How Should You Wear Dr Martens? – Men’s Outfit & Style Tips

Dr Martens are some of the most popular shoes in the UK, and they can be found on pretty much every young person walking down the street.

The shoes are pretty expensive, but they are branching out with their styles, meaning you can now get sandal style Dr Martens, as well as the classic boots.

How Should You Wear Dr Martens? - Men's Outfit & Style Tips

The boots have been popular since the 1980s, and they are incredibly versatile, and known for being almost indestructible. 

Dr Martens are just as popular for men as they are for women, but their styles tend to be slightly more formal.

You can style Dr Martens to have a relaxed and informal style, but also a gritty and cool style.

In this article, we are going to be going through some of the best ways to wear Dr Martens as a man, and how to style it. 

What Are Dr Martens? 

Dr Martens are a type of British footwear, and their headquarters is based in Northamptonshire.

They are best known for their boots and shoes, but they also make bags, clothes, shoe care, and accessories. The shoes are super popular across the UK, as well as parts of Europe. 

History of Dr Martens

Dr Martens have been popular since the 1980s, but they’ve been around since the 1940s.

They had a part in changing the fashion culture of the UK, and their combat 1460 boots were just as popular in the 1980s as they are today.

The shoes were minimal, formal, but fashionable, and people really loved that. In the 1970s, Dr Martens was a popular brand in the rock scene, as well as the biker scene.

This gave the brand an edge, and they were always seen as a pretty cool and gritty pair of shoes. In the 2000s, the shoe was given a small makeover, with prestigious fashion designers working on the classic pair of boots.

When they started to sell the shoes outside the UK in the 90s, they became immensely popular, and they are now known for being some of the most popular boots in the world. 

How Are Dr Martens Made?

Dr Martens are renowned for being some of the most reliable and sturdy shoes in the country, and every fashionista has a pair. They are expensive, and they will give you blisters at first.

However, after a few weeks, they will be the comfiest shoes you’ve ever worn, and if you look after them well, they could last a lifetime. Let’s see how they are made. 

Firstly, the production of one of their trademark boots starts with a simple PVC sole. Dr Martens uses a casting mould machine, with liquid PVC being injected into the mould. This is then clamped, and let to melt and bind together. 

Next, the upper parts of the boot are cut from leather, using a hydraulic press machine. 

All the remaining and loose leather parts are sewn together, meaning that the whole shoe begins to form its signature appearance.

The shoe is put into something called the Puritan machine, which is responsible for making the shoes look even more like Dr Martens! The eyelets are then stamped, and the boot is filled with a type of toe protector.

The leather is then moulded to the shape of the foot, and then the well-known Dr Martens yellow thread is added to the leather.

Extra support is added to the base, and they are checked over thoroughly, making sure they are as indestructible as they should be.

Are Dr Martens Vegan? 

Are Dr Martens Vegan? 

Dr Martens are not generally vegan, and this is because they are made from leather, which is cow hide. However, since 2011, Dr Martens have invested in vegan leather shoes, which are pretty popular.

Although their regular leather shoes aren’t vegan, they do not use exotic animal skin, fur, or down, which is pretty good for a well-known shoe brand. 

Where To Buy Dr Martens

In the UK, you can buy Dr Martens from Dr Martens high street shops, as well as shops such as Urban Outfitters or ASOS. You can find them online easily, too.

In other countries, you may be able to find Dr Martens in high-end clothing shops, but your best bet will probably be online. 

How To Wear Dr Martens For Men

Believe it or not, there is no singular way to wear a pair of Dr Martens, as they are so unique and recognizable.

Whether you have a job interview, or a party, Dr Martens are the perfect shoes for versatility and expression. Let’s look at some of the best ways to wear boots. 

The classic 1460 combat style Dr Martens are edgy, smooth, and slightly formal, with the ability to be worn with almost anything.

There are lots of different kinds of shoes that you can style in the Dr Martens range, but first, we are going to cover the most popular pair of boots. 

Cherry 1460 Ankle Boots

Let’s look at some colour options with the boots, too. The boots come in the cherry finish, and these boots have a dark red finish, which surprisingly goes well with a lot of different colours. 

The cherry coloured Dr Martens will go well with blue jeans, as well as cream trousers, or shorts. Any colour shirt would fit the outfit, including red, purple, beige, or black.

Aim for something more formal on the top half when wearing cherry Dr Martens, because they have a unique sense of style that should not be too informal. 

Gryphon Brand Strap Sandal Dr Martens

Dr Martens does not just make boots anymore, and they have these really cool strap sandals.

When it’s hot, these are some of the best sandals that you can wear. They’re durable due to the material, and they’re comfortable and fashionable.

When it’s warm, you can wear these sandals with ripped jeans and a plain t-shirt, or something indie style such as a patterned open shirt and cargo shorts. Try out these sandals, and see what looks best for the shoes. 

Jadon Platform Boots

These platform boots have not always been popular, but they’re proving to be pretty popular in recent years. Try wearing these boots with cargo trousers, and a relaxed graphic t-shirt.

You can style this outfit with a jacket, to give it a dressed up look. In the summer, you can wear these boots with cargo shorts, and a plain t-shirt for an edgy and unique look. 

Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots – Black

These Dr Martens are the vegan version of the classic boot, and they go really well with a large variety of outfits.

Try formal patterned trousers and a white shirt for a formal look, or some tailored trousers and a white t-shirt for an edgy look. You can also wear these in an informal way, with jeans and a jumper, even. 

White Dr Martens

These are not that popular, but they’re becoming pretty prominent, especially in the fashion industry.

Try styling these boots with formal and relaxed trousers, such as navy combat trousers or tracksuit bottoms.

Wear a relaxed white or graphic hoodie with these boots, along with a range of accessories to style it. 

Outfit Tips For Men

Dr Martens are super unique, and the kind of clothes and accessories you wear with them can really change the intention and whole style.

If you want to go for a more indie look, with cargo trousers and large hoodies, try styling with oversized necklaces or chains, as well as a beanie hat or baseball cap. 

If you are going for a generally relaxed and informal regular look, you can try wearing your Dr Martens with jeans and a t-shirt.

Try styling this outfit with simple and smaller pieces of jewellery, such as silver chains, and thin wrist bracelets. 

If you are wearing your Dr Martens sandals, there is not much you can do to style the outfit, because they tend to style themselves pretty well.

Try wearing a simple watch, and some earrings if you enjoy wearing earrings (Find out Are Nose Rings A Good Look For Guys – Here). 

Final Thoughts

Dr Martens are some of the most versatile and strongest shoes in the world, hence their cult popularity.

They can be pretty difficult to stylize, especially for men. We hope you’ve taken some tips from our article, and that you find the outfit that you love.

Joseph Pais