What Is A Number 6 Haircut?

When you go to a barber, you may have heard people say that they would like a number 6 haircut, but what does that mean?

Knowing what these haircuts look like can make it easier for you to have your hair done and for barbers to know exactly what you are looking for.

What Is A Number 6 Haircut?

Getting your haircut can be daunting, especially when you have to explain what you want every time you go.

Being able to say that you want a number 6 haircut will be a lot easier and barbers will understand what you want, but what does a number 6 haircut look like?

This article will explain what a number 6 haircut is to see if it is the kind of style that you want when you go to the barber. You can find out more below about a number 6 haircut to see if you want to try it!

What Does A Number 6 Haircut Look Like?

A number 6 haircut is very popular as it is tidy, neat, and easy to maintain.

The haircut allows you to keep your hair short on the sides so that it is tidy, but the hair on the top of your head is slightly longer.

You are then able to style your hair how you want to create your style and decide how you want your hair to look.

Having a number 6 haircut means that you have enough hair on the top of your head to give yourself some volume.

There is the opportunity to style your hair yourself so that it looks neat and classy, but some people prefer to just leave their hair and let it sit naturally.

As the top is not too long, you can leave your hair and it will not look messy or unkempt.

The main reason that this haircut appeals to a lot of people is that it is very low maintenance.

You do not have to put a lot of effort into worrying about how your hair looks with this haircut as you can make as much or as little effort as you want.

The haircut always looks tidy as it is shorter on the sides and the top is long enough to just run your fingers through to tidy it up.

Is A Number 6 Haircut Long?

If you think that a number 6 haircut could be for you, knowing the length of the haircut is important for making sure that you are happy with it.

Usually, a number 6 haircut is 19mm long and barbers use the #6 clipper guard to achieve this look. The clipper guard allows the barber to have control over how long the haircut is.

What Is A Number 6 Haircut?

If you want to give yourself a number 6 haircut or someone has asked you to give them a number 6, you need to make sure that you have the #6 clipper guards.

If you do not have the right clipper guards, you will not have as much control over the length as you usually would with the right ones.

Some clippers come with a lever. Levers are used by barbers to create a fade, but they can also be used for a number 6 haircut.

If you find that you dislike using a #6 clipper guard for a number 6 haircut as when the lever is open, it seems too long, you can try a #5 clipper guard.

This might be too short, so try using a #6 clipper guard with the lever closed to find the right medium.

Should You Have A Number 6 All Over?

Some people ask for a number 6 haircut all over their hair, but others prefer to have the sides tapered as this provides your hair with more shape.

If there is no shape to your haircut, it can be difficult to style and harder to keep tidy.

You can simply ask your barber to taper the sides and they will be able to shape your hair properly using the right clipper guards.

If you would prefer to have a number 6 haircut all over, you can simply ask your barber.

The most important thing is that you are happy with how your hair looks, and if you will be happy with a number 6 all over, that is what you should go for.

When a number 6 haircut grows out when it is all the same length, it can look fuzzy as the hair is growing out from the same length.

For this reason, people prefer to have the sides short as it also narrows the jawline and provides more shape to your face.

What Does A Number 6 Haircut Look Like On The Sides?

If you decide to ask for a number 6 on the sides, the top of your hair will be left and the sides will be trimmed to 19mm.

A number 6 on the sides is a very common haircut that people decide to have to keep their hair looking tidy and well-kept.

If you have long hair on the top that you want to keep, having a number 6 will make sure that the rest of your hair is neat and doesn’t grow too long.

If you leave your hair to grow out the same length as the top of your hair, you will find that your hair loses all shape. Having a number 6 on the side will provide you with a good shape that will look stylish and modern.

If you want to keep the hair on top longer, you do not even have to have it trimmed.

You might be reluctant to trim the sides as they add to the length of your hair, but you will find that having a number 6 on the back and sides of your hair can give the top more volume.

Your hair will look fuller and the rest of your hair will look clean and tidy.

Can You Have A Fade With A Number 6 Haircut?

You can have a fade with a number 6 haircut and they are very popular as they are interesting, stylish, and easy to maintain.

When you ask for a fade with a number 6, the barber will leave 19mm on the top of your head to be styled and provide volume, and then the back and the sides of your head will be faded out without any harsh lines, creating a smooth gradient.

If you do not want a number 6 all over your hair, having a fade will provide more shape to your haircut and make it look a lot tidier.

What Is A Number 6 Haircut?

Fades are very eye-catching hairstyles, and when they are combined with a longer top that is styled well, it makes a fashionable look.

It might seem simple to go and ask the barber for a number 6 haircut with a fade, but you need to be very specific to make sure that you are happy with the outcome of your haircut.

There are different types of fades that you can ask for, so you need to see which type of fade you like the best so that the barber knows what you want.

Low Fade

A low fade begins a lot further down so that the top of your hair is extended down the back of your head.

The low fade begins about half an inch above your ear and then has a smooth gradient that covers the back of your head, getting shorter as it goes down.


A mid-fade begins slightly higher up than a low fade so it begins between the ears and the temples.

It provides more height to your fade and allows the hair on the top of your head to stand out more.
High Fade

A high fade begins near the temples for a more dramatic effect on your hair. The higher the fade, the more striking it will be. Some people prefer to have a high fade as it is incredibly eye-catching and provides more volume to the hair on the top of your head.

Be Specific With What Type Of Fade You Want

It is incredibly important to make sure that you are clear about what type of fade you want during your haircut. You will also need to let your barber know how short you want the fade.

A skin fade shaves the shortest length, while the number 2 fade trims the shortest length the same length as a number 2 haircut.

Being specific is important for making sure that you are happy with your haircut. If you are not specific about your fade, you might end up having one that you don’t want, such as a skin fade.

Therefore, to make sure that you are satisfied with your haircut, tell the barber exactly what you want so that they can deliver the haircut that you want!

Can You Do A Number 6 Haircut At Home?

If you are not an experienced barber, it is recommended that you go to a barber and ask them to give you a number 6 haircut as it will be neat, tidy, and it will look even.

If you are not an experienced barber, giving yourself this haircut can be difficult, but if you want to learn, there are steps to follow to make sure that the haircut looks good!

To start, you need to make sure that you have a pair of clippers and a #6 clipper guard.

Without a #6 clipper guard, you will not be able to get the effect that you desire.

Some clippers come with this clipper guard, but others do not, so you may have to purchase them separately.

Make Sure That The Clippers Are Prepared

One of the most important things to do before you use the clippers is to make sure that they are ready to use.

The clippers need to be clean as using dirty clippers means that the haircut will not be as smooth or as even.

If there is hair stuck in the clippers, it will clog the blades and they will be very uncomfortable to use on your hair as they will pull.

If you haven’t cleaned your blades, you need to do so with a brush. Your clippers should come with a small brush that can be used to keep your clippers in good condition.

The brush is small enough to get between the blades to remove any loose hair and prevent clogging.

If your clippers didn’t come with a brush, use a toothbrush to remove any loose hair and regularly use it to keep the clippers clean.

To make sure that your clippers provide you with a smooth and even haircut, you will need to lubricate the blades.

Your clippers should come with a small bottle of oil that you can use on your blades to improve their quality. If your clippers do not come with lubricating oil, you will need to purchase the oil separately.

Finally, make sure that your clippers are fully charged.

You do not want to be halfway through your haircut and have your clippers run out of battery, so make sure that you leave enough time for your clippers to fully charge before you use them.

You can then attach the #6 clipper guard ready for your haircut!

Wash Your Hair Before Cutting

Unwashed and oily hair can be very hard to cut, so washing your hair will make sure that your hair is easier to trim to make sure that your haircut is good quality.

Once you have washed your hair, dry it thoroughly before cutting. Your hair needs to be brushed through to make sure that it isn’t knotted so you can cut it more effectively.

Trim The Sides

The best place to begin when you are cutting your hair is on the sides. The sides of your hair are a lot easier to cut than the back, so you need to start there.

You should always trim against the direction that your hair is growing in, so the clippers need to be moved upward to make sure that the hair is properly cut.

Trim The Top

To trim the top of your head, you need to move the clippers backward to go against the hair growth.

However, you may find that you need to change the direction that the clippers are going in to make sure that you can trim the difficult hairs.

This will help to make sure that there are no patches that are longer or shorter than others.

Don’t Forget Behind The Ears!

It is important to make sure that you do not forget to trim behind the ears.

You should gently pull your ears forward to make sure that you can access the hair behind them and gently move your clippers around to trim.

Keep holding your ears forward to make sure that you do not accidentally catch them.

Trim The Back

Trimming the back of your hair can be difficult, so using mirrors in front of and behind you allows you to see your hair from all angles.

This will make it easier for you to create an even trim and not leave any parts out. You may have to vary your angle, but this will help you to make sure that you trim the back of your head properly.

Sharpen The Neckline

Sharpening the neckline completes any haircut and neatens the whole look.

It is important to make sure that you use a mirror behind you to see what you are doing and to go slowly as it can be easy to slip up.

Sharpening the neckline is optional, so you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to!

Wash Away Excess Hair

You will then be done! Wash away any excess hair to tidy up and take a look at the great haircut that you have just given yourself!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a number 6 haircut refers to a haircut that is slightly longer on the top and shorter on the back and sides.

It is very popular as you can style the top while keeping the rest of your hair neat. You can choose to have a fade with your number 6 haircut, only trim the sides, or have a number 6 all over, it is up to you!

Joseph Pais