Men’s Guide To Get Fluffy Hair In 7 Easy Steps

When you’re a man, it can be pretty difficult to find the hairstyle and haircut that you might want. It can be difficult to add volume to hair, especially as you get older, and you might start thinning in certain areas.

Men’s Guide To Get Fluffy Hair In 7 Easy Steps

It can actually be more difficult for a man to style his hair than it is for a woman, and this is because they do not often have the opportunity to get it professionally styled.

So, it is helpful to know how to style your hair at home, and make it fluffy. In this article, we are going to be giving you some of the best tips to get fluffy and stylish hair at home.

What Does Fluffy Hair Look Like?

Fluffy hair is a desired look that has become popular again. It consists of the hair being smooth, whilst having a nice amount of volume to it. Every man wants hair that is voluminous, whilst being shiny, smooth, and manageable.

Fluffing the hair is all about having a light and fluffy feel and look to it. It goes back to the 1800s, when both genders took pride in their hair being soft and light.

As time has gone on, men’s hair has been shorter and shorter. However, now, the longer hairstyles for men have come back into fashion, in a purposeful way.

Fluffy hair may also be seen when there is not enough care or moisture in the hair, and this will require more care and moisture being added to the hair.

How To Get Fluffy Hair After A Shower

The shower is the perfect place to practice getting those perfect fluffy locks. If you use good quality shampoo and condition, continue with this trend.

If you don’t, invest in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, because this will prevent frizz and dryness of the hair.

You also do not want to use too much shampoo, because it will get rid of any natural and necessary oils from your hair.

The scalp produces natural oils, and if you use shampoo every day, these oils will eventually be stripped out, causing the hair to be greasy to overcompensate for the lack of natural oil.

You can also invest in a thick conditioner that will add volume to your hair.

Use a good quality conditioner if you want fluffy hair. It will help nourish and soften the strands of hair, making sure it remains healthy and fluffy.

Try not to use too many different oils or serums, because this will give you greasy hair.

Achieve fluffy hair after a shower by using cotton and absorbent things to dry your hair, rather than a hairdryer. Try wrapping your hair in a cotton t-shirt or a soft material that is absorbent.

This will prevent the roughness of a towel, which will actually tear apart the strands of your hair, making it rough and split.

Leave the t-shirt on your head, and do not rub it around a lot. If you do this, you will potentially damage the hair.

Now, once you have dried your hair naturally, dry the last parts by putting your head upside down or on its side, and dry your hair against the usual direction. This will encourage it to form some volume and fluff.

Secrets To Achieve Perfect Fluffy Hair

There are some secrets about achieving the most perfectly smooth and fluffy hair as a man. Before we delve into the 7 steps, let’s look at these secret tips.


There is no point trying to get fluffy hair if your hair is extremely short. 4-6 inches in length will be perfect, because the hair is long enough to drop onto your face.

If it is longer than the bridge of your nose, this is good too, as you have more length to experiment with.

The only issue with this may be that the longer the hair is, the heavier it is.

For this reason, you may find that your hair keeps flopping down flat, instead of staying fluffy and upright. This can be fixed, but it is annoying, nonetheless.


The whole goal of having fluffy hair is to have a messy but sleek looking hairstyle. It needs to look like bed head, but better. It should be shiny, smooth, and textured, but tidy enough for people to know that you care about your hair.


Another goal to having fluffy hair is it being matte, too. You do not want shiny fluffy hair, as this will lead to greasy hair, and overly soft hair that you will struggle to style.

Hair gel and pomade will create a greasy look, but hair wax will create a shiny and crispy look to your hair; something nobody wants.

You should use low shine and matte products for your hair, but you may not need to use products at all. Sometimes, your best friend may just be the blow-dryer.

Men’s Guide To Get Fluffy Hair In 7 Easy Steps

Men’s Guide To Get Fluffy Hair In 7 Easy Steps

Here, we are going to cover seven steps to take for you to get fluffy hair easily and quickly.

The type of fluffy hair and the style of your haircut is all up to you, but there are some pretty important steps you should follow when trying to gain fluffy hair.

Layered Hair

Before you start with your journey to getting fluffy hair, it is critical that you have the correct haircut for your hair to work the way that you want it to work.

Getting the correct haircut is super significant for getting fluffy hair, and a layered haircut is the way to go to achieve this look.

You need your hair to be on top of different lengths, so it can increase in volume and build up a fluffy appearance. The hair will not be uniform and neat, as it will not fall straight on top of other strands.

Get a layered haircut, as this will create a separated appearance that is perfect to produce texture and fluff.

Most barbers will know how to do this, just make sure the length is relatively long (between 4-6 inches), so you can fluff it up sufficiently.


In order to achieve a fluffy hairstyle, you need to be washing your hair regularly. It is very difficult to achieve a light and fluffy texture to hair when it is greasy, dirty, and weighed down.

Always wash your hair before styling it, and try to wash it around 3-4 times a week to keep it clean.

You can add a volumizing shampoo, as well as a softening conditioner. This will keep your hair in good condition, as well as healthy and light.

To properly wash your hair, use a quarter-sized amount of shampoo, and work it into your hair and scalp using your fingertips. By doing this, you are working it all the way to your roots.

Then, rinse it out, and use some conditioner to keep it soft. Do the same with the conditioner, but do not rub it all the way to your roots, as this may encourage grease.


Pre-stylers are things that prime the hair, and they can prepare the hair for any styling that may come. Add this to wet hair, to soften and add volume to the hair when it is dry.

A volumizing pre-styler would work well, and you should use this before you blow dry your hair to get the texture and volume better than ever.

There are all sorts of pre-stylers, from texture spray to sea salt spray. The sea salt spray works well to increase any texture in the hair before blow-drying.

Sea salt spray is designed to replicate hair that has been in seawater, which is windswept and fluffy. It may feel drier than usually, but this is part of using the spray.

The hair will become easier to style when you use a pre-styler, hence the name.

Soft and layered styles will be easier to achieve when you use a pre-styler, and there are many out there from reputable brands such as OGX and John Frieda.


As we said earlier, you should wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt or gentle material before drying. This will help to absorb any excess moisture without roughing up and damaging your strands.

After you have got rid of any excess water from your hair, you can use a blow-dryer. Before using a blow-dryer, make sure to spray on thermal protective spray, as these blow-dryers are pretty hot, and they can easily damage your hair.

Try to find a blow-dryer with a concentrator nozzle, as this will give you more control over the dryer, because the hot air will be more concentrated.

When you want to build volume for fluffy hairstyles, you should use a medium heat, and hold the blow-dryer around 8-10 inches away from the hair. This will stop your hair or scalp getting burnt, too.

Start by blow-drying all around your head, in every direction. Whilst you’re doing this, start to tousle your roots with clean fingers. This will add volume and fullness to the hair.

By targeting the roots, they will dry the fastest, and build the most volume, which is exactly what you desire.

Work the hot air into the hair in the same direction that you are blow-drying, and be slightly rough with your hair, as this is how you will get a textured and fluffy appearance to it.

To finish blow-drying, you should finish with the direction of where you want the hair to end up, by blowing from the side if you desire a side sweep.

After you have finished drying, you should be left with a textured, soft, and fluffy hairstyle that will stay in place.

Round Brush

As a man, you may not have used a round brush many times, but they are perfect for getting the right curls and specific texture in places.

Use a round-headed brush when you are drying your hair, to try to tease the hair in certain directions.

This is perfect if you are looking for a lot of volume, as it ​​will work very well with the hot circulation of air.

Brush upwards where you desire more texture, and then twist around sections of your hair that you want to be more textured.


As we covered earlier, you probably do not want shiny hair if you are looking for a fluffy hairstyle. The whole idea of a fluffy hairstyle is to accentuate the texture of your hair, whilst keeping it soft and natural-looking.

If it is overly shiny, it will not look soft and natural. Never use a heavy or greasy product for soft and fluffy hair.

If you do want to use a product, always make sure to use a matte product that will produce a matte appearance.

Use a very small amount, just enough for it to be able to hold the hair up and maintain the appearance that you have created.

Use your fingers when applying it, and try to tousle and build that desired fluffy texture, unless you have styled it into a specific style, of course.


This step is not always necessary, especially if you have used the product beforehand. However, it is the last step in our list, and will accentuate any fluffiness within your hair.

Use a light layer or hairspray to keep that fluffy and layered appearance locked in place. The more you apply, the more it could become weighed down, which is not what you want.

Final Thoughts

Creating a fluffy and textured hairstyle for men is not the easiest style, but it is super popular and flattering. With our tips, you will be able to achieve a soft, fluffy, and textured look in these simple seven steps.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you have enjoyed our article!

Joseph Pais