The Rise Of The Chain Link: A Guide To 16 Of The Best Chain Link Necklaces For Men

Necklaces are an excellent way for both men and women to showcase their style, be it in a subtle or extravagant manner.

Men’s necklaces are a particular classical choice of jewelry thanks to their versatility and their ability to quickly and efficiently make a statement as well as bring an extra burst of style to any ensemble.

The Rise of The Chain Link: A Guide to 16 of the Best Chain Link Necklaces for Men

Chain link necklaces are a particularly popular style of men’s necklaces, but there are many different kinds that all have their own designs and utilize different styles of links to create a unique piece of jewelry. They are also a great starting point for guys looking to get into jewelry for the first time. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at sixteen chain link necklaces that are stylish and highly versatile (You might want to check out What’s The Difference Between A Diamond Cut And A Regular Cut Chain?  here). Let’s get started.

The Cable Chain Link

A simple yet stylish design, a cable chain link necklace is made up of links that are either oval or round in shape. These ovals or circles will all be the same size.

Flat cable chain necklaces are quite common, wherein the links themselves have been hammered down and made flat instead of being created from a rounded wire. 

In terms of style, the cable chain has a particularly clean nature, making it a popular choice to hold pendants or to wear as part of a layered arrangement made up of all kinds of different, more complex chains.

This is definitely one of the most popular kinds of chain necklaces on the market too, thanks to this versatile nature which allows it to fit in well with various other necklace styles and ensembles. 

Some might find this a chain link necklace that isn’t the most interesting or individual, but the amount that you can do with a cable chain link necklace more than makes up for it. 

The Bead/Ball Chain Link

If you are more inclined to streetwear and want a chain link necklace that reflects that, then a bead or a ball chain necklace is likely to be your best bet. 

These necklaces are made up of small, rounded balls or beads- usually in a silver or gold color- that feature either small spacers in between them or are directly connected to one another. The balls are hollow, featuring two small holes that allow them to connect to the spacer or to each other. 

This kind of chain link is particularly popular when paired with pendants- especially dog tags- as it is an easy way to achieve a contemporary look in a simple yet stylish manner.

If the ball/bead and chain look seem familiar to you, it’s likely because they are used frequently in other ways too, such as for pull cords on certain light fixtures-like ceiling fans-, on keychains, and even on those little counter pens that you see at the bank!

The Singapore Chain Link

This particular kind of chain link necklace features a twisted pattern, combining the design of a rope chain with that of a curb chain to create a unique and stylized kind of necklace.

The design uses the unique and hammered curved links that are prominent within a curbed chain, and alternates between them and the flat loops that can be found within a rope chain. 

The Singapore chain link has a curvaceous yet flat look, often being described as having a feeling that is similar in touch and visuals to liquid when it becomes unraveled. This makes them very popular, thanks to the flowing nature of their movement. 

If a Singapore chain necklace is made up of precious metals, the alternating links are able to reflect facets of light. This emphasizes the fluid nature in terms of how the chain looks, creating a rippling effect.

Despite their delicate look, these are also particularly durable necklaces, even if the links aren’t that thick. Because of this, they tend to be a popular choice when it comes to combining them with large pendants. 

The Figaro Chain Link

The Figaro is another incredibly popular choice of men’s chain link necklace, initially designed and created many centuries ago. It has a more classic vibe, making it another great choice for those looking for a starter necklace. 

Traditionally made in gold, the Figaro has since adopted platinum and silver iterations in more modern times. The main pattern of this necklace style is made up of both oval-shaped links and circular links.

There are two or three short links as well as an oval-shaped link that is extended. The separate links are placed flat within the chain and are attached to one another, which creates a streamlined and modern look. 

When it comes to the thickness of the links, the Figaro chain links are usually measured by millimeters. This also makes it a popular choice for charms and pendants. Whilst simple in design, the Figaro is considered a highly fashionable choice of men’s chain link necklace. 

The Snake Chain Link

The Snake chain link features a tubular design that is- as the name suggests- reminiscent of a snake, thanks to the smooth manner in which it can slither through your hands when you hold onto it.

This design is achieved via the construction of round and curvy metal links that are tightly connected to one another. Not only does this give it a sleek, snake-like design, but it also means that the necklace will not tangle easily and is incredibly flexible and bendable. 

The smooth and flat nature of a snake chain necklace allows it to be layered very well with other kinds of necklaces, especially with thicker and more dimensional chains. Despite having a sleek design, this necklace also has a great deal of durability and strength.

This makes it a popular choice, as does the versatility when it comes to combining it with other necklaces and different kinds of pendants.

The Rise of The Chain Link: A Guide to 16 of the Best Chain Link Necklaces for Men

The Box Chain Link

The Box chain link is another popular style, with a masculine and classical design that makes it perfect for newcomers to jewelry in general.

Also known as the mirrored box chain, the necklace features-as the name suggests- box links that resemble a series of square, wide cubes that are locked together to create a chain.

Because of this square and box-like nature, box chain link necklaces tend to have a thick and four-sided dimensionality to them. 

These chains are known for giving off a dazzling sparkle- especially when polished- thanks to the sides of the chain being able to reflect and catch the light. These are also a versatile choice of men’s chain link necklaces due to the varying levels of thickness that are available for them.

A thin box chain offers a minimalist, fashionable look, whilst a thicker box chain creates a more modern and streetwear-inspired style. No matter what kind of box chain necklace you choose, they are very durable, so you can be sure that they will last for a while to come. 

The Herringbone Chain Link

The name of this chain link comes from the design, made up of two (or more) rows of chain links that are slanted and parallel to one another in an offset pattern. This design replicates the look of the small bones that can be found within the herring fish. 

The minimalist and understated nature of the herringbone is emphasized by its flat look, which offers a style that is unique, but also versatile and easily able to be included in your everyday wardrobe. 

The flat nature of these necklaces also gives them improved flexibility. This does not make it too weak though, as when taken care of properly, herringbone chain necklaces can last for a good long while. They are best suited for those looking for a simple necklace to go with any outfit. 

The Mariner Chain Link

Mariner chain links are another classical style of chain link that is popular thanks to their distinctive look and durability. The chain that is used with this type of necklace features oval-shaped links.

Each link is intersected by a small bar, which allows the oval links to move around without the risk of twisting, tangling, or just generally becoming damaged. The links are also quite thick and are usually hammered down so the necklace itself will stay flat when you wear it. 

Mariner link chains are popular in both gold and silver and known for their chunky look, caused by the thickness of the chain itself as well as the thickness of the links. 

The Puffed Mariner/ Gucci Chain Link

Whilst the Mariner chain link necklace isn’t exactly the most understated style of chain link necklace, its relative is definitely the more over the top of the two.

This chain link necklace goes by two names: the Gucci- referencing the larger-than-life high-end fashion brand- or the Puffed Mariner, due to being a more overt take on the classical Mariner chain link design

Though similar to the Mariner, the Gucci version is made from much larger and more solid oval links that are well-rounded. Within each link, there are two smaller circular cutouts which allow for the larger links to be connected to one another via the smaller oval links. 

When it comes to the pattern of the chain, the bigger oval links continue to be connected to smaller ones in a way that spreads throughout the entirety of the chain. 

This is certainly a statement piece of jewelry in and of itself, easily able to be worn as a sole piece to attract some attention.

That being said, the particularly thick nature of the chain means that if you do want to add something to it, such as a charm or pendant, then you won’t have to worry about anything sliding off or breaking. 

These necklaces also work well when they are layered together if you are in the mood to make a particularly attention-grabbing fashion statement with your accessorizing.

The high shine finish of these kinds of necklaces also makes for a somewhat glamorous look, making them perfect for parties or events. 

The Anchor Chain Link

Keeping up with the nautical themes, the anchor chain link necklace- also known alternatively as the marine necklace- is one that comes by its name in a pretty natural way due to having a look that is incredibly similar to that of anchor chains found on ships. 

These necklaces have a similar look to that of the other nautically named and designed chain, the aforementioned mariner chain. However, the anchor chain is slightly chunkier than the mariner (though not quite as chunky as the puffed mariner/Gucci chain link).  

Another key difference between the mariner and the anchor chain link necklaces is that the anchor links are rounded rather than hammered flat like the mariner links are. The links are also locked more closely together, making for a more solid necklace. 

What is similar between the two is that both the anchor and the mariner feature interconnected ovals that have a bar that crosses the center of each link.

Whilst anchor chain link necklaces can be a little heavy at times, there are a wide variety of different kinds available, including those that aren’t quite as hefty as others.

The Rope Chain Link

Rope chain link necklaces are considered to be the original choice of chain in hip hop and rap culture, with pop culture icons such as Biz Markie, Run-DMC, and LL Cool J popularizing them amongst the public during the late 80s and throughout the 90s. 

Designed to look like heavy-duty ropes, rope chain necklaces have a style that could be considered quite simplistic at a first glance. They initially look as though they are simply two strands of metal that have been twisted together.

However, this is far from the case. Rope chain necklaces feature an intricate design, with a chain that is made up of various smaller chain links that are connected to each other, creating a pattern that is reminiscent of a rope.

This pattern also creates a distinctive texture that works well with flat link chains due to their opposing nature. When layered alongside some flat chain link necklaces, you can create a look that is full of contrasting textures to add some fashionable flair to any ensemble.

The rope chain link is also one of the best when it comes to customization via the use of different pendants and charms, due to its versatility. 

The Rolo Chain Link

Similar to the cable chain link necklace that we discussed earlier, the Rolo- also referred to as a Belcher chain- features a series of interlocking links that are rounded, but more ovular in shape rather than the complete circles that we see in a cable chain.

As well as that, the rolo is also heavier than a cable chain link necklace due to the fact that there is not as much space between the links as there is with a cable chain. The links of the rolo are smaller in terms of diameter in comparison to a cable chain, but there are also thicker. 

Although the links are rounded, they are not hammered flat. The links can either be symmetrical in size all the way around the necklace, but they can also alternate in sizes as well. The alternating design on certain rolo chains offers an incredibly intricate look, making for an attractive and attention-grabbing accessory.

 A rolo is also a durable choice, and whilst thinner rolo chains are able to hold a wide range of pendants, thicker ones are intricate enough to work as standalone necklaces.  

The Cuban Chain Link

This is another highly popular choice thanks to its simple yet elegant design. Also known as a curb chain, the Cuban- or Miami Cuban- chain link features a series of twisted oval links that are flat and interlocked, joining together in a way that overlaps.

These links are identical all the way around the necklace. This interlocked design makes it one of the more durable options, as does the way in which they are created, with each link being soldered together independently. 

There are a huge amount of possibilities with a Cuban chain link necklace, from the thin and lightweight chains to the chunky and thick ones. 

The Wheat Chain Link

This chain link style of necklace is named for its intricate design, resembling the heads of mature wheat stalks with the small links within it that are woven together.

The Wheat chain link is made with four strands of small, twisted, and flat oval links that are put together in a braided pattern style. This offers a different texture in comparison to many of the other chain link necklaces we have discussed, creating a look that seems almost hand woven. 

Also known as the Spiga chain, the wheat chain is easily able to avoid becoming kinked thanks to its flexibility and woven design. The Wheat chain link necklace is often used as a standalone accessory thanks to this unique texture and design. 

The Byzantine Chain Link

Another visually interesting choice, the Byzantine chain is similar to the wheat chain in that it has a woven elaborate design.

Made from an intricate metal rope that features interlocking round or oval links, the Byzantine chain is usually seen in silver, giving it a look similar to that of chainmail (unlike a wheat chain which is usually gold, offering that wheat stalk-like look). 

The links of the Byzantine go in various directions on the necklace, which is what creates the unique visuals and interesting patterns. Flexible and easy to drape around the neck, this is definitely a choice if you prefer something a little different with your accessories. 

The Franco Chain Link

Finishing off this list, we have the Franco chain link necklace, which is another great choice for an accessory that is in line with hip-hop streetwear and culture. 

Similar to the Cuban chain, the Franco is made up of interlocking oval links. However, it features four different links that are woven into the shape of the letter “V”, rather than just one style of link. The Franco is four-sided and is flexible, making it difficult to get tangled and able to stay in one piece thanks to its durability. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have sixteen options when it comes to men’s chain link necklaces, all of which have their own styles and designs.

Whether you are an accessory aficionado or simply curious about trying out some new jewelry, you are sure to find that at least one of these choices suits your personal style choices perfectly!

Joseph Pais