Navy And Blue Suits – What Shirt And Tie Look Best?

As an alternative to black, a suit in the color navy or blue is a fantastic option to consider wearing to work, or to your next formal event.

Navy And Blue Suits - What Shirt And Tie Look Best?

Navy is a hue that never goes out of style and can be worn to a wide range of occasions without seeming inappropriate or out of place.

Having said that, there are a few fashion rules that you have to follow when wearing a navy suit, such as what shirts and ties to wear. These rules can seem a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to explain them all. 

Keep reading to find out what fit, style, and color of suit is right for you. 

Navy Suits – The Basics 

The Fit

When shopping for a suit, the cut of the garment you choose should be your first concern. With the aid of the perfect fit, you will create a look that is not just chic and appealing but also one that is continually in step with the most recent fashion trends.

When looking at the arms of the suit, you should make it a point to check that the shoulder seam is located at the very top of your shoulder and not farther down your arm.

When your arms are at your sides in a comfortable position, the sleeveless shirt you’re wearing should end at around the same level as your wrists.

With the pants, the use of a belt should not be necessary to keep the pants up. When you are seated, the waistline should not be uncomfortable for you in any way.

The length of the pants should be adjusted so that the bottom of the hem reaches the very top of the shoes that you are wearing.

Here are the two main types of suits. 

Classic – Fit 

Classic-fit suits are very comfortable compared to other types of suits. They also have the advantage of looking very professional as well. This is because blue is the traditional color for business suits.

Given that navy is a somewhat neutral color, it is a good choice for a wedding suit, as well as for work, formal parties, and even date night. 

Always keep in mind that you should avoid anything that has an extreme amount of bagginess to it since doing so will give the impression that you are sloppy and out of date.


This suit is designed so that it conforms even more closely to the wearer’s physique. The blue suit with the slim fit has a modern finish and a very sleek look. It offers the impression of having a clean and powerful profile.

A premium suit with a smaller cut that has been professionally fitted will always provide more comfort and freedom of movement than a traditional cut.

It is an excellent choice for nearly any occasion, including job interviews, formal events, and even evenings spent courting, amongst other scenarios.

What Colors Go Best?

Navy suits are a fantastic option to wear when attending a broad range of occasions, including business conventions, weddings, job interviews, and even evenings spent at fancy restaurants.

Imagine that your navy suit is a blank canvas on which you may try out different color combinations by stacking them on top of each other.

With navy suits, you have a lot of freedom with what colors your shirt and tie are, as the only colors that do not go with navy are black, and navy itself. 

It is also to your best advantage to avoid patterns or colors that are too bright, such as orange or red.

Nevertheless, lavish and bright ties, when paired with a blue suit, have the potential to certainly lift the style up to a whole new level.

When discussing neckties and pocket squares, it is essential to make an effort to harmonize the color of the pocket square with the pattern on the tie.

This will help ensure that the two items look their absolute best together. For instance, if you are wearing a tie that has a consistent pattern all over it, you should choose a pocket square in a color that stands out against the tie.

Why Is Texture Important?

Contrary to a blue suit, which may be any shade of blue from denim blue to sky blue, navy only comes in one hue. Despite this, the texture of one navy suit may cause it to look very different from the way that another navy suit does.

A cloth with a textured and matte surface has a more classic and understated appearance. On the other hand, a suit that is made from a fabric that has only a slight shine provides the impression of being modern and fashion-forward.

Be aware, though, of showy materials since they may create the appearance that they are of a lower quality than they are.

Navy And Blue Suits - What Shirt And Tie Look Best?


Do you like an appearance that is patterned or one that is plain?

When looking for your first navy suit, you should start with one that is plain and has no pattern to it.

You can get away with wearing suits with pinstripes if they are extremely thin and subtle, but until you have more confidence in yourself, you should avoid wearing suits with complex patterns.

You should not wear a patterned suit and accessorize with patterned accessories, such as a checkered shirt or a striped tie, as this can make the whole look seem messy. 

White Shirt With A Navy Suit – Color Combos

You can’t go wrong with a well-pressed, pristine white shirt and a navy suit, so if you’re not sure what should be paired with what, you can’t go wrong with those two items.

This suit looks fantastic when accessorized with classic pieces, such as a belt crafted from leather and Oxford shoes in either brown or black.

Even though it appears to have been put together with little effort, this look exudes an aura of immediate sophistication.

You will, of course, need to pick a tie, and here you have the option to experiment a little bit and show off your one-of-a-kind style.

Luckily, a lot of colors go with the classic white shirt and navy suit combo, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. 

Red Ties

A man who wears a red tie will never look out of place because it is such a timelessly classic accessory. The color scheme, on the other hand, is not exactly one that sticks out from the crowd.

You should experiment with a variety of colors if you are searching for something a little riskier.

Orange Ties

This may sound like a strange color option, but orange, as opposed to the more traditional shade of red, is a fantastic hue to wear all through the summer.

Because the rest of your attire is classic and understated, you will exude confidence while avoiding giving the impression that your look is out of control.

Gray Ties 

Even though it has a very classic look, gray is one hue that will never become unpopular. Additionally, blue and gray are a fantastic color combination to work with, and they could be the most versatile color paring in menswear.

This is because blue and gray can be worn with a wide variety of other colors.

You should steer clear of having colors that contrast too severely against one another. If you are wearing a dark blue suit, for example, you should keep away from wearing a tie that is very light gray.

Instead, focus on shades of charcoal, such as black and gray.

If you are trying to create a lighter look, use a light grey tie, with ones having charcoal grey patterns looking best. However, if you want to go the opposite route, leave your suit and shirt basic.

Black Ties

You are free to wear your blue or navy suit to events that call for black tie attire, even though the colors don’t seem to match up well. In reality, you only need to keep clear of black when picking the shirt to wear with the suit.

To put this look together, all you need to do is wear a black tie with a classic white dinner shirt. For some added flair, you could wear a black bow tie instead.

This ensemble can be worn to any kind of formal event, and it is so easy to put together that you don’t even have to think about it.

You may try accessorizing the appearance with some understated cuff links and some black braces rather than a belt. To round off the design, add a pocket square in a clean, white color.

You are welcome to wear a basic black tie with a blue suit and a white shirt to your wedding, as well as to your place of employment or to any other event that demands formal dress. 

Brown Ties

Brown and navy look surprisingly good when combined. While you may not be a fan of the color brown, especially for ties, there are many different shades and patterns for you to choose from that may make the look more appealing to you.

When wearing a brown tie, you need to make sure that you finish off the appearance by sporting blue socks and brown shoes that are of a similar shade to the brown tie that you are wearing.

Navy Ties

Choose a blue tie that is the same shade as your suit, and then take it up a notch by picking one that has little diagonal white stripes to tone in with your white shirt.

Doing so will make you appear to be truly sophisticated. You will appear to others as though you have put a lot of work into maintaining your looks by doing this.

For another option, you might try wearing a blue tie during the daytime that has a design that is uncomplicated and subtle. 

Navy And Blue Suits - What Shirt And Tie Look Best?

Pink Shirt With A Navy Suit – Color Combos

White is considered to be the most formal color to wear, while pink is considered to be the most casual. 

One of those colors that looks well on everyone, regardless of the color of their skin or hair, is light pink. As a result, the shade pink is the one that may be utilized in the greatest number of environments and events.

In addition, blue and softer pink tones make for a pleasant and appealing combination since the softer pink tones do not compete with the blue hue in any way.

When used together, pink and navy blue create a modern look that is perfect for circumstances in which you need to appear professional. It is not extremely formal, but it isn’t very conventional either.

But which shade of tie would go best with this ensemble?

Navy Ties

Even if it is the most basic option to go with this shirt, at least you won’t be making a mistake by selecting it. If you want something that stands out from the crowd just a little bit, use a tie in navy blue with some texture or one that has a small print on it.

You need to pick a color that is either a shade lighter or darker than the suit. 

Red Ties

You can’t go wrong with a classic red tie if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than a tie in navy. Look for a shade of solid dark red, such as oxblood or maroon, if you want to add some interest and make this a focal point of the look.

Put your best foot forward by wearing a pair of black Oxford or Derby shoes to suit this color scheme.

Pink Ties

If you’re going to wear a pink tie, it’s best to go for a shade that’s a little bit darker than the shirt you are currently wearing. This color has a warm quality, which makes it unexpectedly effective and makes it an excellent complement to a pink shirt.

Wear with a pair of dark brown Oxford shoes or boots and a brown leather belt with a simple buckle to complete the look.

Striped Ties

Since your suit is navy, you are free to play with different patterns and stripes, even on your tie. This is a great opportunity for you to express yourself a bit.

Checking to see if the background of the tie is also navy is essential since this is the factor that determines whether or not your look will be successful.

You may also convey the impression of being fresh and exciting by utilizing polka dots or plaid in your design.

Blue Shirt With A Navy Suit – Color Combos

Even while there is nothing wrong with a clean white button-down shirt, there are times when you may want to appear smart and casual or change up the look a little by wearing something a bit different.

This circumstance calls for a shirt in the color sky blue since it pairs well with a range of different styles of ties.

Blue And Navy Ties

This is the most obvious option to pick. Choose a blue hue that is darker than the one on the shirt. The most noticeable color is navy blue. Consider utilizing several textures to add interest to this area.

You might also consider adding polka dots to your blue tie. A pair of brown Chelsea boots, black Oxford shoes, or brown Derbies can complete the look.

Black Ties

If the situation calls for it, a black-tie can be worn with a navy suit and a blue shirt. Even though it is pretty ordinary, it is one of the most convenient alternatives for suits.

Even though both colors are on the darker side, the contrast they provide is still rather stunning and sophisticated. In addition to a tie that is pure black, striped or textured ties, such as Macclesfield or Foulard, are other options for a smooth look.

Navy And Blue Suits - What Shirt And Tie Look Best?

Red Ties

Though they can be worn with a suit of any other hue, a red tie looks best with a navy blue suit, especially when combined with a blue shirt. It provides the impression that you are “power-dressed.”

Remember that choosing the proper shade of red is crucial if you wish to create an aura of confidence in your appearance. You might also select a burgundy or brownish-red hue if you like to tone down the intensity.

Orange Ties

When paired with a light blue shirt and a navy jacket, a bright orange tie creates a stunning visual contrast. Though a bit outlandish in style, this look is suitable for the majority of events.

Saying that., this is not a look for the office, especially if you work in a highly professional setting. It is appropriate for less formal events, such as afternoon weddings.

If you’re not brave enough for orange, mustard yellow gives a wonderful contrast when paired with a blue shirt.

Green Ties

Choose a striped green tie instead of a solid green one if you want to prevent a mismatch with your blue shirt. Additionally, choose a green that is either darker or more matte.

Choose a design with a stripe in which one of the lines is the shirt’s blue, another line is green, and perhaps the third line is navy. The brown Chelsea boots are an excellent complement to this unique ensemble.

How To Coordinate Your Shoes And Suit

Given that navy is one of the most versatile hues on the color wheel, it is difficult to mistakenly pick shoes that do not match a blue suit. You may choose brown, black, or even burgundy shoes with this ensemble.

For a classic look, go for black shoes, as it is the most timeless and complements everything. This is because black dress shoes lend a higher level of formality to a navy suit.

When can you wear your best brown shoes though? Brown dress shoes are the optimal choice for a suit with a more modest texture. Because of this, your clothes will have a brighter and more casual aspect.

When it comes to fashion, brogues, Oxfords, and even loafers cannot be beaten. In the majority of instances, shoes with a rounded toe look better than shoes with a pointed toe.


You should have at least one blue or navy suit in your closet because it is one of your most versatile formal garments. Assuming you acquired a high-quality item, it will continue to serve you well for a significant number of years.

Beginning the style with some white and sky-blue shirts is a nice starting point; from there, you may experiment.

Keep in mind that color is only one part of building a look, and considering other fashion and style elements, such as the fit and the texture, is crucial.

Joseph Pais