How To Wear Men’s Cowboy Boots The Right Way – The Full Guide

We all know the different pressures and expectations of wearing certain types of clothing and footwear in certain ways.

Some, you can get away with it if they’re fairly neutral and suit a lot of different colors, whereas there are a lot of different clothing features that you need to get right.

How To Wear Men’s Cowboy Boots The Right Way - The Full Guide

At the end of the day, we all want to look our best when the occasion calls for it!

Cowboy boots have become very popular over the years, with a lot of people sporting these vintage variations of shoes with some modern clothing for that killer combination.

However, they stand out and can often be worn in a way that doesn’t suit what someone is looking for. This is what we’re here for.

Follow the rest of our guide to find the best way to wear cowboy boots so that you can get the most out of your new shoes and have a distinctive look to match.

All of your friends will be showering you with compliments and asking for fashion advice by the time you’ve found the combination for you!

Your Style And Different Forms Of Cowboy Boots

We have to highlight that you can’t just go and get yourself any sort of cowboy boots, it’s always good to plan ahead and find the type you think suits you best.

Riding boots are completely different to work boots, so we recommend that you know the differences before taking the plunge and buying a random pair of cowboy boots.

Some of the most frequently seen types of cowboy boots worn in the modern-day include buckaroo boots, the classic style of western boots, western work boots, and roper boots.

All come with their different features and benefits of wearing them. However, before you put them on, you need to know a bit more about them. This is where we’ll highlight their uniqueness.

Buckaroo Boots

These are definitely one of the more fashionable options to choose from, which is always a nice thing to aim for. There is a shaft of around 14-inches which has colorful and detailed patterns present for people to look at.

These were traditionally worn in rodeo shows, which explains why they stand out so much. Less is more? Sometimes, more is more!

Classic Western Boots

If you picture some cowboy boots in your head, then it’s more than likely that these are the ones that pop up.

With a shaft of around 12-inches, the design won’t be as loud as the buckaroo boots, but they have a subtlety that you won’t find with other forms of cowboy boots. These are great for horseback riding and have heels to help give you grip!

Western Work Boots

These have flatter heels, which makes them almost opposite to the classic western boots that we just highlighted. In fact, this is unlike a lot of other forms of cowboy boots, with many using the heels for grip when riding a horse.

A lot of men will wear these walking outside, which is understandable as cowboy boot heels are usually relatively uncomfortable after a while.

Roper Boots

Last but not least, we have the most versatile pair on the list. With rounded toes and flat heels, roper boots are frequently seen because they work with a lot of different looks and functions.

If you have to walk a lot in these boots, then your feet will feel a lot more comfortable than if you wore something like classic western boots.

Picking The Right Material

How To Wear Men’s Cowboy Boots The Right Way - The Full Guide

This is essential to finding the right pair of boots that match whatever look you’re trying to create. Some materials cost more money than others, so it’s always good to set a budget and ensure that you stick to it.

Different animal hides will cost a different amount, so this is definitely something you’ll need to consider.

  • Cowhide – This is the most common type of cowboy boot material and definitely the most traditional.
  • Snakeskin  – These are also incredibly popular and show a different type of pattern that’s almost exotic.
  • Alligator – These add great character to your boots and are great value for money! They also have a scaly appearance that’s always nice.
  • Ostrich – A bit of a bizarre one but these are known for their longevity and their durability. However, they are more expensive because of this.

Some of these might stand out a bit more to you than others, which is an indicator that you might want to look at them in closer detail.

Some of these leathers will need more upkeep and maintenance to ensure their longevity, whereas others might not be so hard to look after. Sometimes, it’s best to aim for a brand that you recognize for the best results and quality!

Styling The Boots

The majority of people might combine their boots with a t-shirt and some blue jeans, which is definitely an easy look to go for. Just picture something along the lines of Kevin Bacon in Tremors!

However, there are other looks that will help you to stand out from the rest and look unique in comparison to other people sporting this form of footwear.

Sometimes a collared t-shirt is a nice route to go down when you’re looking for something along the same lines but a little bit different.

Alternatively, you could go for a flannel shirt and a plain tee underneath for a layered look, especially if the weather is a little bit colder.

We always recommend that dark jeans are always a nice look because they’re so versatile, whereas some lighter versions might not complement the boots in the same way.

They also look great with some lighter clothing alongside, which is always a nice variety to have in your clothing arsenal.

As well as this, we want to highlight how great these shoes can look with a leather jacket.

There are lots of different variations out there, coming in different colors, however, we think a simple black leather jacket can go a long way in catching the eye of the people walking past.

You just need to pull off leather on leather, but it usually works well if they’re different colors.

Sometimes the best way to complement your cowboy boots is to add a good belt to add extra effect. If you have some brown boots with some blue jeans, it’s always a good idea to accompany these with a brown belt.

After all, having these subtle hints toward your boots can make them stand out more, which is exactly what you want, right?

Final Thoughts

That’s the end of our guide on what boots to wear and what to pair them with. At the end of the day, you need to make sure you know what you want from the look.

If you have these boots alongside some nice jeans and a good jacket, then you’re bound to turn a few heads.

It’s always good to do your research and make sure you spot some boots that are ideal for what you want. Some have good practical uses, whereas others are a lot more versatile and comfortable. The choice is yours!

Joseph Pais