What Color Clothes Should You Wear With Gray? 7 Fashionable Options

Most people will have at least one item of gray clothing in their wardrobe. Gray is an incredibly stylish color, and over the past few years it really has become popular.

This is why so many people have started to add gray into their wardrobe. 

What Color Clothes Should You Wear With Gray? 7 Fashionable Options

However, while gray is a fashionable color, it is a color that is often very tricky to build outfits out of.

While other monotone shades, such as black, go with pretty much any color, this isn’t the case for gray. Instead, you have to plan a little more carefully when you are putting together an outfit that includes gray clothing.

In this guide, we’ll be making the task of creating an outfit using gray a little easier. So, if you want to find out what color clothes you should wear with gray, keep on reading for 7 fashionable options! 

What Colors Should You Wear With Gray?

Let’s dive right in and take a look at 7 different colors that look incredibly fashionable when paired with gray.


We mentioned earlier that black is one of those colors that goes with everything, so it really isn’t surprising that one of the best colors to pair with gray is black.

Black is super easy to pair with gray clothing because you probably have plenty of black shirts and pants lying around at home. So, you can put an outfit together with little effort. 

Black is always a safe option when you are putting together an outfit. We have all been guilty of pairing a bold color with black, rather than another bold color, simply because it is the easier choice.

If you are pairing black with gray, then we would recommend that you wear a lighter shade of gray, rather than a charcoal gray. The contrast between the light gray and the dark black will look incredibly stylish, even though this outfit requires minimal effort. 


Another easy option to pair with gray clothing is white clothing. White is another monotone shade which is why it works so well with gray.

No matter the shade of gray that you are wearing, the light, bright color of the white will contrast it, ensuring that you always look fashionable. 

If you work in an office, then you have probably seen dozens of people pairing gray trousers with a white shirt. This is a classic look, and one that really is timeless. White and gray simply work together, and there is no way of denying that.

White clothing works with any shade of gray, but it looks best when you pair it with a lighter shade of gray. 



When you wear gray pants with a white shirt, it is likely that you automatically reach for your brown shoes. Subconsciously, you know that the color brown works well with gray, so why don’t you try wearing even more brown clothing with your gray clothes?

Brown and gray work well together throughout the year, but they look most stylish in the autumn and winter months.

There is something about this color combination that screams cozy, which is exactly what you want to be during the colder months. In particular, a brown sweater works well with gray pants. Don’t believe us? Just try it. 

There are lots of different shades of brown out there, just as there are different shades of gray. Different shades of brown work better with different shades of gray and vice versa.

Generally, if you are wearing a lighter shade of gray, we would opt for a darker shade of brown, and a lighter shade of brown when wearing charcoal. Finish your outfit off with a pair of brown shoes, and you are guaranteed to look stylish.


The color options that we have looked at so far could definitely be considered “safe options”, so let’s take a look at some bolder colors that work well with gray. Beginning with the color red. 

Red is a very bold color, so if you are someone who likes to take a risk with fashion, we would recommend giving this color combination a try.

There are lots of different shades of red out there, and they all actually work really well with gray. You can be bold with a brighter shade of red, or keep it classy with a darker shade – the decision is entirely yours to make. 

When pairing red with gray, we would recommend introducing another monotone shade into the mix. Whether it be black or white, it can really help tie the outfit together, and make your outfit look complete.



If red isn’t your color, then you should consider being bold with a shade of blue. There are so many different shades of blue out there, and they all work incredibly well with gray.

This gives you a lot of freedom when you put together an outfit using these colors. 

There are so many different ways that you can match these colors together depending on whether you want a casual or formal look.

A gray shirt will work incredibly well with blue denim jeans, likewise, gray trousers look wonderful when paired with a light blue shirt. 

Our favorite shade of blue to pair with gray is navy. Simply because the dark shade of blue really makes the gray pop. 


Pink works really well with gray, especially when you are putting together outfits for formal settings. In particular, a light pink shirt looks wonderful when paired with a light gray suit. 

There is no knowing the exact reason why this color combination works so well. But the light pink and light gray simply complement each other, and they create an excellent base for a bolder color of tie. 

There aren’t many other situations where pink works well with gray, but when it comes to suits, this color combination is definitely a hit.


Finally, the color gray works well with other shades of gray. As gray is a monotone shade, there are an endless list of different shades of this color. When paired together, these different shades can really complement each other. 

You can get shades of gray that are almost black, and these work incredibly well when worn on your bottom half. Pair your dark gray pants with a lighter gray shirt, and you are guaranteed to look incredibly stylish. 

If you are a little nervous about putting together outfits, then combining different shades of gray would be an excellent way to get your confidence up. You simply cannot go wrong with this color combination. 


In short, there are lots of different colors that work well with gray. In this guide, we have taken a look at 7 incredibly fashionable options. So, if you want to find out more, check out the guide above! 

Joseph Pais