Modern Fit Suit: What Is It? And How Does It Compare To Other Cuts?

The modern man has almost as much choice as the modern woman when it comes to different fashion choices.

The suit is one of the classic ways for a man to dress. It looks smart and elegant.

Modern Fit Suit: What Is It? And How Does It Compare To Other Cuts?

Particularly the modern fit suit is one of the most popular choices when it comes to business meetings or other important occasions where a man needs to be dressed to impress.

Modern fit suits give you a sleek look with plenty of comfort to move around. But what exactly is a modern fit suit? And how does it differ to other suit cuts?

What Is A Modern Fit Suit?

The modern fit suit is defined as a suit that is specifically trimmed in a certain way. Compared to the standard suit, the modern fit suit has higher armholes and it also sits closer to the body.

The pants of the modern fit suit sit low on the waist and they have a narrow opening at the bottom which gives a very slim appearance.

This particular fit allows the wearer to move with greater ease and comfort.

This suit trim is very similar to the slimmed suit cut as it creates a fitting silhouette, together with a well-defined body shape and a sharp overall look.

The close fit to the body means that the modern fit suit is suitable for a large range of different body types.

In comparison, classic fit and slim fit suits only fit a few body shapes.

Modern Fit VS Other Suit Cuts

There are a number of differences between a modern fit suit and other trimmed fits, such as the slim fit suit or the standard fit suit.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options.

Slim Fit Suit VS Modern Fit Suit

The modern fit suit is probably most closely aligned in style with the slim trimmed suit. They both sit very close to the wearer’s body giving him an elegant, modern look.

As the fit is so close to the modern, it can feel to some men who are not used to a slim fit that the suit restricts movement.

The difference between the slim suit and the modern fit suit is the cut of the jacket. The slim fit suit is trimmed to the chest.

The slim fit jacket also has fitted sleeves and higher shoulder points than the modern fit suit.

The pants of these two suit types also differ. The modern fit pants are slightly wider than the slim pants which typically come with a slim, straight leg opening.

Classic Fit Suit VS Modern Fit Suit

In comparison to the modern fit suit, the classic, standard suit is cut wider around the center section and waist area.

This wider trim is not as closely fitted to the body as with the contemporary suit, which means that it allows the wearer to move with greater ease.

Typically, the jacket of a standard fit suit has slightly wider shoulders than a modern fit suit.

The pants also differ, with a classic suit having a relaxed thigh area and a wider leg opening than the modern fitted suit.

The waist line is also slightly different for both suit cuts. The classic suit waist sits slightly higher than the modern suit fit.

When fitted well, then both of these suit types allow free movement and they both can create a very sleep appearance that creates a sharp silhouette line.

Create The Right Look With A Modern Fit Suit

There are a few different pants of this contemporary suit that can help you create just the right appearance for your next business meeting, wedding or other special occasion.

Modern Fit Pants For A Smart Silhouette

The pants of the modern fit suit aren’t quite as slim and tightly trimmed as the slim fit suit. They still allow you enough flexibility to move around.

The pants should match with a suitable modern fit jacket.

Match With The Right Modern Cut Shirt

You will need to wear the right modern fit shirt with your contemporary suit to create a finished look.

The modern fit suit can be perfectly matched with a modern fit dress shirt. In comparison to a slim fit shirt, this type of shirt gives you a little more room in the chest area and around the armholes.

Thanks to its tapered look around the waist, it still allows you to take your suit jacket off, and show off your shirt.

The sleeves are much roomier than a slim dress shirt which means that you can easily move around.

It’s worthwhile pointing out here that you can still wear a slim fit shirt or a classic shirt with your modern fit suit, but for the perfect look, we would recommend using the right shirt matching your suit style.

Who Can Wear A Modern Cut Suit?

Generally, anyone can wear a modern fit suit. This type of suit has become very popular in recent years as it provides a much more relaxed and looser cut than some other suit trims.

Saying this, the contemporary fit suit still looks smart and creates a sharp appearance.

This kind of suit is also often worn by men who find the slim cut too restrictive but the classic suit is too loose.


The modern fit suit combines the best of both from slim and classic fit suits. Comfortable, easy to move and a sleek outline, this suit is perfect for any occasion.

Joseph Pais