What Shoes Should Men Wear With Shorts? (Complete Guide)

In the summer, nobody wants to be wearing trousers or jeans. So, when the shorts come out, it is important to wear shoes that will complement the shorts, as well as keep you cool when it is hot.

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Shorts? (Complete Guide)

Nobody wants to be wearing the wrong kinds of shoes with shorts, as this can make the entire outfit look a bit weird. 

In this article, we are going to be discussing some common and solid shoe chives when wearing shorts. This will help you find the best shoes for your outfit, and look good in the summer. 

Let’s get started! 

What Kinds Of Shorts Are There? 

There are so many types and styles of shorts now, and the colour and length are equally significant as the style and material.

A lot of men may accidentally wear shorts that are too short, or too big at the bottom. Baggy shorts are always a no-go, but especially when trying to find the right shoes for the outfit. 

Most men wear plain shorts that are either jean-style, cargo-style, or plain coloured. The colours are usually black, white, navy, olive, beige, bone, or khaki.

Unless you are wearing white shorts, it is preferable to be wearing a darker colour of shorts, because these are easier to style, and often work better with different kinds of shoes. 

Shoe Options To Wear With Shorts

You can wear most types of shoes as a man in shorts, but there are some that work a lot better than others. For example, you would not want to wear lace up Dr Martens with cargo shorts, as this will not look right. Let’s look at some possible shoe options for shorts. 

Running shoes

Running shoes are a pretty common choice to wear with shorts, but they may not always be the most fashionable. They are an easy choice, and they’re pretty comfortable too, especially if you are planning on walking long distances or walking in the heat. 

Flip Flops

Flip Flops are often a solid choice for shorts, and they are casual and relaxing to wear. They are usually comfortable, and are ideal for short walks along the beach or around the town.

They are not the most supportive shoes, because they provide little to no support on the arches of your feet, as well as the heels. They are not designed for long walks

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a relatively new fashion trend, and they can look excellent with shorts. They are boat shaped, with a unique look that you will have seen before. They come in a wide range of materials and colours, suited for whatever you want to wear them with. 

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are another solid choice, and they’re defined as unsupportive trainers that are for fashion purposes rather than practical purposes. You can get canvas sneakers in a wide range of colours, and they look good with most styles of shorts. 


Sandals are some of the best shoes to wear with shorts, and they’re also usually supportive when you buy the correct ones. They are ideal for keeping cool, as well as remaining comfortable whilst walking. 

What Shirts Should You Wear With Shorts?

Shoes are one discussion, but shirts are also important to discuss. If you are wearing the wrong kind of shirt with shorts and shoes, it is likely that your outfit will look slightly odd. 

For non-formal outings and occasions, a regular polo shirt, or nice t-shirt will be fine for the outfit of choice. If you are going for something a bit more smart-casual, polo shirts and button up shirts are an excellent option. 

Chambray long sleeve shirts can also give a cool look when wearing shorts, and if you tuck in your shirt, you can create a formal and sophisticated look for summer. You can also choose to roll up the sleeves of your shirt for a more casual and cool look, as there are lots of options. 

When choosing colours for shirts, make sure to wear colours that compliment the shorts and shoes. Do not wear a bright blue shirt with maroon shorts and green shoes, because it will not look good.

Try going for sandy tones, neutral colors and matching and complementing colors. This will finish off the whole look, and it will help keep everything pretty concise. 

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Shorts?

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Shorts?

Now we’ve looked at some of the most popular shoe options for shorts, let’s go into some detail. 

Canvas Sneakers

As we said, canvas sneakers are not the most comfortable of shoes, but they are brilliant for finishing off a nice pair of shorts.

Canvas sneakers are a must-have for men, because they are versatile, and they suit a lot of different outfits. If you are going for something relaxed and hop, canvas sneakers and shorts will create a youthful and chill look. 

You can also create a contemporary look with understated canvas shoes and black shorts, with a white top or shirt, as this will create a fashionable smart-casual outfit. 

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are often referred to as loafers, too. They look mature and masculine, and they can finish off a look very well. You can wear casual loafers with shorts and a t-shirt, and create a semi-casual formal look, suitable for a beach day, or a day in the city. 

You can also wear more formal shorts with boat shoes, along with a tucked in shirt for a formal and chill look. 


Sandals are one of the most obvious choices of shoes to wear with shorts, and there are many different kinds. However, it is recommended not to wear socks with sandals, as this will make your whole look a bit strange.

There are many different kinds of sandals to choose from, whether these are tan, leather, or fabric. Sandals are renowned for their comfort, and you can get special supportive sandals that will help you, especially if you plan on wearing them a lot. 


Espadrilles are another kind of shoe that are somewhere between indoor and outdoor shoes, making them extremely comfortable for wearing outside, as well as relaxing in them. You should avoid wearing them with socks, because again, it will not complement the look for you.

They are a unique shape, and you should wear them with a linen shirt, and some nice shorts. This will create a relaxed and coastal look for you. They do not have a thick sole, so they are not designed for wearing whilst doing a lot of walking, as this may hurt your feet. 

Final Thoughts

Shorts are great to wear in warm or hot weather, but they are often worn all year round by men all around the world. There are many different styles of shorts, and many different shoe options to go with them.

Always make sure that your outfit matches up when wearing shorts and shoes, and try to avoid wearing socks, as this will not flatter the look. Thank you for reading!

Joseph Pais