Olive Green Pants: All Men Need To Know To Pull Them Off

When most people think about putting an outfit together, they focus on their shirts and shoes, with pants as the last thought.

Pants are just as essential components of an outfit, so failing to pay them attention can result in a perplexing look overall. 

Olive Green Pants: All Men Need To Know To Pull Them Off

It’s important to pair tops and bottoms that go with each other, but doing this can be easier said than done, especially when you’re working with a tricky color, like olive green. 

Olive green is a classic color that was mainly used in the military for camouflage, but in today’s era, it’s a common sight in men’s and women’s fashion.

Many clothing brands create pants, tops, and accessories in this color, so its evident olive green will remain a timeless shade for a while. 

In the case of olive green pants, several shades go well with them, like black, brown, and white.

However, putting this into practice can be difficult, especially when you’re not used to wearing green clothing. 

Olive green pants have become a staple in men’s clothing, but if you’re struggling with stylishly wearing these, we can help! You’ll find all you need to know about pulling olive green pants off in this article.

We’ll cover what tops look good with olive green, as well as the outer layers and shoes that suit this clothing style. 

Why All Men Should Own A Pair Of Olive Green Pants

Olive green might not be the most common color of male pants, especially when compared to colors like navy and black.

However, this unique shade can be a great shade to include in your wardrobe, particularly if you’re looking to add more personality to your outfits. 

Studies have also found that this unique shade affects the mind. Deeper green colors can deliver a relaxing effect on people that are around these shades.

This is why actors lounge in green rooms before interviews or stage performances, as the color can do wonders for one’s mental state. 

Colors are powerful, so just wearing a specific shade can have amazing effects on our mood and those around us.

Green is a natural color, which is why it can invoke positive feelings in those that wear it, such as optimism, growth, and sophistication. 

If you have an important occasion to attend, like a date, or publicly speaking at a meeting, it’s a good idea to wear a color that can relax and put those in the same environment at ease.

This can make you seem more self-assured as you take on these exciting challenges. 

As we’ve seen above, olive green pants aren’t just a fun new color to try, they can have an amazing effect on your confidence too. 

Olive Green Pants – The Basics

Just like there are several shades of colors to try on, there are many different kinds of pants to experiment with.

Everyone’s body is different, so the cut and fit of some pants might suit you better than others. Certain pants can also deliver a different look. 

For instance, wearing fitted pants can make you look more put together than baggier ones.

This is ideal for professional settings, but in a particularly casual environment, looser jeans might be a better choice than tailored pants. 

Pants can come in any color, including olive green. They can come in various types including:

  • Jeans: Pants made from denim which come in a range of fits
  • Chinos: Cotton pants appropriate for casual work settings
  • Joggers: Loose pants ideal for sports or loungewear
  • Khakis: Like chinos but not as formal
  • Cargo: Baggier pants with big pockets
  • Slacks/Trousers: Pants that are held by buttons, elastic, or belts

Now that we’ve covered the kind of olive green pants you may come across, we can go over the various accessories, tops, and outerwear that suits these pants best. 

How To Wear Olive Green Pants?

It’s important to know what kind of pants suit your body best before purchasing a pair, as this can help ensure that your future outfit looks good. 

For instance, shorter people should ensure that their pants are either mid-rise or high-waisted, as low-rise ones will make their legs look shorter. A lower crotch and smaller pockets are a good idea too. 

If your pants fit you well in some areas, but not in others, a tailor will be able to alter these so that they fit you correctly.

Make sure that the pants don’t have a lot of folds or wrinkles on the bottom, particularly if you need to roll your hems up often. 

Olive green makes a statement but remains subtle at the same time. When worn in this color, each pant style will make you look and feel as bold and serene as the shade itself. 

We’ll cover more about the shirts, outerwear, and accessories that pair well with olive green pants below. 

Tops To Pair With Olive Green Pants

You’ll find a list of different colors of shirts and tops that work well alongside olive green pants.

Black T-shirts & Olive Green Pants

Black is a neutral shade that works wonderfully with most green shades, including olive. Black naturally brings the darkness of olive green out, drawing attention to the pants themselves.

As olive green pants attract a lot of attention already, it’s best to wear black shirts that don’t have a lot of detail. 

If the pants are casual, like khakis or joggers, a plain black t-shirt will work well with the look. This can have a small logo or design, as long as it isn’t too ostentatious. 

White Jumpers & Olive Green Pants

White is another neutral color that pairs very well with olive green. This color combination is great to wear in summer, but if the weather is a little cooler, a white sweater is perfect to wear alongside your green pants.

White is a delicate shade, but the added weight of a white sweater gives it a stronger appeal.

This will dress up your olive green pants and make them suitable for a smart casual event, depending on the style of pants that you wear. 

Long Sleeve Black Top & Olive Green Pants

We’ve covered why black and olive green work so well together above. A black long-sleeve top will make olive green khakis, chinos, and even jeans look more refined. 

Long sleeves are more formal when compared to short sleeves, but you can keep the look casual by going for a sweatshirt over a button-up shirt. 

A black sweatshirt and olive green pants are a great look to wear once fall comes around.

The extra fabric will keep you warm, while the earthy tones of the green go well with the change in season. 

Outerwear To Wear With Olive Green Pants

Outerwear To Wear With Olive Green Pants

When done right, layering clothing can make you look stylish and put together. However, it can be easy to get wrong. 

You need to ensure that you wear the right color coat or jacket with your olive green pants.

Clashing colors can make your outfit look unappealing and disorderly. 

Here are some suggestions of different outerwear items to pair with your olive green pants.

Long Wool Coat & Olive Green Pants

A long wool coat should be a staple in every man’s closet. Wool is a natural fabric that has a touch of sophistication to it. These coats aren’t made for everybody, as is the case with olive green pants. 

Wool coats in neutral tones are perfect to wear with all kinds of olive green pants, though you might want to stick to dressier ones, like fitted trousers and chinos, instead of joggers or khakis. 

Black Overcoat & Olive Green Pants

Neutral shades always look good with each other, but if you want to leave a great impression, you can’t go wrong with a black overcoat. Black overcoats are very stylish and have a slight artistic flair to them. 

Longer coats naturally look more formal than shorter ones, but this can guide you when choosing what pants to wear. 

For a casual look, shorter black coats pair well with olive-green jeans and khakis. A longer coat goes well with fitted slacks and trousers, though you may be able to wear olive green chinos, depending on the event in question/ 

Sherpa Jackets & Olive Green Pants

If you aren’t looking to create a specific impression, and just want to wear a fun, yet stylish look, a sherpa jacket could be a good choice.

Sherpa jackets are perfect for casual looks. The fluffy interior layer is great for colder months, just make sure that you choose a shade that goes well with olive green.

Neutral colors, like black and white, are a nice choice, but depending on the shade, brown corduroy ones may add an unexpected twist to the look.

A lighter brown Sherpa jacket will add a little contrast to keep the outfit exciting. 

Burgundy Jackets & Olive Green Pants

You might not picture burgundy and olive green together, but the tones compliment each other more than you might think! Burgundy is a toned-down shade of red, which is the opposite of green on the color wheel.

These two shades bring out the beauty of each other as they are complementary colors. 

As burgundy and olive green are both bold shades, it’s best to keep this color combination for casual looks only.

Formal outfits that need dressy clothing tend to stick to darker shades, like black and dark blue. 

A burgundy jacket will add a nice flair to casual olive green pants, like cargo pants and joggers.

Go for a jacket in a shorter length, then opt for materials like fleece or corduroy instead of wool or tweed, as these are associated with casual wear.

Shoes To Wear With Olive Green Pants

Shoes To Wear With Olive Green Pants

No matter what kind of style you have, your shoes will always be an important part of your wardrobe. 

Shoes can make or break your outfit. They can make a statement about who you are, what your style is, and your personality to match. 

Let’s have a look at some shoe options you can pair with olive green pants! 

Tan Sneakers & Olive Green Pants

Casual olive green pants, like joggers, jeans, and cargo pants, will look amazing when worn with tan sneakers. 

Tan is a neutral shade with warm undertones. These will bring out the warmth of the olive shade, complementing each other in an understated fashion. 

Opting for high tops lets you show off the tan shade of your sneakers, as there’s more canvas that covers your ankles. 

Black Ankle Boots & Olive Green Pants

Black ankle boots are a classic fashion choice, particularly Chelsea boots that are loved by men and women alike.

Chelsea boots are sleek enough to dress up in olive green pants but laid back enough to wear during the day, for instance, on city walks or weekend trips away. 

If the olive green pants are formal enough, like fitted trousers, wearing them with black Chelsea boots is suitable enough for work meetings, as long as the company culture isn’t particularly formal. 

Hiking Footwear & Olive Green Pants

Hiking boots give olive green pants an extra edge, thanks to their added chunkiness. This look is perfect for those that have a unique, creative style. 

Wearing hiking boots with a fashionable shade like olive green has an ironic feel to them.

Of course, you can choose a neutral shade, like black or beige hiking boots, but if you want to add to this daring look, go for boots in an unexpected shade, like red or burgundy. 

Suede Boots & Olive Green Pants

Suede fabric is like velvet, but not as prominent, as it has a soothing feel to it. Like olive green, suede is a calming fabric that isn’t too bold, so it’s nice to choose shoes in this fabric. 

Go for suede boots in a neutral shade, like black or beige. These will harmonize well with olive green chinos or trousers in an understated, elegant manner. 

Accessories To Wear With Olive Green Pants

Accessories might be small, but they can have a huge effect. Small details can show that you care about your appearance. 

Whether that’s a small watch or a carefully chosen scarf, it’s important to choose the right ones to go with your outfit. 

Here are some examples of accessories that pair very well alongside olive green pants. 

Black Trilby & Olive Green Pants

If you’ve never worn a trilby before, you might be wary of trying one on, but these flamboyant hats can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Pulling off a trilby takes confidence, and a black trilby conveys exactly that. 

Trilby hats can be worn informally and formally, but as we’re pairing one with olive green pants, it’s best to keep the look less dressy.

Pair a black trilby with olive green jeans, and watch the compliments pour in. 

Silver Chain Necklace & Olive Green Pants

Olive green has become a fashionable color, so pairing it with another timeless piece, like a silver chain, will be a match made in heaven.

Gold also works well with the warmth of olive green, but it’s best to go for a silver chain over a gold one here. 

Silver is an elegant metal, so wearing a simple chain alongside olive green pants will maximize these qualities, making your outfit seem sophisticated and classy. 

Just make sure that your chain isn’t too thick, as this might detract from your outfit. 

Black Scarves & Olive Green Pants

A black scarf is a simple accessory that has a lot of power. 

Black scarves can tie a whole outfit together; they can make other colors pop out more, or complement other black items within an outfit. 

Black scarves can also be worn on different occasions. The dark color is suitable enough for smarter occasions but simple enough to dress up an outfit that’s too laidback. 

In the case of olive green, a black scarf harmonizes well with the green pants but doesn’t detract from the overall look.

If you haven’t already, make sure that you purchase a black scarf when you’re next shopping for accessories. 

Black Sunglasses & Olive Green Pants

Sunglasses are always a nice addition to daywear. They can be the finishing touch to an outfit, giving you a confidence boost when heading out of the door. 

Like a black scarf, black sunglasses are another staple you should consider owning. These make your look seem more powerful overall.

You can find sunglasses in other finishes, like metallic or tortoiseshell, but black shades will look the best with olive green. 

Consider wearing your black sunglasses in colder weather too, particularly when worn with a black overcoat, as mentioned above. 

The Bottom Line

Olive green has become a fashionable shade over the years, but it can be difficult to picture what goes well with pants in this bold shade.

Remember that there are several types of olive green pants to choose from, like jeans, trousers, and joggers.

Make sure that your choice of clothing is appropriate for the setting you are attending. You wouldn’t wear joggers at a business meeting or trousers to the gym! 

The advice above will help you pull off a pair of olive green pants. You can’t go wrong with shirts, outerwear, and accessories in neutral colors, but if you’re up for a challenge, consider adding a pop of burgundy so that you stand out.

Joseph Pais