What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

They are referred to as sweaters in the US. But, why do they have different terms in each country, and what does it mean?

It can be confusing when there is more than one word for something, especially if you are well acquainted with American and British culture.

So, in this article, we are going to be clarifying the difference between the term jumpers and sweaters, and delving into the reasons for the difference in wording.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Sweater?

A sweater refers to a thick garment that you wear on the top half of your body, and it is typically worn over a t-shirt.

A sweater is worn when it starts to get cold, and this is the same meaning as a sweatshirt. Cardigans are not the same as sweaters, but they are all related!

What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

In short, a jumper is exactly the same as a sweater in the US. In the US, a jumper may be known as a sweater.

However, in the UK, they refer to all sweaters and sweatshirts as jumpers, but they may also use the word sweater, too.

In England, jumpers come in every shape and form, and it is known as an umbrella term for any kind of large over garment similar to a sweater or hooded sweatshirt.

They call hooded sweatshirts hoodies in the UK, but this term has been used in the US, too.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Jumpers?

There are many different types of jumpers/sweaters in the UK. Let’s look at some of them.


Sweaters are the most common kinds of jumpers around.

These take on the form of a standard long-sleeve shirt, except they are normally much thicker and fluffier, which gives them a very unique look. 

What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

Sweaters can be used as both a fashion accessory and a functional item of clothing.

Due to their thickness, sweaters can be used to keep the wearer warm in cold weather, thus you are more likely to see them worn in the winter.

Sweaters are also worn as a fashion statement due to how unique they look.

Sweaters are often adorned with logos, pop-culture iconography, or even sports team logos, to make them unique and fashionable. 

V-Neck Jumper

V-neck jumpers are largely very similar to standard sweaters, except that they feature a unique v-shaped collar, hence the name!

V-necks are incredibly fashionable, and can be worn as a way of bringing attention to different color combinations, as the v shape allows a glimpse at what is being worn underneath.

Thus, if you were to wear a v-neck of a certain color, you could complement it by wearing a t shirt of a complementary color, to create a unique look.

V-necks also tend to be a little more thin, and feature slightly thinner fabrics that hug your figure a little more tightly, making them perfect to wear during slightly warmer months.

V-necks can be worn both formally and casually, and can make for great smart-causal business attire!


Hoodies are worn a lot in the UK, and they can be used interchangeably as a jacket as well as a sweater. You always wear something underneath a hoodie, because they are intended to keep you warm.

A lot of hoodies have zips on the front, so you can adjust your temperature if you ever get too hot. They are versatile, and they can be worn as a street fashion piece, too.

There are half-zip hoodies which are easy to remove, and they are typically worn by people after exercising.

It is a pullover, but you have the option to wear it closed. There is also a hoodie without the zip.

This is a cozy and comfortable hoodie, with a hood and two drawstrings. It is designed to be worn to be taken off over the head when you are too hot or cold. 

Crew Neck Sweater

Crew neck sweatshirts are a very common form of jumper that you may find people wearing, as they are incredibly fashionable.

These are probably what you think of when you think of a sweater or jumper, and they are minimalistic, whilst being masculine and flattering.

They can be worn by themselves, and they are perfect for colder weather.

Additionally, they are often printed with sports logos, as well as popular pop culture references. 

Crew neck sweaters are incredibly fashionable because of the unique way that they fit on the body. They appear rather baggy, which gives them an awesome street look.

You may often find crew neck jumpers adorned with pop culture and sport iconography.

Turtleneck Jumper

Turtleneck jumpers are the epitome of winter, and they are perfect for formal outfits, too. A turtleneck is called a turtleneck because it has a long collar, and you wear it until it meets underneath your chin.

It is perfect to wear when the weather is freezing, as they are super warm, covering your entire body, up to your head.

Turtleneck jumpers are often made of good quality and thick materials, such as wool, cashmere, or thick cotton. 

Turtlenecks will keep you incredibly warm while also looking incredibly cool.

They give an air of sophistication to an outfit while also being quite casual. They can be worn for a night out, or to a more formal occasion!

Turtlenecks are also often made to appear much tighter to the body, so they can be perfect if you want a jumper that will accentuate your muscles.

Are There Formal Jumpers?

As we’ve covered, certain jumpers can be worn in a formal manner. This includes v-neck jumpers and turtlenecks.

If you need to dress smart, but you value your comfort (or it’s super cold), these choices are the way to go.

What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

You can easily pair a v-neck with some smart trousers of tight-fitting chinos, as well as a contrasting t-shirt underneath. The same also applies to a turtleneck.

While crew necks are not designed to be formal, you can wear them with a smart collared shirt underneath, which can create a sophisticated look that is also rather casual.

This is a great option to go for if you are looking for an outfit that is good for a semi-formal event.

What Are Jumpers Made Out Of?

Jumpers are often made of cotton, wool, or cashmere. Most are made from cotton, because the latter are super expensive and hard to make.

A long-sleeved garment such as a jumper may often be knitted, crocheted, or made of jersey fabric, too.

The best material will completely depend on the type of jumper, as well as its intended use.

You often find that jumpers are made from a few different materials, most likely being 70% wool or cotton, 20% acrylic, and sometimes 10% of something such as viscose or polyester.

These materials will not be as long-lasting or high quality as something that is made out of pure cotton, cashmere, or wool.


Cashmere is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world, and the material is super soft and luxurious.

The fibers are a natural wool fiber that derive from goats in Asia, hence why cashmere is super expensive. 

Cashmere provides amazing warmth levels, with a lightweight and soft feel to it. It may just be the softest thing you will ever lay your hands upon.

You can buy pure cashmere sweaters, but they are super expensive.

For this reason, you will often find cashmere jumpers that are actually a cashmere blend, rather than pure.

They will usually be made up of cotton and acrylic for the remaining materials.

This can range from a jumper being 90% cashmere, to it being made of 20% cashmere. 

It completely depends on how much money you are willing to pay, and where you buy it from. If you are looking for a soft, lightweight, and good quality jumper, cashmere is the one for you.


Wool is another popular material that is used to make jumpers and garments. Is it the most common material that is used for jumpers, especially those big and rough feeling jumpers.

They are super warm, but they are not typically that comfortable.

They are high quality, and they will last you a long time, but they may feel scratchy on your skin. 

Wool consists of a wide range of animal material, including alpaca, sheep, and rabbit. They are always animal based fibers, but some are more ethical than others.

For example, alpaca wool is bred for the material, and it is only removed for clothing once their wool is too long, and they are not hurt by the process.


Cotton is not used for typical fluffy jumpers, but it is used for sweatshirts and lightweight sweaters.

Cotton is super breathable, and it is less insulating, so it will not keep you as warm as other materials. 

Cotton is often used for sweatshirts because it is breathable, and it dries well. It is ideal for a lot of different uses, whether this is for working out, or just taking a walk.

Cotton is better on its own, but sometimes, you will find blended cotton mixes. A blended cotton mix is cotton mixed with other wools and materials.

If you want the best, cotton mixed with cashmere is the best. 

However, to save on costs, a lot of companies will blend cotton with polyester to make it go further.

Cotton is a great material for general wear, and it is especially good for kids.


Synthetics are sometimes used for garments, especially thin jumpers and sweatshirts. You will find that they will be cheaper to buy and make.

They are usually petroleum or chemical based, and they are not very sustainable. Acrylic materials are designed to be warm and strong, but they are not comfortable and soft.

These are all the materials that are used to make jumpers, but let’s find out how they are made. 

How Are Jumpers Made?

Jumpers are super easy to make, but they’re not cheap with certain materials. They are made from many different materials, so the processes are slightly different.

Let’s find out how the basics are done to make a jumper or sweater.

Firstly, samples are made, approved, and then manufactured.

Then, the yarn and materials are sourced, and sorted. In this case, the yarn will be winded into cones, and put into a winding machine to be ready for production.

Next, the yarn that will be distributed is put into the knitting machine.

The amount will vary depending on the style of sweater. The design will also be affected by the material used, as well as how much.

The material will then be put into production, and will be used to make the jumper or sweater. 

How Do You Choose The Right Jumper?

Choosing the correct jumper completely depends on what you want to wear it for, as well as what the material is made from.

What Is The Meaning Of A Jumper In England?

You need a sweater that is well-fitting, as well as insulated and comfortable. 

Let’s look at some factors with buying and selecting the correct sweater.


The length of the jumper that you choose will depend on the look you want.

If you want a slightly baggy look, then you may want to choose a crew-neck jumper, whereas if you want a slightly more tight fit, then you may be better suited with a v-neck, or a turtleneck, as these are designed to fit a little closer to the figure.


Depending on the weather and temperature of where you live, you probably will want to keep warm in the cold.

If you live somewhere cold, you will probably want to wear cashmere, cotton, or wool sweaters.

Things such as fleece is warming, but not good for your skin or general body temperature, as it can actually make you sweaty.


The neck of the jumper is important too, as there are many neckline options.

There is a turtleneck, a crew cut, a low cut, and a v neck option when buying a sweater. Think about the kind of cut you want, and how it will look on you.

Otherwise, the sweater will not flatter you.


The price of the jumper you are buying will probably be the deciding factor in buying the jumper.

If you buy a good quality and reliable jumper, it is possible that you will see it as a good investment. 

Otherwise, you may be disappointed about the jumper because it is not good quality.

Jumpers tend to be pretty expensive, and are typically priced anywhere from $50 to $200.

If you are on a budget, there are cheaper jumpers that are made of blended materials, but they are not likely to last you as long. 

What Do You Wear With A Jumper?

There are lots of options when you wear jumpers.

Wear jumpers with jeans, shorts, trousers, and a complementary shirt underneath to complete the look. 

It completely depends on the style of the jumper, as well as where you are wearing it.

You can also add accessories to make the jumper more interesting, and to customize the outfit a lot more.

Black pants and blue jeans would suit a v-neck or turtleneck perfectly, while slightly baggier cargo trousers or jogging bottoms will look perfect with the baggy look of a crew neck jumper.

Best Jumpers For Men

What are some good jumper options for men?

Well, there are some great quality and popular jumpers out there for you to choose from. 

This Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular jumpers in the world, with millions of people all over the world owning one.

This is only for good reasons. This crew neck jumper is made from cotton, with a true to size fit, as well as some more color options. 

This Tom Ford cotton sweatshirt is another excellent choice for men, with a dusty blue/gray color. It is made from only cotton, meaning that you need to handwash it when it needs a wash.

It offers a relaxed and chill fit, and it would look very good with jeans, shorts, or sweatpants.

If you’re in the market for something a little more expensive, then you will be perfectly served by this very modern and stylish jumper from Gucci that features an awesomely kitschy design that will make you stand out.

The yellow and blue contrasting colors give it a perfect look that is simply irresistible.

This jumper is also quite loose-fitting, which gives it a very modern look very similar to a crew-neck.

Are Cardigans The Same In England?

We all know what a cardigan is, but is it the same in the UK? We have already found out that they do not have the same name for sweaters in England.

A cardigan is a jumper-like garment that is often made of wool, or a thick material. It has buttons down the front, so you can put it on like a jacket, and adjust the buttons to your preference.

What Do English People Call Jackets?

In England, jackets are often still referred to as jackets, but also parkas and coats. There is no set term for a jacket in England, because this is an umbrella term for a lot of different types of overcoats.

What Do English People Call Pants?

We’re sure you are probably aware of this one, but believe it or not, English people do not call ‘pants’ pants. They actually call them trousers, jeans, or tracksuit bottoms (which refers to sweatpants).

English people refer to pants as their underwear! This should not be confused with underwear, as the two have very different definitions.

Why Do English People Call It A Jumper?

The term jumper has been around in English vocabulary since the 1800s, and it was often used to refer to a shapeless jacket or long shirt, which we may now refer to as a smock or a tunic.

It implied that it was a long and shapeless jacket, relating to the idea of a child’s all-in-one jumper.

Nowadays, the word jumper is still used in England to refer to the archaic term of a kind of dress. 

However, it is not used by many people, simply because they are not worn or popular anymore.

Why Does The US Call It A Sweater?

The term sweater has been used from the 1880s, and it referred to a large garment that was worn to reduce sweating and reduce weight on the body.

It is still used as much as it once was, and it comes from the old Irish term.

Who Invented The Sweater/Jumper?

The original sweatshirt was actually invented in 1926, and it came from the sports industry. It was invented by a football player, who had the idea to practice football in a cotton football jersey.

This is not made from itchy wool, but from breathable cotton. This was the idea because it would prevent chafing whilst playing football.

In the 1990s, the term hoodie was first used. The term was not actually coined until 60 years after they were first worn.

They were worn by workmen in New York, who wore hooded sweatshirts to get shelter from the cold. It was then properly used as a term from the 1990s.

Final Thoughts

The term jumper is used the same as the US uses the word sweatshirts, but the word jumper is also used as an umbrella term for all types of sweaters in the UK.

There are many different styles of jumpers and over garments, but they are very similar to the US. We hope you’ve found this interesting! Thank you for reading!

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