The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Rings For Men

Historically, men of royalty and power would wear rings as a status symbol. While this trend largely disappeared in the last century, men have started to wear rings again for many different reasons.

The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Rings For Men

This comes with its difficulties. Many men aren’t quite sure how to wear a ring. What hand and finger should you wear a ring?

And are there any specific meanings attached to the way a man wears a ring?

Although there are a few traditional rules for men who wear rings, many of these aren’t set in stone.

After all, wearing a ring is still a very individual and personal choice, for men as well as women.

In the last century, men’s jewelry was often restricted to a wedding ring or a watch, and there are countless guides on how to wear a watch but no guides fully cover the ring etiquette for men.

We explore the different ways on how to wear a ring as a man, and we will also give you a few style tips on how to adapt these guidelines.

How To Wear A Ring As A Man

There are a large variety of ways to wear a ring as a man. The most common ring a man will wear is a wedding band, and this is typically worn on the ring finger on the left hand.

But how do you wear a ring when you are not married? And what should you do if you want to wear more than one ring? 

Let’s start answering some of these questions.

Which Hand Should You Wear A Ring On?

One of the first questions we always get when talking about rings for men is which hand the ring should go on.

Except for your wedding ring, there are no set rules on how exactly you should be wearing your ring, and what hand you should wear a ring on.

This can differ widely from country to country, and even individual cultures. Some cultures expect men to wear a ring on the right hand, while others insist that a ring should be worn only on the left hand.

As a rule of thumb, most men are right-handed. This means that their right hand is a lot more active and it draws a lot more attention with hand gestures.

Therefore, if you want to make a statement, then placing a ring on your right hand is a great option.

On the other end of the spectrum, the left hand generally represents the character and your mentality.

If you feel like you do not want to be the center of attention with your ring, then put it on your left hand.

This is very much up to you and what feels right for you. If you are not sure, then try wearing the ring on both sides, and see what feels more comfortable.

What Finger Can You Wear Your Ring On?

Once you have decided on either right or left hand, the next thing you probably wonder about is what finger you should wear your ring on.

Index Finger

Traditionally, wearing a ring on certain fingers stood for individual symbols. For example, a ring on your index finger indicated your family status for a long time in the past.

This also applied to different clubs and fraternities, such as the Free Masons. This means that men usually wore family crest rings or signet rings on their index fingers.

You will find this tradition even today. Different generations of men also choose the index finger as a symbol of authority and power.

Little Finger

Another popular ring finger is the little finger. Wearing a statement ring on your pinky is one of the best ways to draw attention. 

Rings that depict a Fleur De Lis often stand for fierceness and confidence. In comparison, wearing a ring that depicts an eagle indicates that you are a free spirit.

You can choose any style of ring that reflects your personality. From embedded gemstones to yellow gold metal bands, the pinky finger shows off your shiny ring very well.

The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Rings For Men

Middle Finger

While rings on the index and pinky finger are quite popular, you rarely see a man wearing a ring on his middle finger.

If you are looking to wear only one ring, then the middle finger is perfectly fine to use. You are even good to go for a bulky ring to make a bold statement

If you want to wear more than one ring, then it’s best to stick to a smaller, minimal ring on the middle finger to ensure that your rings don’t clash.


Thumb rings have become a huge trend in the last years, so wearing a large ring on your thumb definitely makes a bold statement.

You can wear basically any ring on your thumb, from signet rings to classic broad bands.

Can You Wear Multiple Rings?

Of course, you can wear as many rings as you like and feel comfortable. Saying this, if you want to wear more than one ring, you will need to make sure that they don’t clash.

It may sound obvious but ensure that you can still use your hand fully with all your rings on. Allow enough space between your thumb and your fingers.

In light of this, we found that wearing a maximum of three fingers was a good solution.

What To Look For When Choosing A Ring?

Now that you know what hand and finger you want to wear your ring on, it’s time to take a look at how to choose the right ring for you.

Decide On The Right Size And Fit

You do not just want your ring to look stylish but it should also fit well, so you do not loose it.

One thing to bear in mind when looking for the right ring size is that a ring should be chosen according to the size of your hand.

This means that, for example, a small or slim hand should wear a smaller or more compact ring. In comparison, larger hands can wear off large rings very well.

The best fit for a ring is when it slides over the knuckle with ease and it feels comfortable without restricting the blood flow.

The ring should sit neither too tight nor too loose.

How Do You Find The Right Ring Size?

Finding out your ring size isn’t usually very difficult. There are a large number of ring size charts online.

Alternatively, you can also go to your local jewelry shop and they will be able to measure the size of your finger to find the ring size that fits perfectly.

It’s worthwhile mentioning here that ring sizes for men are different to ring sizes for women. As men usually have wider and thicker hands, they also require different sizes.

Should Your Ring Face Out Or In?

There are a number of different ring styles where the direction they face is important. For example, college rings or a skull ring usually can be worn facing both in and out.

However, if you wear your ring as a statement, then you certainly want to face any crests or other symbols out.

If you prefer to hide the symbol of the ring, then feel free to wear it facing in.

Find A Ring For The Occasion

When you think about why people started wearing a ring, then the next section will come in useful.

Rings were often worn for different occasions. Today, we wear rings for equally different reasons.

Whether you are looking for a ring to complement your business attire or you want to wear a ring as part of a more casual look, there is a vast number of ring styles for each occasion.

The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Rings For Men

Rings For Daily Casual Wear

Most men wear their ring every day as part of their casual outfit and to spruce up their look. 

The different styles of rings available from jewelers and online mean that you just have to choose one to fit your hands and personality.

A very popular choice for casual rings is the anchor ring. This style is typically kept very simple which makes it ideal for your casual wear.

Most rings are available in gold and silver but you will be able to find other metals, such as rose gold, platinum or titanium.

Another common ring choice is the chain ring. These rings come in a variety of styles but they are always guaranteed to add energy and interest to your outfit.

Although more popular in the past, the prime ring with a large, natural stone at its center is also making a comeback.

Rings With Cultural And Religious Meanings

Rings often have a deeply personal meaning to us, and this is especially true for rings with a religious or cultural sentiment. 

Many men want to incorporate their personal beliefs into their style, and this can be done easily and subtly with a ring.

Many jewelry retailers offer engraving services for rings, so that you can get your individual design engraved. This also creates a truly unique ring for you.

Zodiac Rings

Not quite as unique but still personal to everyone, zodiac signs on feature rings have taken the fashion industry by storm.

Many jewelers offer entire zodiac collections of rings, necklaces and bracelets. 

Whether you are a strong Leo and want to show it in a bold statement ring on your thumb, or you are a peaceful Pisces who prefers a more subtle statement, zodiac rings are just on trend.

But there are not just the Western zodiac signs that you can find on rings. Also different animals of the Chinese zodiac can feature on rings for men.

For example, an eagle on a ring can be a clear nod towards your nature as a free spirit.

Family And Signet Rings

Historians often cite the signet or family ring as the starting point for men wearing rings. In the past, men would proudly show off their family symbols everywhere, including their jewelry.

This tradition has now entered the 21st century and you can easily get different signet rings with your monogram.

Alternatively, customized rings with your initial are extra special and unique to you.

Although many of us do not have a family crest anymore, you can still wear a ring with a crest.

Perhaps you found your family’s crest from centuries ago, or why not design your own family crest with your family?

Thanks to the engraving options where rings can be customized, there is no limit what type of ring you can wear.

The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Rings For Men

Rings For Business Wear

Rings aren’t just a great accessory for a man’s casual wear but they also work well when wearing a suit and other outfits.

Generally, bold, gold rings are the best choice for business wear. You can finish your look also with a matching gold watch.

You can wear almost any ring with your business attire, as long as it isn’t offensive. Rings such as monogram rings or bold tiger cushion rings make a very clear statement that’s full of confidence.

You can also try to experiment with a few rings that incorporate a stone matching your tie or suit.

There are no real rules about what metal you should wear but we found that gold works best, but this depends on your suit or business.

Some silver rings also work perfectly fine with the right suit.

Engagement And Wedding Rings

Wedding bands and engagement rings are one of the most commonly worn rings by men. 

While traditionally women still get the most stylish ring with a large diamond, a man’s wedding ring doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Today, you can also get bold wedding rings for men with stones or in striking metals.

As wedding rings are usually custom-made, you can incorporate your favorite stones, engraving or anything that you always wanted in a ring.

Although these rings do last a long time, you can get yourself a new wedding ring at any time, switching your old plain band for a more personalized ring.

Choose Your Ring Style 

There may be no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing your ring but there is definitely something you should always remember: a ring reflects your personality.

This means that before buying a ring, it’s worthwhile reflecting on what is important to you. Are there any symbols that have a special meaning to you? 

Additionally, you should also take a close look at your wardrobe. What type of ring would fit with the majority of what you wear?

Or are you going to wear your ring only with a certain outfit, for example, your business suit?

If you are looking to buy your first ring, then we recommend taking a look at some classic designs. Keep it minimalist and simple.

You can start off with a plain ring, and if you want to add your initial or a symbol engraved at a later stage, then this can often be done very easily (though it’s best to check with your local jewelry shop first).

Once you get used to wearing a ring, you can also go for something more bold.

How To Wear Rings With Watches And Bracelets?

One thing that many people often overlook is how to create a cohesive look with different pieces of accessories.

After all, modern men do not just wear watches. They often also wear bracelets, necklaces or other accessories.

As a rule of thumb, it is important to not wear all your jewelry on the same hand. Spread your accessories out a little, so it doesn’t look too bulky.

Also make sure that you look similar to metals, so if you have a gold watch, then it is best to stick to gold bracelets or golden rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Care For Your Ring?

Caring for your ring depends on the type of metal that your ring is made of. It is usually best to take your ring to a professional jeweler regularly who will check and clean the ring.

If you want to clean your ring yourself, then you can usually get the job done with some lukewarm water and a very soft bristle toothbrush.

How Many Rings Can A Man Wear?

Men (or women) can never wear too many rings if they are bold and confident enough to carry them as statement symbols.

It’s a good idea to start off with one or two rings, and then slowly increase the number.

Why Do Men Wear Signet Rings?

Signet rings typically feature the family crest or family history of a man. Men who take pride in their family’s ancestral achievements happily wear signet rings to show this off.

Final Thoughts

Men wearing rings is not just a thing of the past but it is a growing trend across the world.

Today, men wear any number of different rings, bracelets and other accessories to create the perfect style individual to them.

Joseph Pais