Which Hand Does A Watch Go On For A Man?

Watches are worn on the wrist, but it is sometimes not clear which wrist they should be worn on for men. For women, they usually wear their watch on the left hand, but it can also be worn on the right hand for fashion purposes.

Which Hand Does A Watch Go On For A Man?

How and where you wear your watch is one of the most important parts of wearing a watch, and it affects the practicality of the watch, too. 

In this article, we are going to be clarifying which hand a wrist watch should be worn for men, as well as some styling tips. Let’s get on with the article. 

When Were Watches Invented? 

Watches have been around for hundreds of years, with the first people wearing watches in the 1500s in Germany. They were used solely as timekeeping devices, rather than as accessories.

Watches evolved from spring driven clocks, to what we have now. They were worn by mostly men, but women as well. They were egg-shaped, and they had no bands, and they were more of a pocket watch. 

The first actual wristwatches were found in 1869, being worn by Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Ever since then, they became a staple piece of time telling and wrist accessories. 

Which Hand Does A Watch Go On For A Man?

A man should wear a wristwatch on the left wrist. This is because this is ordinarily the non-dominant hand, and watches should not be worn on the dominant hand because it interferes with the way that you tell the time. 

However, if you are a left-handed man, it is likely that you wear your watch on your right wrist, and this is actually correct.

You should wear the watch on the non-dominant hand, for ease of telling the time, and bending your wrist to look at the time. 

Most watches are designed to be worn on the left hand, and you should look for a left-handed watch if you want to wear the watch on the right hand. 

Why Are Watches Worn On The Left? 

Watches are worn on the left hand because it simply prevents them from being damaged. Most people are right-handed, so it is natural that you would use your left hand a lot less than your right.

For this reason, putting the watch on the left-hand side will hopefully prevent any chips, scrapes, or scratches. 

It is also easier to manoeuvre your wrist and check the time if you are wearing a watch on your left hand, due to the position of the clock, and the way that you move your wrist.

This is also helpful because you may be busy using your dominant hand for something else. 

Which Hand Does A Watch Go On For A Man?

Why Do Men Wear Watches On Their Right Hand?

The answer to this question completely depends on the watch, the style of the outfit, and the person.

If you are left-handed, you simply will end up wearing your watch on your right hand, because your left hand will be the more dominant hand, meaning it will become damaged if it is on there.

Some men may choose to wear the watch on their right hand for fashion purposes or convenience, too.

This is especially true for those who may work in laborious jobs, and need to keep one of their hands safer than the other. 

Are There Left-hand Watches? 

So, now we know the reason for wearing your watch on your left hand. But, if you are right-handed, will it make a difference wearing a watch on your right hand?

The answer is, kind of, yes. The crown of the watch should be in the regular 3 o’clock position, and when it is worn on your left hand it is correct. 

However, watches with the crown at the 9 o’clock should be worn on the right hand. This is because of the position of the dial, and the ease of which you can read this dial when you’re wearing the watch.  

The difference in the crown positions is because of how easy it will be to adjust the time with your free hand, and this is dependent on where the crown faces.

You cannot adjust the time very well when wearing a regular watch on a right hand, because it is simply not designed for this, and it will be finicky to adjust and put on. 

Final Thoughts

Watches have become a staple and important part of our wardrobe, whether this is for telling the time, or for fashion choices.

If you are a right-handed man, you should wear your watch on your left hand.

If you are left-handed, look into finding a watch that suits your right hand. Thanks for reading! 

Joseph Pais