Is It Ok For You To Wear A Black Suit To A Wedding?

For some guys, it can be really challenging getting dressed for a wedding. Deciding what the right thing to wear can be quite a daunting task to undertake. Women aren’t the only ones that have various choices to choose from.

Men also need to think about what kind of material their suit is for the time of year that the wedding is, and the color of the suit.

Is It Ok For You To Wear A Black Suit To A Wedding

As a result, men can spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of suit they should wear. Their decision is made even more difficult, as the majority of men will have at least one black suit in their wardrobe as well.

With that being said, when it comes to a black suit that is usually worn for a funeral. Although, black suits don’t have to just be saved for morning, they can be a stylish and slimming garment to be worn for a variety of different special occasions.

In this article, we will be discussing when it is appropriate to wear a black suit and whether it is ok to wear a black suit to a wedding.

What Does Your Wedding Invite Say?

If you are considering wearing a black suit to a wedding, but aren’t sure whether you should. Then one of the first things you need to do is look over the wedding invite that you have been given.

Normally, the wedding invite will make it clear whether wearing a black suit to the wedding is appropriate or not.

You should consider what time of the year the wedding is going to be and where the wedding is going to be held.

For example, if the wedding you are attending is going to be held on a beach in the Bahamas in the middle of July, then wearing a black suit isn’t going to work. As you will look like the odd one out, in addition to being extremely uncomfortable as well.

As a result, look over the wedding invite and think about the details that you have been given, and try to work out whether a black suit would be appropriate or not.

However, if the wedding invite doesn’t give you enough information to help you make an informed decision, then there are other things that can help affect your decisions.

Is It A Formal Wedding?

Is the wedding you are attending a formal one. Thus, is the wedding taking place in a formal venue and is there an option for black tie.

In simple terms, are you attending a wedding where other men will be wearing tuxedos, because if they will be, then you won’t look out of place if you decide to wear your black suit to the wedding.

In addition to this, if the wedding is being held in one of the cooler seasons of fall or winter, then it is more likely that the men attending the wedding are going to wear darker and possibly heavier suits.

You want to try and match your suit to the season of the wedding that you are attending, which will mean you will be more comfortable and less likely to stand out if you wear the wrong suit.

Hence, if you do decide to wear your black suit to either a black tie wedding or formal wedding, remember to keep the accessories to a minimum.

You only need a small white pocket square and a white shirt matched with a black tie. Also, to finish off the look, if you have one, match the whole look with a classic watch. You will look stylish and sophisticated.

Is It Ok For You To Wear A Black Suit To A Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Over the past few years, there has been a huge surge in outdoor weddings. However, as they are becoming a more popular option, you may wonder whether you can wear a black suit to an outdoor wedding.

As we mentioned above, you need to think about where and when the wedding is being held. If the wedding is being held on a beach in the middle of summer, then a blue suit isn’t the right call for this situation.

Although, if you are attending an outdoor wedding in the spring or fall, then you may be able to get away with wearing your favorite black suit.

It is worth looking up the venue where the wedding is being held, if you aren’t sure about what kind of suit to wear.

Especially, if you have never been or heard of the venue, then by looking the venue up online, you may be able to get a grape with how formal the wedding is going to be.

The more formal the venue looks, the higher the chance that you can get away with wearing a black suit to a wedding.

A Casual Wedding

Not all weddings are formal, some people prefer a more casual wedding. As a result, if you are aware that the wedding is a much more casual event, then a black suit wouldn’t be appropriate.

When it comes to a more casual wedding, suits aren’t always a requirement. This is definitely the case if the wedding is being held in the mountains or on the beach.

In these situations, you can get away with wearing a stylish yet comfortable pair of shoes, loose trousers and a light blazer.

Casual weddings mean the requirements are less strict, so you can be much more comfortable.

Make Sure You Accessorize

Once you have discovered if you can wear your black suit or not, you need to think how you are going to accessorize.

Less is more with a black suit, as you want all the focus to be on the suit anyway. Also, as the wedding you are attending is going to be more formal than casual, you need to think simple. Therefore, a white shirt and a black tie is a great match.

Alongside that, simple cuff links are a great way to complete this look, while pairing the whole thing with a classic watch adds a stylish element to this look.

However, if the wedding isn’t super formal, you may want to play down the seriousness of your black suit.

Therefore, you can go for a more colorful tie and a colorful pocket square. Your pocket square should match your tie or be patterned.

You can even play around with the type of cuff links that you are wearing. All these little things make the suit look much less formal.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you are more than welcome to wear a black suit, as long as the wedding suits it. Black suits are more suited for more formal and black tie weddings. Yet you can dress them down for less formal weddings.

It is important to check the end of the wedding you are attending and when it is being held. This will affect whether your black suit is appropriate or not.

Joseph Pais