well. The seams should be exactly where your sleeves begin.

In addition, both sides of the jacket should meet seamlessly in the middle.

Do Not Wear Ready-Made Suits

Although ready-to-wear suits may seem a quick and easy solution, they typically do not fit every body shape.

The only way to ensure that your suits fits you well is by buying a custom-tailored or bespoke suit.

While these suits are not cheap, a good tailor who knows his trade is guaranteed to take your exact measurements and create a suit that fits your body type.

If your budget does not allow for a custom-made suit, then the next best alternative is a made-to-measure suit.

These suits are also individually made but tailors use pre-existing patterns to create these suits.

For most bigger men, a made-to-measure suit will fit perfectly fine.

However, if your body shape has some uncommon proportions or unique features, then we would recommend a suit that has been custom-made to your exact measurements.

If you are taller than 6’2”, then make sure that you choose a long suit. Typically, a longer version suit is labelled with an “L” next to the standard letter which indicates the suit size.

Choose A Suit With A Classic Cut

The best suit cut for a big man is a classic trim which creates a more traditional outline.

In comparison, a slim fit suit would be too tight and fitting, while a classic cut suit allows the wearer much more freedom in movement.

How Should Suits For Big Men Fit

A standard cut suit has much wider cuts across the chest area and the waist. This makes this type of suit much more comfortable for bigger men.

In addition, this style can also be easily adjusted by a tailor.

As a visual distraction from a larger shape, most suits for bigger men have a notch lapel on the suit jacket.

These suits also have vents on both sides inside the jacket. This creates a much sleeker look, and it is one of the standard feature of a classic fit suit.

We would also recommend to choose a two-button suit. The minimal button design will make you look slimmer.

Pick Solid And Dark Colors

When it comes to suits that need to fit a big man, one of the basic rules is to keep it simple. A suit with dark, solid colors is the best option for big men.

Try to avoid any patterns, graphics or large stripes that could visually make you look bigger.

Colors such as charcoal, navy or black are ideal choices for suits for bigger men.

You can also use this type of suit with a range of different colored shorts, but preferably a lighter color, such as pale pink, blue or white.

Also try to match your tie with the suit and shirt. Again, it’s best to choose a simple tie with no stripes or busy patterns.

It’s best to choose neckties that are the right size, as smaller ties will look out of proportion. A medium-sized tie knot will ensure that your should area won’t appear too wide.

Wear A Light-Weight Suit

Heavy fabrics do not only weigh heavy on your skin, but they also make you look bulkier. That’s why, big men should avoid any heavy-weight clothes, such as thick suits.

In addition, heavy suits also retain heat a lot better which means that you will run the risk of sweating a lot more.

A light suit that is well fitted to your unique shape will not change your body shape but it will make your body look proportional.

If you want to wear additional layers in winter, then it is best to go for a longer overcoat as this creates a much more coherent look.

Single-Breasted Suits Are Best For Big Men

Most big men also have broader shoulders which means that the best suit for them is a classic single-breasted suit with lower buttons.

These suits level the appearance of the shoulders making your body look more balanced.

The best type of dress shirt to wear with a single-breasted suit is a shirt with a standard collar. You can also use a shirt with an elongated collar which will visually stretch the proportions of your face.

Avoid Suits With Large Stripes

Stripes in suits are a double-edged sword. Vertical stripes can add height to your overall look but if you are already relatively tall, then this will just stretch your look too much.

As a rule of thumb, smaller vertical stripes are recommended for most big men but it’s important to ensure that the stripes aren’t too large as they could make you look bulkier.

The best stripes for larger size suits are herringbone prints or pinstripes. If you do not want a suit with a solid color, then opt for vertical stripes that do not sit too close together.

But the solid color rule still applies. It’s best to choose a black, dark gray or navy blue to create a minimal look that suits your body shape.

The Right Grooming For A Finished Look

The right grooming style is essential to create the best possible look for big men in suits.

You should make sure that your facial hair is well-groomed. This gives a neat and clean appearance which matches the sleek look of your suit.

Big men wearing a suit should opt for trimmed beards that create a visually sharp chin. In comparison, broad whiskers will make your head look more square.

The exact trim and grooming style will depend on the shape of your face.

Final Thoughts

It’s not too difficult to dress in a suit even if your body shape is more unusual. Take advantage and show off your greater personality with a well-fitted suit.

Joseph Pais