Tips On How To Make A Ring Fit If It Is Too Big?

Sometimes the excitement of finding the perfect ring is too much and you purchase it in the wrong size. It happens to all of us, ring sizes are confusing and can even vary across different countries.

So when you buy a ring that is too big, consider resizing options before throwing it out. Most resizing options are cheaper than buying a whole new ring.

Tips On How To Make A Ring Fit If It Is Too Big

If you do however suddenly find your ring is too big, don’t immediately get it resized. It might be your finger changing shape, this can happen in cold weather or through weight loss.

If it is something as drastic as weight loss we suggest waiting until you are at your weight goal before permanently resizing your ring.

If you are getting your ring sized to fit you, understand the circumstances in which you are being measured.

If you have some swelling in your finger you might need to wait for it to go down before being measured.

Of course you don’t have to immediately run to the jewelers to get your ring resized. Here are a few ways to quickly fix your ring size.

Ring Guard

Most ring guards look like a rubber spiral that you twist onto your ring. They are an affordable and readily available option as they can be found easily online.

Since they are made out of clear rubber it means they are comfortable and hardly visible.

Glue Or Wax

Possibly the messiest fix on the list but it can be done with household items, great for if you need a quick fix. You do this by lining the inside of your ring with a thin layer of glue or wax.

While they are fast drying substances you do have a bit of wiggle room before they completely harden to get them to your desired shape.

Instead of putting the glue or wax straight onto your ring we suggest picking it up with a toothpick and applying it to your ring with that for more control.

When choosing this option make sure you take into account the metal of your ring, if it is plated it may cause it to rub off faster when the glue or wax inevitably come off.

Nail Polish

A popular choice for a quick resizing is to spread a thin coat of nail polish on the inside of the ring. You can buy a clear quick drying nail polish for a quick and almost invisible fix.

Not only is this great for resizing but it is a common hack for people who have metal allergies.

You don’t have to paint the whole ring if using nail polish for this purpose, just the parts of the ring that have the most contact with the skin.

While this is a very temporary fix I personally find it to be the best method as you can travel with a bottle of nail polish and it gives a comfortable finish.

Nail polish can also be found in most homes, and if not can be found at cheap prices.


While this method can be done with any piece of thin thread, the most popular choices are dental floss and fishing line as they are clear.

You simply wrap the string around the back of your ring until it is the desired size. It may however unravel over time, especially if it gets wet.

Jeweler Applied Ring Sizers

Jeweler Applied Ring Sizers

If you want to go the temporary route but still want it to be done by a professional jeweler, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Metal sizing beads – Typically 2 beads welded to the inside of the ring, they can be removed at any time.  Jewelers can add as many beads as needed to get the desired size. Unfortunately, some people have found them uncomfortable over time.
  • Fold over device – A u-shaped bar attached to the bottom of the ring. It is hinged to make it easier to get the ring past your knuckles.
  • Spring insert – A horseshoe-like insert to the inner ring. It covers about three quarters of the ring. As the name suggests it springs open to get past the knuckle, then it springs back for a snug fit.

Permanent Resize 

Finally if you want a permanent fix then it will have to be done at the jewelers. Most jewelers offer a ring sizing service and can make your ring 1-2 sizes smaller.

They do this by cutting out a section of the ring and fusing the 2 ends together. They will then polish it until it looks like it hasn’t been adjusted at all.

It is important to remember that some metals can’t be resized at all like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel. Also having an engraving on your ring can make resizing it difficult if it covers the whole ring.


When selecting the method to use when resizing your ring consider the advantages and disadvantages of every option.

If you want a quick temporary fix in the colder months then a ring guard might be an option.

However, if you want something more sturdy, then you could talk to your jeweler about putting in some metal sizing beads.

Remember, if you get your ring permanently resized then the structure of it will be weakened.

Especially after multiple resizes, this is why most jewelers will only offer one complimentary resize.

If the ring is very important, such as a family heirloom, then spare no expense and do your research before permanent resizing to avoid weakening it.

Of course, the easiest way to get the right size ring is to know your ring size. If you know exactly what size ring you need then you can ignore all of the previous options.

Ring Size Chart

The easiest way to measure your ring size is to get a piece of string and wrap it around your finger, then measure the string against a ruler. Take into account which finger you want your ring on since some fingers can be different sizes.

Most ring charts will be in millimeters since they are a small but accurate form of measurement.

Below is the diameter and then corresponding US ring size:

  • 14.0mm – 3
  • 14.5mm – 3.5
  • 15.0mm – 4
  • 15.3mm – 4.5
  • 15.6mm – 5
  • 16.2mm – 5.5
  • 16.6mm – 6
  • 16.9mm – 6.5
  • 17.2mm – 7
  • 17.8mm – 7.5
  • 18.1mm – 8
  • 18.5mm – 8.5
  • 19.1mm – 9
  • 19.4mm – 9.5
  • 19.7mm – 10
  • 20.4mm – 10.5
  • 20.7mm – 11
  • 21.0mm – 11.5
  • 21.6mm – 12
  • 22.0mm – 12.5
  • 22.3mm – 13
  • 22.9mm – 13.5
  • 23.2mm – 14
  • 23.6mm – 14.5

While this is a US sizing chart it should be noted that other countries have their own sizing chart. For example the UK uses letters as sizes instead of numbers. If you are buying your ring online from a different country it might be a good idea to look up a ring size converter.

Joseph Pais