What Brand Makes The Best Cowboy Boots – Tecovas Vs Ariat

Cowboy boots can be a very versatile piece of clothing. Whether you are working in your backyard, heading to the bar, or going to church on Sunday, a pair of cowboy boots can be worn for almost any occasion.

What Brand Makes The Best Cowboy Boots - Tecovas vs Ariat

At this point, Ariat and Tecovas are two of the most well-known names in the business of manufacturing western cowboy boots. If you are looking to buy a pair of high-quality boots, you can go wrong with picking shoes from either of these companies. 

But is there any difference between the two brands? And does one come out as the overall winner? In this article, we will answer precisely that. We will cover all of the essential similarities and differences between these two brands so that you can buy from the one that is right for you. 

Tecovas And Ariat – Key Similarities And Differences 


Tecovas is a brand that is typically more desirable than Ariat because of the higher quality of the materials, the style, and the structure of their shoes. If you are looking for something to last, then it is best to choose Tecovas as your band of choice. 

Founded by Paul Henrick in 2015, Tecovas is a young brand. Paul, a Texan residing in Connecticut, reportedly had difficulty finding an appropriate pair of cowboy boots in the city.

Eventually, he was overcome with homesickness, and he desired to build his own business, fleeing the corporate world. He returned to Austin and established Tecovas.

While there are more luxurious firms with nicer leathers and more intriguing styles (especially if you’re looking for that hand-painted flare), you won’t be able to find a western boot brand that offers as much style and value for the money as Tecovas boots.

Their design incorporates classic cowboy boot manufacturing processes, such as traditional cording, lemonwood pegs in the outsole, and a Goodyear welt. If you are looking for a pair of traditional cowboy boots, we suggest Tecovas.

Shoe Design

  • Upper – Goat, Full Grain Lether, Bison, Bovine
  • Sole – Leather and Synthetic
  • Outsole – Vibram rubber and Leather


  • Lasts for 30 days with a free return label included in the purchase. 


  • Excellent quality in materials
  • Very stylish with a narrower toe than Ariat boots
  • Very good construction and includes a complete leather lining


  • Not very comfortable for long wear
  • Hard to take them off


If you spend a lot of time on your feet and put a lot of stress on your footwear, then you should consider purchasing a pair of Ariat boots for your place of employment. 

If you are heading to a job site, the Tecovas boots might get damaged, which means a lot of money has just been wasted. 

Ariat shoes are also a lot more comfortable, meaning doing hard work is a bit less of a strain on you.

Ariat provides general style boots, hunting boots, equestrian riding boots, work boots, and even sneakers, whereas Tecovas offers only a few basic kinds of boots for men and women (mainly fashion-oriented with some work-related options).

WorkHog is one of the more popular pairs of Ariat boots since it is robust, waterproof, and inexpensive, so you won’t mind using them when working outside. Ariat boots are quite comfortable and easy to remove, but overall not very stylish.  

All of the Ariat boots are made in China and feature a cemented sole, which is inferior to more standard techniques such as the Goodyear welt found on Tecovas boots (instead of a stitch, glue is used to hold the upper and sole together).

But because of the cementing process, the boots are also less expensive, which may be a selling point to you. 

Shoe Design

  • Upper – Full Grian and real Leather
  • Sole – Synthetic
  • Outsole – Various materials


  • Lasts for 90 days with free returns.


  • Low cost
  • Has a bigger selection of boots, with them stocking both work shoes are more fashionable items
  • Very comfortable


  • Not very durable due to how they were constructed using a cemented sole
  • Low-quality materials used, including the leather



The look of Tecovas boots is more straightforward compared to Ariat. Some of their designs, such as the Cartwright, are simplistic and classic, and they are adaptable enough to be worn in both official and informal contexts.

On the other hand, Ariat is well-known for having designs that are noticeably more overt and visible. They do make work boots, which feature an extremely traditional style. These boots are perfect for my everyday activities, but they make a variety of other styles as well. 

The Midtown Rambler, which is a sort of style boot, is one of their best-selling products. However, after wearing them for a year, you may find that the extremely squared toe and styled leather can up looking rather dreadful and worn out. 

Ariat manufactures a variety of boots, some of which include the American flag in addition to peculiar stitching patterns that give the impression that a dinosaur tore through the front of the leather.

If you prefer to have real leather that ages well rather than having a camouflage pattern or mesh vent panels on the side of the shoes, then Ariat boots may not be for you. 

When we are just focusing on style, then Tecovas is the clear winner. On the other hand, considering that everyone has their unique sense of taste, you can have a different opinion.

Tecovas boots look good with both boot-cut jeans and slim-fit jeans, but Ariat boots are noticeably thicker and only work with boot-cut jeans. Tecovas boots are a better option for those looking for versatility in their footwear options. This is because Tecovas boots feature an ankle that is more narrow than other boots.

Because Tecovas has a thinner profile down the vamp and shaft, you can wear them with a suit, which is the ultimate fashion move. When it comes to Ariat, we cannot make the same claim. 


Tecovas only uses one-of-a-kind leathers, which are then subjected to a variety of unique processes to bring out their natural suppleness. The leather is exceptionally malleable through the shaft, and the shoes have an outstanding feel right out of the box.

The major line of the company’s products are crafted using leathers that are all full-grain, and the brand provides an interesting range of these leathers, including calf, bovine, goat, and bison leathers.

In addition to that, you may purchase items made of alligator, suede, caiman, lizard, ostrich, and crocodile.

What Brand Makes The Best Cowboy Boots - Tecovas vs Ariat

The fact that you can reproduce a certain kind of boot with a different type of leather and so add more options to your collection is one of the best aspects of Tecovas shoes.

This is because while the customization options are great, they do not provide more than a handful of distinct styles of footwear. So if you want something a bit different, you will have to choose one of the more outlandish materials for the boot. 

Additionally, Ariat uses full-grain leathers for the bulk of their normal range of cowboy boots. The brand does, however, offer a few genuine types of leather of lower quality in their selection of products.

The quality of the leather that is sold by Tecovas is significantly greater than the quality of the leather that is sold by Ariat. So once again, Tecovas wins in this category. 

Construction And The Sole

While how you like your boots to be constructed comes down to your preferences, Tecovas has the advantage in terms of design and the quality of the leather that is utilized in their products.

On the other hand, Ariat possesses several benefits over its competitors, particularly in the sole and the overall construction of the shoe.

The construction of Tecovas boots is of a more conventional style. They have a 1/2 (or 3/4 on some models) Goodyear welt, lemonwood pegs, a steel shank, a stacked leather heel, and a top lift of 1 millimeter (or heel cap).

The majority of Ariat boots have a construction that is cemented. They have insoles, midsoles, and outsoles made of synthetic materials, and they typically include carbon fiber or plastic shanks.

Because of these qualities, Ariat boots can be manufactured at a more affordable price.

Tecovas is the brand that you should go with if you are interested in purchasing high-quality cowboy boots that are also crafted in the conventional method.

On the other hand, Ariat’s are a great option to go for if you work in a professional setting that demands a large amount of additional cushioning, breathability, and comfort from your footwear.

Natural materials such as leather and cork have a longer lifespan than the synthetic materials that are used in Ariat goods. Nevertheless, synthetic materials are far more comfortable to wear. 

Additionally, the insoles of almost all Ariat boots can be replaced, allowing the wearer to replace them with their custom orthotics for improved arch support.

This feature is standard across the entire Ariat product line. People who have troubles with either their knees or their backs will find this to be of particular use.

We would say that a pair of Ariat boots can take the stress of a year’s worth of hard labor without displaying indications of wear and tear. Because of the use of cemented soles in their construction, after they have been finished, they cannot be recrafted in any way. 

That is not necessarily a bad thing, because Ariats are frequently available at prices that are low enough that you won’t feel bad about buying new boots every year. 

Even with typical wear and tear, Tecovas boots may last for several years because of the durable rubber top lift, and it is simple to replace the heel of an older pair with a new one when the heel eventually gives out. 

We recommend not doing any strenuous labor in your Tecovas Cartwright shoes because it has a leather sole that can wear out with a lot of stress. But Tecovas also makes the Stockton and the Bandera, both of which are much more suited to laboring than the Cartwright. 

The winner of this round depends on your preferences and what you want the boots to do for you, though we think that the Ariat boots are the best here. 

The Fit And Sizing 

Both companies’ fits are pretty comparable to one another. For both of these brands, you can order your exact shoe size and the boost should fit comfortably.

While this may seem obvious, a lot of cowboy boots tend to run too big or too small compared to your typical size, so this is a pretty great achievement by both brands. 

Although Tecovas boots feature a slimmer profile across the vamp and toe, they are also available in broad widths (EE) for consumers who have very wide feet. 

Ariat offers a comprehensive range of sizing options, with the great majority of their boots being made available in D and EE widths, respectively.

What Brand Makes The Best Cowboy Boots - Tecovas vs Ariat

The majority of Tecovas boots have rounded toes, whereas most Ariat boots have square toes. This results in Ariat footwear having a far more roomy toe box than Tecovas boots do. However, Tecovas boots are known for their quality and durability. 

Ariat boots have an exceptionally high degree of comfort because of the use of synthetic material in the construction of the insoles, as well as the midsoles and outer soles of the boots.

This comes at the cost of its lifespan, but depending on your objectives, it could be a fair trade-off for you to make. Booth brands come to a draw in this round. 


In most cases, the price of Ariat boots is significantly lower than the price of Tecova boots. The price range for Tecovas boots is around $250 to $300, whereas the price range for Ariat boots is normally considerably less than $200.

Saying that, it is possible to get Ariats made using exotic leathers for a price that is typically over $500.

When compared to Ariat boots, Tecovas boots are around 25-30 percent more expensive. This is because Tecovas boots are made from higher-quality materials.

Your budget will play a huge part in what brand is best for you here. If you want boots that are cheaper and more comfortable but less durable, then go for Ariat. But if you want a more high-quality product, then Tecova boots will be better for you. 

Key Features 


When compared to Ariat, Tecovas stands out due to the time-honored and high-quality production procedures as well as the higher quality of its leather. Additionally, Tecovas is a family-owned and operated business.

If you were to hold a pair of boots from each brand side by side, you would immediately notice a substantial difference in the overall quality of the two different brands.

The leather that is used to make Tecovas shoes is of a better grade, and you will appreciate the fact that the manufacturer constructs its leather soles using a Goodyear welt and lemonwood pegs.

This has been the conventional process for the production of cowboy boots for more than a century.

The boots made by Tecovas are subtle and sophisticated, though this is because the brand does not provide a very large range of particularly eye-catching models.

Additionally, the shaft is not overly hefty, which means that you may wear these boots with a suit or with skinny jeans that have been cut narrowly.

Despite all of these positives, removing them is a far more challenging task compared to Ariat boots. In addition to the Tecovas boots, you are going to need to purchase a boot jack as well.


The boots produced by Ariat are among the most comfortable you will possibly ever wear.

There is nothing traditional about how they were created, but when you’re toiling away on a building site, what difference does it make whether or not they were constructed traditionally?

When it comes to working boots, Ariat is the brand we would recommend since their costs are lower, they provide substantially more cushioning and comfort, and they come with a broad selection of options for steel and composite toes.

In addition, some variants can be purchased that are completely resistant to water.

Even though your Ariats will most likely become worn out more rapidly than your Tecovas, Ariat has a broader assortment of work boots than Tecova.

Only Ariat can provide you with the kind of protection that comes with wearing a steel-toed boot that is also entirely waterproof.

Summary – Which Brand Is Best?

When searching for a new pair of boots, it is common practice to take into consideration the following five essential aspects: the design, the quality of the material, the quality of the construction, the degree of comfort, and the pricing.

When compared to other manufacturers, Tecovas comes out on top in terms of the design of the product, the quality of the materials used, and the craftsmanship involved.

Ariat is, without a shadow of a question, the frontrunner when it comes to the level of comfort that is provided. 

Tecovas is around 25-30 percent more expensive than Ariat on average; nevertheless, the improvement in both the quality of the materials and the manufacture may make the additional cost well justified. 

Typically, our recommendation would be to buy your new pair of cowboy boots from Tecovas, as they provide several advantages over Ariat shoes. 

The only time that wouldn’t be the case is if you are looking for shoes to wear to a job site or if you are renovating your home and you want something more comfortable and less expensive to wear. 

In these scenarios, you want shoes that are good to run around in, and ones that you don’t mind getting a little damaged. Neither of these is the qualities of Tecovas cowboy boots. 

In situations like this, we would recommend buying the Ariat Groundbreaker since it’s not unduly expensive, it provides a high level of comfort, and it is still pretty durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

Joseph Pais