What Size Necklace Should I Wear? (Size Guide For Men)

Are you looking for a new necklace but aren’t sure what the right size is? Maybe you have heard that there are different necklace lengths for men and want to know what the best one is for you?

What Size Necklace Should I Wear? (Size Guide For Men)

Whatever your question might be, we are here with the answers for you. 

We know how confusing the world of necklaces can be, especially if you have never purchased one before.

You can quickly find yourself overwhelmed, lost in a sea of different lengths and diameters, unsure who to trust or where to turn.

All you want is a nice necklace and finding one feels more like climbing Everest! 

Well, no more! Today we are here to help! Just keep reading to find out what size necklace you should wear. We have a complete guide for men below, so be sure to stick around! 

Necklace Lengths 

Let’s start by looking generally at the length of necklaces. Typically, they can be broken down into three main groups: short, average, and long.

Although this can sound pretty simple, there is a little more to it than what meets the eye. So let’s dive in and look at each length in closer detail! 

Short Necklaces 

Short necklaces are typically between sixteen to eighteen inches long and will fall on your collar bone, with any item on the necklace landing in the middle of your collarbone.

Necklaces of this length are super easy to wear and will go with practically anything! Whether you are wearing button-up shirts, an open collar, or a v-neck t-shirt, the necklace will be on display! 

Those with bigger builds and larger necks might find short necklaces too small or tight. If it looks more like a choker (flush against your neck), then you will want a longer chain necklace!

But for those with slimmer frames or smaller necks, then a short necklace is a fantastic length! 

Average Necklaces 

Next, we have average necklaces which are between twenty and twenty-four inches long. These are some of the most common necklace lengths and are incredibly popular with men.

These necklaces fall at the top of your breastbone, below the base of your neck. 

Average-length necklaces can be hidden under your clothing, but they can also be seen through an open collar or low-cut top, allowing you to wear them how you want to!

It’s the perfect length if you want more room or find shorter necklaces too tight. You can also add a pendant or tag to the necklace without it feeling too comfortable. This works best with chains that are twenty-two inches or longer. 

Long Necklaces 

Finally, we have long necklaces. These are necklaces that are twenty-six inches and longer. They tend to fall just above or in the middle of the sternum.

Where these necklaces fall on you will depend on your height. 

Long necklaces are usually worn over the shirt, showcasing it, especially if there is a large pendant or tag on the necklace. As funky as they are, they come with a downside!

Long necklaces have a greater chance of the chain getting broken or caught in something, so you will need to take care. 

Longer chain lengths are perfect for showcasing pendants, but they have an increased risk of getting caught in furniture and doors, so take care when wearing one!  

Finding Out Your Necklace Size 

Now that we have established what the different necklace lengths are, you are bound to be wondering what size necklace is best for you!

There are a few ways you can work out what the best size is, so let’s look at these options now to help you find the right one. 

The first option is to use a necklace you already own. Place it flat on a table as straight as possible and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape.

If you like the length, you can purchase your next necklace at the same length, or you can purchase one slightly longer or shorter, depending on your preference. 

You could also use a soft tape measure to measure your neck if you prefer. Measure your neck and then add two to four inches to the measurement.

This gives you a standard necklace size you can use to purchase your next necklace. 

Below we have some examples that can help you find the right measurement for you! 

  • If your neck size is between 17 and 18.5-inches, opt for a 22-inch necklace or longer. 
  • If your neck size is between 15 and 16.5-inches opt for a 20-inch necklace or longer. 
  • If your neck size is between 13 and 14.5-inches, opt for an 18 inch necklace or longer. 

If you are adding a pendant to the necklace, opt for a chain that is an inch or two longer and with a width of at least 2mm.

When looking at the thickness of a chain, consider the size and weight of the pendant you are attaching to the necklace.

Light and small pendants can work well on chains that are one or two millimeters thick, whereas larger and heavier pendants will need a thicker chain. 

We’ve got some more information on the thickness of a chain coming up below, so be sure to keep reading! 

What Size Necklace Should I Wear? (Size Guide For Men)

Thickness Of A Necklace Chain

The thickness of a chain should be considered when you purchase a necklace. Think of the length and width of your necklace as going hand in hand, they both need to be right for a great necklace to suit you! 

Most men’s necklaces have a thickness of 2mm to 4mm, but you can find chains that are 8mm or thicker! When it comes to the thickness of a chain, the thicker it is, the more of a statement it will make! 

Remember, all chains can be worn by themselves well, but only certain widths work well with a pendant!

If your chain has a diameter of 1mm to 3mm, then it’s best to wear it alone, without a pendant, or layered with other small chains.

If you have a small and light pendant, it will work on a chain of this thickness, but we don’t recommend adding any heavy pendants to these more delicate chains. 

If you have a chain that is 5mm or thicker, then it can be worn alone to create a statement. You can add pendants to these if you want and they should be able to handle heavier pendants.

We would recommend wearing a thick chain and a pendant on its own. If you add other thick chains to the look, it might look too crowded! 

Best Necklace Length (Men Vs. Women) 

Finding the best necklace length depends on a few factors. You will need to consider the length of your torso or height, the thickness of your neck, and body size.

We’ve got an example coming up to help you navigate sizing and find your best length! 

Let’s say you are looking at a 20-inch, 3mm Cuban chain necklace. This could look a little large on a 5 foot 5 man who weighs 125lbs and has a 14-inch neck.

But if you put that same chain on a 6 foot 3 man who weighs 220lbs and has a 17-inch neck, it’s going to look tiny! 

The best fit and length do depend on your body and size. Although, the best size for most men does fall between the 16-inch to 30-inch range.

For most men, 20-inches to 22-inches is considered the ideal length for your height and build. This length offers enough room for the necklace to fall comfortably without being too short or long.

It also offers plenty of space for you to add pendants if you wish! 

And what about women? Well, they have a shorter range of 14-inches to 22-inches. The average necklace length tends to be 18-inches.

This is a very versatile length and allows women of average height and weight to wear a necklace at a comfortable length. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! The necklace length you should have will depend on your height, size, and build. Thankfully, you can measure your neck and work out quickly what size is the best size for you.

Don’t forget to add an inch or two if you want to include a pendant and go for a necklace thick enough to support it! 

Joseph Pais