Turtleneck Outfit Ideas For Men

When the colder season starts, most people tend to abandon fashion for bulky pieces and large scarfs.

While a scarf can be a trendy accessory, what if we told you there was a piece of clothing that was warm, stylish, and covers your neck.

Turtleneck Outfit Ideas For Men

The trusty turtleneck! It looks good on everyone and can be worn to any occasion. It will be your new go-to piece for formal and casual events in the winter.

It’s a great way to give any look a retro feel or a classy finish depending on the rest of your outfit. 

The turtle neck has been a fall staple in fashion for many years but men tend to steer away from it for fear of not styling it right. Don’t worry we are here to show you how easy it can be to style a turtleneck.

On Its Own

While it may seem obvious, a turtleneck looks great by itself and can create a simple but effective look. 

Since it will be worn without layering you can have a chunky knit or oversized turtleneck if you like. The comfort of an oversized turtleneck can’t be understated.

We recommend pairing it with a pair of light wash jeans and a white sneaker for a casual look. Or you can dress it up slightly with chinos or ankle boots.

The joy of this simple look is that it is prime for accessorizing. A necklace will really bring attention to the namesake of the turtleneck, and also help you pull off that famous Dwayne Johnson look.

The turtleneck is a staple in layering so why not layer your necklaces too, get adventurous with it. You could also just go for the standard watch and rings combination if you prefer.

Under A Jacket

A turtleneck is a great layering tool, the versatile nature of it allows it to work with any style of jacket. Whether a denim, bomber or suede jacket it will go great with a turtleneck.

Style your outfit around your jacket rather than the turtleneck, to really create a cohesive outfit.

Since the top half will be layered we recommend slim fit pants if the jacket is considered more casual, and chinos for the structured jackets. It is the dealer’s choice on whether you want to tuck the turtleneck into your pants or not.

As for shoes, you can’t go wrong with your favorite pair of sneakers. However, try to avoid any vibrant colors since they are for the sunnier seasons.

Leather Jacket

While a leather jacket will follow the same rules as above, the nature of it will give a completely different aesthetic.

The best function of a turtleneck is that it will blend seamlessly into any style rather than over shadow it. That means it will work with any leather jacket you own.

So drag that old motorcycle jacket out the closet and incorporate it back into your winter rotation.

To complement the punk-look a leather jacket gives we suggest sticking with dark or monotone colors. A chunky boot or creepers won’t go amiss either.

If you go for an all black look, then why not introduce some silver jewelry into the look. A couple rings and chains will work well. A dark pair of sunglasses are a great accessory while also being functional.

Under A Coat

Under A Coat

On those extra cold days you need something a bit more substantial than a jacket. Fortunately turtlenecks and overcoats are a match made in heaven.

A wool coat is a classy choice that is sure to keep you warm, or you can add a dramatic flair with a trench coat.

We recommend sticking with neutral tones like browns and creams as you don’t want too much going on up top.

Bring the formality of this look down with a nice dark jean and your best Chelsea boots.

With Dress Pants

Go up a notch on the formality scale and land comfortably in smart casual by pairing your turtleneck with dress pants. 

A fantastic look for dates since it looks great and is easy to pull off. You can show your date that you can put in effort to look good when in reality you put in no effort at all.

Pair the dress pants with some smart shoes such as double monks or loafers. If you really want to go fancy, this look will also work with Oxfords or baroque shoes.

We suggest not wearing them in black unless you are going for a monochromatic look as it can come across too formal.

With A Suit

While a turtleneck will never be black tie level of formality, a semi-formal look is very possible when it is paired with a suit.

Just swap out whatever dress shirt you were planning on wearing with a turtleneck to get a unique look that will be sure to draw attention. Try not to go for an oversized turtleneck as it can look wrong under a suit jacket.

A turtleneck works particularly well with a double-breasted suit. By nature the double-breasted covers up most of the underlayer but because the turtleneck goes up higher than a normal sweater you are able to show it off.

If you don’t want to go full suit then you can swap it out for a blazer and pants combination instead.

Try to stick with the classic colors for your turtleneck, such as burgundy, blue or brown. Just like all the other looks you can go the monotone route and go with white, black or gray. 

If you do want to go for a bolder color then choose if you want your turtleneck or blazer to be the statement piece. If you want a show stopping fit, you can opt for a simple black turtleneck and pair it with a fun velvet blazer.

Since this is a formal look we recommend you wear derby shoes. Try to keep them polished and clean since the shoe says a lot about a person’s style.

Get Adventurous

Try to get creative with your style. Treat your turtleneck as a foundation to any outfit you want. Trust us when we say it is flexible enough to work with anything.

A unique way to style your turtleneck is underneath a button down or even a crewneck. A crewneck will accentuate the neck region of the sweater so why not go for a different colored crew neck. 

If you choose a button down then you have opened a world of styling opportunities. You can button it up to get a similar effect to the crewneck.

Or leave it unbuttoned so you can really get creative with the layering. Flannel is a popular choice nowadays and works well with a simple turtleneck and a neutral jacket.

Since we’re going out of the box, now is the time to bring out all the accessories you own. Rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, the choice is yours. Since it’s colder seasons you can even go for matching hats to really bring the whole look together.

It’s not just above the waist that can be uniquely styled. Why not pair a cream turtleneck with some cargo pants or olive chinos to go in line with current fashion trends. 

For the ultimate casual look you can layer a simple hoodie over your turtleneck with a pair of canvas sneakers. Throw a denim jacket over the whole outfit for a youthful hangout look.


Hopefully now you have some inspiration on how to style one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Like we said, warm, stylish and it covers the neck.

Don’t be afraid of turtlenecks if you are on the larger side. Turtlenecks suit any body type and the neckline can even cover up any double chins you may think you have.

If you’re hesitant then start by trying a black or white turtleneck. When you feel more comfortable with styling it then you can go onto bolder colors. You can even get patterned turtlenecks if you’re feeling overly creative.

Who knows, you might like your turtleneck so much that you will go out and get yourself a thinner one for those warmer seasons. That way you can rock the James Bond look year round.

Joseph Pais