Outfit Ideas For Men’s Light Blue Jeans

Jeans have always been a popular item of clothing as they are incredibly versatile, and comfortable, and they look great on anyone who wears them. They are a classic item of clothing that can be paired with anything to create a fashionable look, but what if you don’t know how to style them?

Outfit Ideas For Men’s Light Blue Jeans

If you have never been a fan of wearing jeans, you might be unsure of how to style them in a creative and on-trend outfit. Jeans come in so many different styles or colors that you might be unfamiliar with having to style light blue jeans, but what are some outfit ideas that you can start wearing?

This article will take you through outfit ideas for men’s light blue jeans so that you can gain a better understanding of how to style them. You can find out more about outfit ideas to help style your light blue jeans below to give you more confidence to create more looks!

What Colors Go Well With Light Blue Jeans?

When you are beginning to put together your outfit with light blue jeans, you first need to make sure that you have the right color combination.

Finding colors that go well with light blue jeans is important for making sure that your outfit looks fashionable and well thought out, as choosing the wrong colors can cause it to look mismatched.

To choose colors that go well with light blue jeans, you first need to think about how you want your outfit to look to other people.

You might want your outfit to look sleek and stylish, or you might want your outfit to look bold and individual. Having a pair of blue jeans is a great starting point for your outfit as they complement so many colors. 

For a sleek, stylish, and classy look, you should pair your light blue jeans with pale blue, white, gray, black, or light brown. The neutral colors will complement your blue jeans and keep them at the center of your outfit. Your blue jeans will pop and have all of the attention on them. 

For a bolder look that is more individual, you can play around with prints and patterns. Colors to look out for to pair with this type of look are pastel colors, maroon, and shades of green.

Patterns using these colors or just using them on their own will create a more stand-out look that doesn’t look detached from your light blue jeans. 

What Shoes Should You Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

Choosing the right shoes to wear with your light blue jeans is important as you want them to complement the rest of your outfit.

The shoes that you wear should complement the belt that you are wearing, so if you are going to a formal event and you are wearing a black belt, you should wear black shoes. If you are wearing a brown belt, brown shoes will pair nicely. 

Some of the shoes that you can wear with light blue jeans include camel suede shoes, white sneakers, or Converse. When you are wearing Converse, there is an array of different colors to choose from, which greatly complements a retro vibe if that is the look that you wanted to convey with your outfit. 

Grey or brown loafers can add a classic look to your outfit and can complement your blue jeans. If you want to make jeans look more classy, loafers can provide you with a smart/casual look.

There are lots of different styles of loafers that are available, so it is best t try them on to see what style you like best with your jeans. 

For a more industrial look, boots pair well with blue jeans. Black Doc Marten boots add a touch of drama to your light blue jeans as they are very stylish and easy to wear, so you can easily pair them with light blue jeans for a hint of darkness.

Brown leather boots add a softer touch to your outfit and they can complement a brown belt if you are wearing one. 

What Should You Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

If you have found a great pair of light blue jeans that are comfortable and stylish, you want to wear them as soon as possible. You might be looking in your wardrobe and not knowing if any of your clothes match your jeans, so what should you do?

Several items of clothing always look good with blue jeans that you probably already have in your wardrobe. Pairing these items with your jeans will help you to begin confidently designing your look and give you a starting point when designing your on-trend outfit. 


Turtlenecks are extremely on-trend and are great to pair with jeans. As turtlenecks provide a vintage look to outfits, they complement your blue jeans as they bring together a very visually appealing outfit.

You can wear thin turtlenecks in the warmer months for a fashionable look and then start wearing thicker turtlenecks to keep you warm in the winter. 

Knitted Sweaters

Knitted sweaters are great items of clothing to wear in the winter as they are very fashionable and they allow you to experiment with different colors, textures, and styles.

They are very elegant pieces of clothing to wear as they add coziness to your outfit as well as being very stylish and on-trend. 


Scarves may seem like an odd choice to pair with blue jeans, but wearing a scarf shows that you are putting effort into your outfit.

Outfit Ideas For Men’s Light Blue Jeans

You can find scarves in lots of different patterns, colors, and textures, so you have the freedom to choose scarves that you love. A winter scarf can make blue jeans look more stylish as you are adding extra accessories to your look. 

Outfit Ideas For Men’s Light Blue Jeans

As light blue jeans are very versatile, there are lots of different outfits that you can create when wearing them. You can choose colors or patterns that you want for your outfit as it is up to you what you wear!

Jeans are very easy to style, but where should you begin? You can find outfit ideas below to introduce you to create your looks using light blue jeans!

Double Denim

Starting with a controversial outfit idea, double denim is very on-trend and is a very fashionable outfit when done correctly. Lots of people disagree with the fact that double denim is a stylish look, but with added details, it can look eye-catching and well put together. 

To create a stylish double denim outfit, pair your light blue jeans with a denim jacket of the same color and texture.

If the denim jacket is a different shade of blue to your jeans, it will throw off your entire look. You can then pair your blue jeans with a white t-shirt and white sneakers to bring your outfit together. 

To finish your look, add accessories with black sunglasses and thin jewelry like a silver necklace or bracelet. The white from your sneakers and t-shirt will break up the double denim and neutralize your look so that the denim doesn’t overpower your outfit, but adds just the right amount of style. 


Flannel is an incredibly popular print all year round, but especially in the colder months. Wearing your light blue jeans with flannel adds a pop of print to your outfit to make it stand out and complements your jeans as they create a strong 90s vibe. Everyone likely has flannel in their wardrobe, so this outfit should be easy to create. 

To create a 90s flannel look, you want to make sure that you have an oversized flannel shirt. You can choose the color that you like the most if you are purchasing a shirt to create this outfit, but this is an opportunity to add a pop of color to your outfit. Pair the flannel shirt with a white vest or t-shirt and leave the shirt open to neutralize the outfit.

You can pair the look with sneakers of your choice like Vans, Converse, or another brand that you enjoy wearing and that you are comfortable in.

This creates a relaxed look that isn’t too formal or fitted, which is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can accessorize the look with jewelry of your choice, a hat, and sunglasses.

Oversized Sweater

Light blue jeans are such a stylish piece of clothing that an effortless look can be very easily created with your clothing at home. Pairing your light blue jeans with an oversized sweater is very unintentionally stylish as it is so easy to wear, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular look. 

Simply pair your light blue jeans with an oversized sweater of your choice. You can choose a sweater that is a neutral color like gray or white, or you can choose to add a pop of color from a red, green, or yellow sweater.

Add a white t-shirt underneath and leave it hanging slightly underneath your sweater and peeking out of the collar for extra detail. 

To complete the look, add white trainers to match your white t-shirt and choose a stylish pair of sunglasses. You can add jewelry of your choice to create a well-accessorized look and you can wear either a white pair of socks or add socks that are the same color as your sweater for a pop of color. 

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are very stylish pieces of clothing, and there are faux leather jackets that are easy to find and a lot more reasonable in price, making them available to everyone.

Leather jackets are very easy to wear and they instantly add style to any outfit, so pairing them with your light blue jeans can create a very on-trend look that will be eye-catching. 

You might not think that leather and blue jeans go together, but they complement each other a lot as they create a stylish outfit that is both fashionable and casual.

You can achieve this look very effortlessly as you can simply pair your light blue jeans with a white t-shirt and throw on your leather jacket over the top. 

To match your leather jacket and to tie the whole look together, pair the look with a pair of black leather boots. Faux leather boots are more accessible as they are less expensive and they also look great with the outfit.

The boots can be as chunky as you want, as you can either opt for a pair of Doc Martens or Chelsea boots, depending on your preference. 

Camel Jacket

When it comes to styling blue jeans, there are so many different options as you can create stylish looks very easily. For a classy and relaxed look, pair your blue jeans with a long camel jacket, which will provide you with a cool hipster vibe that is very easy to wear and adds style to your everyday looks.

To create this stylish winter look, simply pair blue jeans with a neutral-colored sweater. For a more individual look, the sweater can have a defining feature on it, like a pattern or a piece of appliqué. You can French-tuck the sweater into your jeans and wear a stylish brown belt to add more details to your outfit. 

Add your camel coat over the top of the outfit to add effortless style and wear brown boots to match your coat and your belt.

You can also add a beanie to further add to the casual and stylish look of the outfit, and choosing another neutral color like gray or beige will match your sweater. You can even add beige or white laces to your boots to match your sweater and pay more attention to the details of your outfit. 

Camo Jacket

If you want to add a pattern to your outfit but you do not want it to be too overpowering, adding camo is a great way to add more texture without it taking over the whole outfit. The best way for camo to add to an outfit is to have it as a light jacket, as this will allow the outfit to be broken up stylishly. 

Pair your light blue jeans with an oversized white t-shirt and simply put a camo jacket over the t-shirt. The white t-shirt will break up the pattern of the jacket and make sure that the outfit is not too overpowering.

Outfit Ideas For Men’s Light Blue Jeans

The jacket will add more texture to the outfit and make it look more casual with the light blue jeans without taking over the entire look. 

To complete this look, add some silver jewelry to complement the jeans and the camo jacket, and you can even add a black watch. Wearing white sneakers will match the white t-shirt, but the dark hints from a watch or dark sunglasses will bring out the camo and make the outfit look well thought out. 

Vintage Sports Outfit

If you want to convey a vintage sports look with your blue jeans, creating a retro sports outfit with blue jeans and a varsity jacket will make an eye-catching look.

Varsity jackets are very stylish pieces of clothing and when they are paired with blue jeans, the outfit looks classic and retro, which is very fashionable. 

You can choose a varsity jacket of any color, but the jacket that will complement your blue jeans the best will be a blue and white varsity jacket.

You can add an oversized white t-shirt to your look to complement the white on your varsity jacket, and the look will be tied together with your blue jeans as they will match the blue on the jacket. 

When you are choosing shoes to match your outfit, you can either choose shoes that will create a retro vibe or a modern vibe.

Wearing blue and white sneakers from a sports brand will make the outfit more modern, but wearing blue Converse will add a retro flair to the look. The shoes can change how your whole outfit looks, so make sure that you are happy with the overall vibe. 

What Jewelry Goes Best With Light Blue Jeans?

When it comes to wearing jewelry with light blue jeans, it is whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. If you enjoy wearing lots of jewelry, you should wear lots of jewelry.

You shouldn’t let anyone try to tell you what jewelry you should and shouldn’t wear with your outfits as the most important thing is that you like how it looks!

If you want to start wearing jewelry with light blue jeans but are unsure where to begin, there are a few ways to start introducing jewelry to your looks.

Starting with a thin silver necklace, this will add more details to your outfits and allow you to get used to wearing jewelry to see how much more you would want to add. 

Some people might want to just wear a thin silver necklace, but you can begin to add leather bracelets or rings.

Leather bracelets complement almost every look as they are easy to wear and create a relaxed look, but rings can be more complicated. For rings, you should go and try them on to see what fingers you want them on and what kind you prefer. 

Should Blue Jeans Be Rolled Up Or Not?

When you are putting your outfit together, you might be unsure whether or not blue jeans need to be rolled up. This is up to you as you must do whatever you feel comfortable with.

You might find that your jeans are slightly longer than you want them to be but they fit well everywhere else, so rolling them up will make you feel more comfortable. 

If you are wearing sneakers with your blue jeans, rolling them up will only add to the relaxed look that you are trying to convey.

However, if you are wearing boots, you might find that rolling up your jeans doesn’t look quite right. If you do not want your jeans to be baggy with your boots, you might find that wearing skinny jeans suits your look better. 

That being said, if you want to roll your jeans up with your boots, go for it! The most important part about styling your blue jeans is to make sure that you are comfortable with the look. If you feel happier rolling up jeans while wearing your boots, make sure that you do! 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are lots of different ways that you can style light blue jeans as they are very effortless to style and wear.

There are so many different options when it comes to wearing light blue jeans that there is a style to suit everyone, so you can make sure that you are happy with the style and change it depending on what you feel most comfortable in. 

If you do not know where to start with styling light blue jeans, there are lots of options above that are stylish and easy to create.

By simply pairing your light blue jeans with a stylish jacket or a retro pair of shoes, you can create a stand-out look that will draw a lot of attention and help you feel confident to create fashionable looks yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Double Denim?

If you like the look of double denim, you should wear it! As well as being very easy to style, double denim is very fashionable and can be worn in a variety of different ways. You can wear a plain white t-shirt to break up the denim or you can add some patterns to the look by adding a striped top. 

You should make sure that the denim jacket and jeans are the same color to make them look more stylish as you do not want them to look mismatched or lazy.

Matching the denim well will create a very stylish look that will look well put together and creative, showing that you are not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion!

What Color Shirt Goes Well With Light Blue Jeans?

When you are putting your look together with light blue jeans, it is important to find a shirt that goes well.

You can pair a variety of different colors with light blue jeans as it all depends on what vibe you want to go for. You can either choose a more stylish and classic outfit, or you can go bold and create an individual look. 

For a classic and sleek look, shirts that are either white, gray, or light brown will create a neutral look that is timeless and easy to wear. If you want to add some color, try adding pastels, different shades of green, or prints to your outfit.

These shirts will draw attention to your outfit and allow you to stand out, so choose the color of your shirt depending on what vibe you want to create. 

What Should You Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

When you have light blue jeans, it is important to make sure that you pair your jeans with clothing that will complement them.

If you are choosing a jacket for your outfit, you need to make sure that you choose the right color and material for the look that you want. If you want a rock vibe, choose a leather jacket, and for a hipster vibe, choose a long camel jacket. 

The shoes that you wear with your light blue jeans are important for creating your overall look. You can choose to wear suede shoes, boots, or loafers for a more formal look, but you can also wear sneakers, Converse, or Vans.

It is up to you what sort of shoes you want to wear with your jeans as it is important that you feel comfortable in your outfit. 

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